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Boost Juice - What's Ya Name Game - free Boost juice for 1 male & 1 female first name (weekdays)


UPDATED!! I was listening to Kyle and Jackie o on 2DayFM this morning (24 Mon) and heard about a free giveaway.
They said if your name is Glen or Zara you could head up to Boost Juice to receive a free Boost.
Available for all residents in Australia
Must present your ID
Remember name variations are allowed. Example Edward can be Eddie

Tuesday 25th
Names will be Wendy and Zack!

Wednesday 26th
Edward and Tina!
Wednesday's your lucky day!

Thursday 27th
Stephanie and Aaron! your up next
(damn still waiting for my name)

Friday 28th
Rachael and Ben

Monday 31st
Paige and Toby

Tuesday 1st Sept
Olivia and Daniel

Wednesday 2nd
Natalie & Heath

Thursday 3rd
James and Diana

Friday 4th
Melissa and Cameron

Mod - edited title, URL and expiry date.

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  • hahahaha

  • Probably good idea to edit your heading to make it less misleading.

    Also, I'd think there's more Glens than Zaras.

  • It says the names change everyday.

    T&Cs: http://www.boostjuice.com.au/WYNG_TC.pdf

    For more info: http://www.boostjuice.com.au/#/home/wyng/

  • lol, who the hell is called Zara?

    I bet this promotion is costing boost juice next to nothing

    If there are Zara's out there, how many of them listen to 2day fm and can be bothered to go to a boost juice to get one on the same day they hear it?

  • I wonder if Glenn counts

  • This promotion is also available in Melbourne (CBD area at least, not sure about suburbs).


  • -1

    <deleted my silly comment>

  • This isn't fair to those that don't have regular names.. me :(

    • I'm assuming your name isnt Sam then…lol

  • I'm not sure about if it's available in Melbourne though.
    Haha i didn't know they have this promo every day, thought it's something like one a week.
    the benefit of listening to 2day fm =D

    sorry guys I just read the T & C and they said that entry is open to all residents of Australia! enjoy =D

    next names will be called out are Wendy and Zack! 25 Aug

  • Free smoothie for me tomorrow! xD

  • My name is Zac and its not valid for any ACT store…I hate this place….

  • http://www.boostjuice.com.au/WYNG_TC.pdf

    Terms say that you must show some ID with your name on it.

  • +4

    I think they hold this promotion every year…
    And remember for all the people named "OR", you can get a free drink every weekday!!!

  • Would love it if it'll really be Zac tomorrow! Can't get enough of the Mango Magics but gets a bit expensive after a while.

  • -1

    Wendy and Zack?

    That's not my name, that's not my name, that's not my…..name!!

    I'll feel obliged to go to Boost if my name comes up now :)

  • Got mine today during lunch in Richmond. Thanks for the heads up guys!

    Edward and Tina!
    Wednesday’s your lucky day!

  • come on, give better names dammit

  • There is also a "Mum was Mean" Monday coming up on September 14, where a whole bunch of random names will be chosen for a free smoothie.

    Stephanie and Aaron
    on Thursday

  • Do you have to show identification?
    Like Photo ID?

  • @theguyrules

    yes you do

  • i got free boost yesterday from my friend. so good

  • +1

    Wooo got mine today, this post deserves more votes i dunno why it hasn't got them?????????

  • Why did you stop updating? What were the names on the weekend? and Monday? Does anyone know?

  • Daniel and Olivia today (Tues).
    Toby and Paige yesterday (Mon).

  • sorry guys couldn't go on the comp for those few days.
    *promo only runs on 'weekdays'

  • james and diana are thursday's name guys

  • updated

  • Monday 7 Sept names: Kim & Paul

    I love how their Twitter feed only provides the name at the end of the day (generally when the stores have closed)! Good one Boost! ;-)


  • Tue 8 Sept names: Kyle & Lisa

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