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Sony Baby Monitor - NTM-V1 - $90.00 + $9.95 Delivery - Sony Store Online


I spotted this baby monitor on clearance on the Sony website. I already own this model (it was on sale at Costco previously, but not nearly this cheap) and have been quite happy with its performance overall. At this price it comes in cheaper than most of the no name brands out on the market and certainly beats the original RRP they were trying to sell it at.

Sony's Baby Monitor - NTM-V1

Bringing Sony's technology expertise into the nursery, the new digital video baby monitor from Sony has arrived in Australia to help parents ensure their little one is safe and sound throughout the day and night.

Packed full of features important to any new parent, the new digital video baby monitor integrates Sony's trademark intuitive design and user-friendly features to allow parents to not only hear but also see their little one from up to 100 metres away.

Extended range
Selectable viewing modes
Warning Alarms
Voice-Activated Receiver
Sound Level Meter
Mounting Flexibility & Convenient Belt-Clip/Stand

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  • Thanks for this. been looking for a reasonable priced baby monitor.

    • Hmm bit hesitant now after those reviews.

      • I've been using mine for three months so far without any of the issues listed in those reviews. I guess it might take a few more months for those issues to start evidencing themselves, but so far so good it seems.

  • Just Bought one online and ALSO got free delivery, a saving of $9.95.
    You need to become a Sony Member though.
    Not sure if you can "just sign up now" before you intend to purchase it ?
    IF you have any Sony products you can register to be a member and lodge your Sony equipment in their database ..?
    Give it a go…nothing to lose !
    I have been a member for some time now, and didn't realise I got FREE delivery using their website for purchases.
    Good Luck !

  • I just use an ipcam and an app on my phone. Best thing ever - especially when you are sleep training!

    • Best I ever had was a Sony camcorder circa yr 2000 that had proper 0 lux night vision before they got rid of the feature due to concern about perverts using it to see and tape through beachwear. (Some material is transparent to IR but not visible light when wet). Coupled that to a wireless AV sender for both my kids for ages 0-2 and was able to watch them on a TV life sized and see them breathing during the night. REALLY useful when they got sick.

  • I bought a FosBaby from here: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/151376440010

    With the 15% & 2% off comes to just over $100.

    Not many reviews, but it's a Foscam so should be alright…