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BWS $10 6-Pack of Sapporo Beer


Hey guys, BWS's monthly email came out again… The special this month is $10 for a Sapporo 6 pack. It seems they removed the limit of 1 per customer that was on last months deal!!!

Why not go take this coupon when you go to collect your free Carlton Dry Fusion Lemon bottle http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/15785, and get a really cheap taste of a quality Japanese beer.

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BWS - Beer Wine Spirits

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  • YES@!!

  • Sweet… Another reason to drop by BWS!

  • Time to fill up the fridge!!!! :)

  • love the beer!

  • Dont forget, u must have one coupon for each 6-pack

  • How much this 6 pack normally cost?

  • www.boozle.com.au has a 24-stubbie carton for $50 at BWS as the cheapest atm.

  • when they had this deal last time, this beer was actually quite nice. might pick up the dozen this time. this will come in handy for ess vs freo game sunday

    • ess vs freo???
      Can't you get coverage of football games? ;)

      • nrl aint that big in vic as it is in nsw. so to me, ur 'footy' is just dudes gettin as big as they can while being able to run as fast as they can! where the spekkies at yo =]

        • You can't hit the guy after he's caught the ball and not expecting it. Where's the fun in that?! Hit 'em while they're not looking!

      • +2

        Football would be a game that focuses on the feet? No hands sort of thing?

  • +1

    Too bad they dont have Asahi or Kirin.

    I visted the Asahi and Kirin breweries in Japan and both were excellent.

    They gave you free pint tasting of the beers

    Asahi = 3 beers in 20mins
    Kirin = 2 beers in 20mins

    Didnt get to goto the Sapporo one though. :(

  • Great beer, good price. Good to see some quality beers actually hitting the $50 case average. Shame you can't get Sapporo silver bullets cheaper though, anyone know ehere to get them cheaper than $8 a can?

    • In Japan they are ~284Yen for 500ML, depending which 7/11, Lawsons or Family Mart you visit.

      • yes, i can never believe how cheap those beers are at 7-11 in japan.

        Europe is cheap too for their Corona's etc and they're freely available at 7-11 type stores or small supermarkets.

        Goes to show how much taxes and duties there are on alcohol in Australia

        • It's surprising that they don't sell beer in 7-11s here…

          They do in Malaysia, a Muslim country ;) Although I don't think it is that cheap…

        • Goes to show how much taxes and duties there are on alcohol in Australia

          probably more to do with the fact that people will pay more for stuff with 'imported' or 'premium' on the label……….
          a similar thing happens with food…only the magic word this time is 'gourmet'

          "Orina del perro" - Sophisticated, refreshing premium imported beverage, with a dash of lemon and salt in a zesty bottle.
          Magic in the mouth!

          might find a niche…..

  • +1

    I tried to use this this evening but it wasn't working
    It scanned the voucher at $0.01 but it did not discount the Sapporo so the guy couldn't sell the beer to us

    Sapporo is already on special at $15 for the 6 pack in the chilled section (save $3.xx) so when does the voucher actually start?

    We'll prob try out another BWS tomorrow and see if the voucher works

    Great deal though. Thanks!

    • Yeah, same happened here kasumi. The voucher failed to scan and kept coming up at $15. The guy I had ended up manually changing the price point to $10 and accepted the voucher without question. Also picked up my free Carlton Dry Lemon Fusion whilst at it.

      • same happened to me azazal, guy just put it through manually…

        • Wouldn't scan for me either, but staff reckoned they didn't have the authority (no manager about) to discount it. Figured I'd try it anyway, if it's any good I'll give the voucher another go.

          • @sriver: stupid guy wouldn't put it in manually (and he called the supervisor over too) but there was a line queuing up and the shop was small so i guess that's why he palmed us off.

            We're going to try at a much bigger one tomorrow

            Fingers crossed :D

  • I wonder if Dan Murphy's or First Choice will beat this price? They always advertise that they beat any advertised price! I might try it on the weekend unless someone else beats me to it.

  • +1

    Shame we get the brew from Canada. The ones from Japanese brewery taste better (not a massive difference but noticeable).

