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Dan Murphy's Free Standard Delivery Coupon Code 26-28 August


Another free shipping offer from Dan Murphy's this week (disguised as Father's Day promotion). Use code FDGIFT to get free Standard Shipping (it will be taken out near the last step of checkout). Valid until 28 August.

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    Is this for all products or just Wine?

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      Yes, I'm so tired of the FREE SHIPPING (then 'no beer' in the small print).

      It doesn't seem to work on a beer order.

      I've never even had any luck on their occasional deals where on the item they show "delivery offer" or "free delivery", getting these to process with free shipping.

  • Metro only?

  • mine 7 working days waiting and counting so far……called up 2 times, and standard reply "we will investigate it"

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      I've ordered delivery 3 times from Dan's. Each time they stuffed up rather fantastically.

      My first order was placed well ahead of Father's Day (last year? or the year before..) and still didn't arrive til a week after Father's Day. Had the same issue as you - waited 7 days, no parcel. Called them up, they said they'd investigate it. They didn't know where my parcel was… tracking said it had left the store and was on its way to my place… then stopped… and headed off to Melbourne.

      Long story short, I emailed them after the second stuffed up delivery and complained (more to tell them to sort themselves out otherwise I and possibly others would simply stop ordering from Dan's). Got a free $10 voucher lol. I wasn't after compensation but hey… free booze coupon!! lol

      • That is chronically incompetent. I've never had that deal of trouble with any online orders prior, even alcohol. My only complaint on an online vendor would be Winemarket just being pretty slow to ship and slow shipping, but not a hurry. But how hard can it be?

        Back to your story though, did you eventually get all your orders? And any without having to waste time calling them?

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          after i ask for refund, I received it 5 hours later. and that is still later than the order I put in 5 days later from the one I requested for refund….

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    What father doesn't drink beer?

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    didnt work charged me shipping. Have to call them to cancel

    • Why would you even checkout and pay with the shipping price still showing?

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        It said it will take it out on the last step. I wasnt sure if the last step was after paypal or before paypal. Either way I knew I could cancel it so I gave it a shot.

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          I did the same thing last time & cancelled, and waited 2 weeks for the refund. Then found, rather than a refund, the original paypal debit simply vanished from my transaction history with my bank. Still not sure whether im out of pocket or not lol

  • Not working for me either.

  • Didnt work for me either. It recognised it but was still going to charge me. Will try again tonight.

    • Didn't seem to work for beer (typical for Dan Murphy's) although when I received the code it did not contain any exclusions.

      You should see the delivery cost removed on step 3 of the checkout before you putting in the Billing Address. I just tried again and it's definitely working.

      • Working for beer?

  • +2

    Someone negged Scotty's deal? Is that allowed!?

    • +3

      theoretically yes, real life - no

  • last time I got something shipped (paid shipping) from Dan's it took over a week, and arrived in 2 separate shipments. It was 2 slabs of rekorderlig, AFAIK one came from Adelaide and 1 from Sydney. Extra dumb since I live 600m from my local Dan, and would happily have picked up but the discount didn't apply to pickup.

    • Not every Dan Murphys store is set up to do deliveries. Only a couple of stores in each state. So if your local delivery store didn't have it then it would have to come from an interstate delivery store

  • Worked for me, thanks, Scotty! :)

  • Where are the T&C's. Metro only?

  • heads up… Lagavulin for $75 delivery only

    Laphroaig 10yo for $69.95 was tempting…. but I get a 2nd bottle of Laga instead :D

    • Lagavulin is both the better drop and the better deal at $75 delivered!

  • Passion Pop!

  • I can get it to work for wine, but definitely isn't working for beer

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