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Samsung EVO 840 500GB SSD ~$222 Delivered at Amazon


I've been waiting to pull the trigger on this hard-drive for months and woke up this morning to the best alert ever, the "lowest price this has ever been alert." There a tonne of reviews for the drive but trust me, at this price its the best SSD available.

ninja edit on the title to $220, got overly excited this morning and miscalculated.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Yum

  • Mlc though…I just can't do it! Even though it is a great price!

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      Consumer drives are all MLC (multiple)

      This one is actually TLC, triple instead of the usual double

      • but TLC is apparently even less reliable :(

        • It has less lifetime writes, it is not directly correlated to reliability unless the drive is under a heavy server type load.

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    Not sure how you calculate $210 AUD. It's $205 USD delivered to Brisbane for me which is about $220 AUD

  • The cheapest I can make it in the cart using the Amazon currency converter is 229.92 AUD.

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    Best price delivered to Australia using 28 Degrees CC is $221.72 so please update your title.

    (USD$199.99 + USD$5.77 delivery) x 1.077586 Mastercard Conversion = AUD$221.72

    No 28 Degrees (or similar), and the price is around 3% more, at AUD$228

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      Ok mate, we'll drop what we're doing and get right on that for you.

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        Red Leader, standing by.

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          Red October, standing by.

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      You can find deals yourself very easily. Then share it with the Ozbargain community.

      1. find product on (copy link from address bar)
      2. paste link in and set up email alert once the price is low enough for you
      3. buy the item when the price is right
      4. Most importantly share with ozbargain

      Remember ask not what Ozbargain can do for you, but what you can do for Ozbargain

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    Impossible to get for $210 AUD delivered

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    Do you even Calculator!!!

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    The 250gb version is also going for $118.99 USD, which is the lowest its ever been according to CamelCamelCamel.

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    Dedicated steam drive anyone?

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    'Hard drive'.

  • Just purchased. Thank you

  • How long is delivery? I need something soon but dun mind spending the extra few bucks. I was going to pull the trigger on the Plextor deal @ Digitalstar and pick up on Saturday.

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      2 weeks minimum if from America. I got my slim 2tb portable around that timeframe.

  • God damnit. Why you make me buy this?

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      You could have asked us first fellow OZbargainer to convince you not to buy. We would have told you that the price will keep dropping into the future so you should hold back.

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    MMM this or this Sandisk Extreme 2 SSD 240GB $129, 480GB $259 + free shipping @ Scorptec

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      This one obviously

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      This is far far superior.

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    This one's AUD229.92 shipped which is quite a good price. OP, just put $230 on the title. Someone here might have a go at you. :)

  • Can I install it into my 2013 Mac Book ?

  • having just purchased this drive when it was about US$255 than you for spotting this, i was able to get a refund for the difference.

    The unwritten rule for the above is that "If the item is discounted and it is is within 7 days of the delevery date you can get a refund for the difference"

    The drive itself is goooooood though

  • FROM AMAZON = Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.

    Perth WA

    Then price went up, gutted!!!!

  • Sold out already!

  • it's US$249 now.

  • Not sure how you guys got one, they wouldnt deliver to Perth or Adelaide

    • Delivering to Victoria for me :-)

  • Sold out…the only ones left are not sold by Amazon so they're $249 now…

    Saved myself some $$$ I guess!

  • Anyone get this and want to sell their old SSD? Or have some SSD's laying around from all these deals and want to sell one? haha

    • I have an OCZ Agility 120GB I'm not using. Soon will have a 240GB I won't be using when my HDD turns up.
      No doubt will get a 1TB later on when prices drop fairly low.

  • The EVO 840 vs the 840 Pro 840 Pro Series?

    quite a price difference but what is the difference?

  • Correct me if im wrong but i emailed Samsung about buying a ssd from amazon and delivered to australia and they said the warranty wont be valid ??? would love to be proven wrong as this is why i did not buy

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      Why would you email Samsung? Your transaction is with Amazon, they'll do the claims unless otherwise stated.

      • im pretty sure amazon only cover you for a year then they send you to Samsung ??? even if i were to deal with amazon directly say in 2-3 years if my drive fails and have to rma it there could be a possibility that Samsung see its an Australian customer sending a drive through for rma on an American site and cancel the service ???, and remember amazon is a business they couldn't care less if you cant claim your warranty if you didn't follow Samsung policy, they still got the money out of you and who even says amazon will replace the drive in 3 years time ???

        • Because Amazon are hands down the best retailer in the world??? ???

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