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DICK SMITH $5 Mobile/Tablet Accessories Sale + Free Delivery


Title say it all :)

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  • Thanks! Picked up a iDAPT 2+ charger, Great price! http://www.dicksmith.com.au/idapt-i2-universal-charger-dsau-...

  • But does it include the replaceable tips as in the earlier idapt deal this morning. Website doesn't say it does.

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      it includes the replaceable tips - 1 of each (not lightning) but after 5 mins of researching I think I'll pass.

      1)slow 1A charging
      2)device rests entirely on the port = risk of damage high
      3)possibly have to remove cases to fit it on to charge
      4)buying a replacement tip is going to cost more than $5 - sounds like selling u the printer for free and having to buy the ink for $$$ lol

      Would be good if you have a whole bunch of legacy devices where you dont care if they get damaged I guess

      • Doesn't it have a USB port? Should be fine if you have the cable. Decent for a $5 charger.

        • yes it does have a usb port
          5) having to use a giant box as a single usb port charging option = more clutter than reducing it.

          you can buy OEM 2A chargers for around $5 on ebay which is smaller than this boxy thing.

        • @voter1: If you like to take the chance of frying your gear…home.. and potentially yourself

        • @voter1:

          I'd like to know where you find genuine ones for that price. Most are fakes, and don't deliver near the rated current. They're also not particularly safe.

          Also, looks like the i3 and i4 do 2A by USB and 1A by charging tips. Maybe this one's similar?

          As for being bulky… yes, it is. Not really an issue for me, but if you want something more compact, then skip this one.

        • @elusive:

          Safe in what way? Is there any historical evidence of devices being harmed or something else bad happening as a result of using these? I can't say that I've come across any (I haven't specifically looked mind you) but I'm always a bit suss about vague claims like "not safe". Perhaps they aren't safe, I don't know.

          It's not hard to see how someone selling or buying the genuine article would like to make vague claims though.

        • @Diji1:

          There's plenty of information. Most notable is the somewhat recent death, though I do think this particular one seems to be a bit more than purely a dodgy charger.

          There's people who've taken them apart, and the chargers lack any safety features at all, including those required by law/to be certified (the certification labels are, again, fake). See a genuine charger for comparison.

          There's more teardowns near the bottom of this page. That one also has a bunch of tests for the current delivered and how electrically noisy it is - it's terrible. There've also been reports of phones' touchscreens malfunctioning (sometimes permanently…) when charged from one of these.

          Here's a quote from one of the three fakes tested (the others were almost as bad). Go look at the graphs; they make the difference very obvious:

          The output from this counterfeit charger is a wall of noise. In order to fit the waveform in the display, I had to double the scale on the left and increase it by a factor of 5 on the right, so the yellow curve is actually much worse than it appears. On the left, note the huge ripple with massive high-frequency noise on top. This output is not something you want to feed into your phone.

          This counterfeit charger shows extremely poor regulation, as shown by the very wide yellow line. It's hard to fit a voltage-current curve to this picture. The amount of power supplied by this charger seems almost random.

          And another teardown, and one quote from it:

          I wondered how this power supply could have met the UL standards with clearance less than 1 mm. Looking at the charger case more closely, I noticed that it didn't list any safety certifications, or even a manufacturer. I suddenly realized that purchasing the cheapest possible charger on eBay from an unknown manufacturer in China could actually be a safety hazard. Note that this sub-millimeter gap is all that's protecting you and your phone from potentially-lethal 340 volts.

          Some fakes are better than others, but they're pretty much never as good as the genuine one. Maybe you can catch ghost-shift products that are designed properly, but then the QC is probably crap.

          I've got a couple of eBay cheapies on my shelf. They "work". But the charging current is nowhere near rated (I'm lucky to get 500mA out of a 1A rated one, and even then the voltage sags heavily). I've also completely given up using them after opening one up - it's just not worth the risk. Especially see the teardown video - all it takes is a slight movement, a loose component or inaccurate soldering, and you've got full mains 240V coming down the USB cable. They're also not going to fare particularly well in the event of a lightning strike, as rare as that may be (yes, many electronics will die in a surge, but most of them won't take the human with them).