    • Yep, zhenjie is absolutely right. The Asahis in particular taste very different in Japan. This is still a great deal, and I'll be picking up a sixpack later today.

  • Is there some protocol to using these?

    I printed out a B&W copy and took it to a local BWS. The guy said he did not accept photocopies. I told him this was on their website and I just printed it out but he wasn't having a bar of me.

    If this is only for physical distribution why is it on their website?

    • he must have been new
      i walked in with 5 copies last time and bought 5 6 packs in the one transaction. they wouldnt let me use one coupon for the 5, i had to physically hand them 5 coupons. silly..

    • Ask for the guy's name and say you'll double check with their head office. I'm sure he'd change his tune then.

  • it'll probably only start working today 21/08 cos the previous Beer of the month expired yesterday 20/08

    barcodes are the same too… i can't explain that though, lol

  • I'd try a 6-pack before you invest in this offer. I got a Sapporo 6-pack from BWS a month back it was made in Canada and had the distinct taste of sitting in a freight container for too long. Didn't taste quite right.

    adante, I'd try another salesman or a different BWS. He was probably trying to reduce costs but not honouring the deal. There's a bar code on the voucher which should be monkeys play for them to scan. If you wanted to be pain you could contact the BWS head office and complain.

    • Well I just want to my third BWS and they did not honour it again (today as in Fri 21 August).

      Does anybody have a copy of the monthly email? Does it have a "valid after this date" anywhere?

  • tried this yesterday, the coupon didn't scan, but the guy was nice enough to mark down the 6 pack manually.

    Also, he stated that there was a 3 coupon per day limit. Has anyone else encountered this?

  • ditto for the barcode not scanning last nite: but nice guy at local BWS honored it.
    got carton (4x6packsx$10) with one voucher.

  • Malaga BWS honoured this no problem .
    Never tried it before and for $40 a carton it's quite good .

  • Yep, I don't think any of them are scanning. I had to show the guy the email on my phone after which he discounted it manually.

  • Well, second time lucky today.

    We bought 2 packs today and they scanned fine (they scanned at $15, but when the guy pressed the Total button to finish totalling all of the items, it reduced the prices then), so if you're having problems with it scanning, tell the sales guy to finish off the transaction so that it will give you the final total, and it should reduce it then.

    Oh, and this BWS was a much much larger one than the one i visited yesterday

  • Bought a case this evening.
    First time the guy had seen the voucher for these.
    He read the terms but had no real hesitations in doing the deal for $40.

    He had to take out a six pack to scan it on its own (not the carton barcode). I handed over 4 printout coupons too.

    This was at BWS, Surfers Paradise.

    • Yup did exactly the same thing today at BWS, Whitehorse Rd, Vic, and BWS, Springvale Rd (Glen Waverley), Vic

      Handed over 4 printout coupons for a slab for $40. He'd seen them before.

  • I tried it at the BWS in Leederville and they accepted it. Its not too bad a beer.

  • The guy at Frankston BWS would not allow more than one voucher, per day, per customer and would not let my missus (in the car) count as another customer :-/
    I went to another local BWS and the top bloke there scanned 4 vouchers for 4 six packs no worries (slab for $40)
    BTW: The transaction had to be totalled to calculate the discount just like 'kasumi168's' post

  • Worked well… I got the guy to go out the back to get me a carton from out the back (not refrigerated) and then he scans the whole case came up as $50. I go to him, uh the vouchers wont work. Then he reads it and took out one 6 pack and individually scans each one then the voucher.

    I printed out 4 vouchers and yea he took em all.


  • Worked great at the Cheltenham BWS on Nepean Highway. Only bought a 6 pack just to try it out but after demolishing that last night, I will be going this week to get a slab. Great beer, great price and great post :)

  • Just a note on this - Dan Muphy's will not beat this price as they say they do not price beat vouchers. Fair point I guess but seems a little silly when the voucher is available to everyone.

    On a more positive note the BWS in Footscray was happy to take 4 vouchers for a slab.

  • Got one tonight. The beer is OK. Interesting though that "Japan's oldest beer" is made in Canada.

  • Nice, refreshing beer. Just in time for Tassie's heatwave.

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