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Gainward GeForce GTX 780 Cards $489- $509 from MSY


For anyone currently in the market for a gtx 780 card. Check Stock Availability.

Gainward GeForce® GTX 780 Phantom - $489

Gainward GeForce® GTX 780 Phantom "GLH" - $509

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  • These price drops are a strong indication that the GTX 9xx is coming out soon. I'm waiting for a drop on the 780 Ti so I can get one.

  • i think this is only a $20 or so price drop also no name brands dropping in price, but GaryC is correct there will be an announcement in 2 weeks or so so expect all 7 series to drop in price

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      gainward is not a no brand company. they have been around for a long time

      • Yeah Gainward (Palit) is supposed to be the largest manufacturer for Nvidia cards

      • Maybe so but compared to asus, gigabyte, msi and evga it has always been the cheaper price of the bunch

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    Waiting for 980 or 980 ti that can outperform my SLI 670 to switch back to single card configuration. Hopefully :(

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    Every time a new series is released, the previous one gets a price cut, and the price cut is usually larger in AMD cards than Nvidia cards.

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    GTX 880 is due out soon with a Maxwell core. Good value if you already have one and want to SLI though.

  • Same price in Amazon for this one (AUD 515 delivered): ASUS Direct CU II Thermal Design with Direct-GPU Contact 10mm Copper Heat Pipe Graphics Card GTX780-DC2OC-3GD5

    ANy differnces between ASUS and Gainward

    • The ASUS direct copper heat pipe is more efficient for cooling.
      Also looks like it's the overclocked version!
      I would get the ASUS one, slightlty better IMHO.

  • Looking to upgrade my 6970 might wait for next series. September 19th GTX980 :)

  • Waiting Waiting Waiting :( :( :(

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