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Lindt Blocks 100g $1 each at Sweet As [Melb]


Hi all!
We've got 100g Lindt blocks for $1 (usually $3.95) at the moment, in a variety of flavours including:

  • Velvety Vanilla Almond
  • Dark Choc Scrumptious Orange
  • Milk Choc Cookie Crunch
  • Dark Choc Cherry Intense
  • Crunchy Caramel
  • Milk Choc Caramel

It looks like only the Vanilla Almond is available for purchase on the website so you'll need to go in store if you want the other flavours and to save on shipping costs.
Some of the flavours are a little past the best before date, but others are good till October or November (even though it's chocolate and still tastes fine months after the best before date).
There are stores all over Melbourne: Box Hill, Chadstone, Doncaster, East Bentleigh, Fountain Gate, Glen Waverley and Knox City. (Your local store may have more or less flavours depending on availability)

Please note I'm an employee at one of the stores and not part of management.

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  • Shipping kills it, $7.20 for up to 4 items, an additional $6.30 for another 4 items. Although it seems like a great deal if you go to the store.

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      Free shipping for orders over $100 ;)
      Time to buy 100 Lindt Blocks? Haha

  • I usually find some $1 lindt at Glen Waverley Sweet.AS

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    I'll take some with free shipping.

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    Aren't they usually there in various flavours all the time? (at the Chaddy store anyway)

    Way to go letting the cat out the bag OP - if management puts up the prices due to the (OzB led) surge in sales I'm holding you personally responsible :)

  • Anyone know any stores that stock the dark choc orange?
    I visited Glen Waverley store yesterday, they had the vanilla almond in boxes of 20 for approx $18-$19 (there was about 20 boxes) and one of the other flavours (I think it was one of the caramel?) boxes of 15 for approx $14 (only about 5 boxes left).
    Sorry can't remember exactly.

    • Hi Lozbargain ! Please ask one of the sales assistants next time, if there is enough of the flavour you're after in singles, we can calculate it at a box price for you :)
      I do know that there were enough of the dark orange at the Glen store though ! (Please note this is the Creations Orange, not solid orange)

  • Store in Brisbane ? And any That has expiry for next year sometime ? Need it for wedding party in December ! Thanks

    • No store in Brisbane however they do ship Australia wide (free shipping on orders over $100. The Lindt blocks that have a longer date are not $1, but you could always check later in the year as there's always new stock coming in. If you're interested, you could give our head office at East Bentleigh a call and maybe they can work something out for you.

  • Good place, always stop by whenever I go shopping in Glen :D

  • Similar out-of-date, 100 gram bars by Lindt were recently selling in SA for Au $ 0.69 each. (Past "Best by" date, not "Use by" so legal (here) to sell 'em).

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