          I don't really care much for the OEM chargers, to be honest. They do seem overpriced. But there are plenty of good third-party chargers from reputable vendors - and I believe this is one (but don't quote me on that).

          Side note - I really don't appreciate your statement that I'm making "vague claims" in order to promote some item I'm selling.

  • Which adapters do you get with it?

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    Good old Willy smith

  • getting ipad mini cover. Thanks OP.

  • is the Simplism Grip Touch Pen any good?

  • Thanks, bought a i2+. Not sure if I need/want it since I don't know what connectors it comes with but I'm sure I'll be able to find a use for it :)

  • Wondering if the Simplism iPad Flip Cases could be hung from the back of airline headrests, with the strap. I've been meaning to do that hack.

  • How much are these worth?? Looking at a bulk buy so I'm thinking of keeping my phone for a while.

  • Got an IDAPT i1. The 2+ is OOS.

  • I am getting "This product is currently out of stock." when I try to add to my cart…

  • I bought a couple of i4 from earlier deal, but after reading some comments on the possibility of damaging slot as there's no support, I probably won't risk mine. If anyone around Knoxfield, VIC still want it, despite all comments, pm me.

  • Purchased both the iDAPT 2+ charger on an order, then later picked up a couple of iDAPT i1. Today spoke to online services as the orders had been just sitting there. After 40 minutes of on hold music was told the i1's were on their way as they still showing in stock now at $35 online (although my account continues to say Processing) and that the iDAPT 2+ would not be fulfilled and no more were coming into stock. Couldn't get anything more out of them except a refund but I guess I should be used to being Dick'd with whenever Dick has a sale!

    • the iDAPT 2+ would not be fulfilled and no more were coming

      Having received mine, I'd say you are lucky. The micro-usb connectors face the wrong direction for my phone, and do not turn.
      I didn't really need another charging device.
      Oh well, $5 stocking filler for xmas.

      • Lucky or unlucky - a parcel arrives today with the iDAPT 2+ in it. Onya Dick, good luck with those stocktake reconciliations. Still waiting on the other order which is supposed to have the i1 units but who knows!? Given there are no updates on my account since the phone call and the bank doesn't show any refund as yet I will wait and see what happens over the next few days. At least my Chromecast is being delivered today (the one order that actually has a tracking number) even if it was purchased a day after the iDapt orders! Also, you can buy 180 degree micro and mini USB tips according to the http://www.idaptweb.com/products/universal-tips page if you want to fork out a few more dollars.

  • Anyone ordered from DS online store and still waiting for their iDAPT2+?

    Apart from the initial order acknowledgement, I haven't heard from them since.

    I ordered one iDAPT2+ at 6.58pm on Thur 14 Aug.

    • I ordered at 6:59pm Aug 14th and also have not received any further contact. I'll give them until Thursday 21st before I follow it up just to give them the benefit of the doubt.

      • Thanks for the reply, CyberGenesys. I'm thinking to give them couple days too before contacting them.

      • One week past, still no contact from Dick Smith.
        I filled up the form via Contact Us on Dick Smith website and asked for a refund early afternoon.
        I just got a refund notification from PayPal that Dick Smith refunded me, but they didn't even bother to reply my email.
        Worst customer service ever! No communication at all!
        This is first time I bought from them online, and it will be the last time as well.
        Dodgy practice!

    • They have just refunded my purchase with no explanation :(

      • And now the explanation has arrived

        blah blah blah
        Due to an unexpectedly high demand for this item & a technical issue affecting our inventory systems this product has been oversold. Unfortunately our inventory was depleted prior to your order being processed & we are unable to fulfil this item as requested. Consequently we will be cancelling your order and processing a full refund.
        blah blah

  • Got the i1 today and I must say, what an utter junk impression it made. The plastic feels almost weightless, of a low grade and not finished well with sharp edges. Feels and looks cheap, like a $5 eBay special. Would not pay $5 for this let alone full rrp! Went straight back into the box.

  • Got Simplism iPad Mini covers. Pretty nice quality for the price, a world apart from the sub $10 ebay crap.