expired TASTE OF MELBOURNE 2 Tickets for $35, 13-16 Nov


TASTE OF MELBOURNE 2 Tickets for $35 then need to select delivery option which varies from an extra $4.95-$10.45 on top of the $35.

Also note you have to buy Crowns/form of currency there to buy anything, but there are lots of free samples and tastings and goodie bags also. Held 13-16 November at Pelican Lawn at Albert Park, VIC

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    I went last year, its gotten more expensive and more expensive and not as many good restaurants there anymore. Went last year, it wasn't bad but I wasn't impressed.

    There wasn't many free samples or the samples were super small, there weren't that many restaurants, and very little goodies.

    I heard the Sydney one was getting better and better though.

    Expect to spend upwards of around $50+ per head if you want to leave there satisfied and full.


      Agree. It has definitely gotten progressively more expensive. $10-$12 for a tiny plate of food after you've paid an entry fee is pretty steep! Also very limited samples and less variety of restaurants/stalls.

      It was better when it was held in the Royal Exhibition Building, more restaurants and the stalls were quite generous with their samples. The HSBC lounge also provided nice refreshments and gave a showbag if you showed them your HSBC bank/credit card.

      Nonetheless 2 tix for $35 is a good deal.


      Agreed, this along with the Good Food And Wine show simply isn't worth paying for anymore.


      Agreed. The selection of restaurants and the prices just aren't good value for money anymore. You're better off getting an entertainment book and just head down to the 2 or 3 hat restaurant of your choice to dine there.


    Agreed it isnt cheap, but you can still have a reasonable day without breaking the bank. Last year I got a free Dilmah bag with teas to try, free food and beer magazines, free samples at stands and had a really nice dinner of really beautiful fresh oysters at one stand and gourmet pies at another and tried some nice beers as well. Over all it was a good day and really enjoyed it. The only problem I remember was that it was outside and it'd rained a little recently and the ground was slightly muddy, even though they had put stuff down for you to walk on in areas still wasnt the best in that respect, but did really enjoy the day though :)


    Better value to go a tapas-crawl around the CBD.

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