This was posted 9 years 2 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

Get a $10 Dick Smith Giftcard for Only $5 @ DSE [Click Proceed to Check Out to show $5]


Available from 3pm to 4pm only.

Limit 1 per customer.

email delivery of gift card coupon.

Officially expired now.

2nd EDIT: Although DSE have removed the Gift Card product page, you can still obtain this deal by searching the DSE site for "Gift card" and then click "Add to cart" directly from the search page. Then go through and apply the coupon code as per normal. Here is a link

EDIT: The code works fine. To those negativing the deal, please actually click through to the end of the checkout. The price displayed does not change after you apply the coupon, however once you click "Proceed to checkout" the total will show as $5.

Also, if anyone is getting an "undefined" error at the end of checkout - don't worry. You're order probably still went through, so go and check your email for a confirmation. Do not resubmit or refresh the page, otherwise you may be charged twice.

Make sure you are not logged into a DSE account, otherwise the coupon does not work.

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  • +2

    doesn't work.

    • Doesn't take it off when you add the voucher to the screen. Click continue and on the next screen is $5.
      Assuming the gift card will be usable with the common voucher codes too. Now to combine it all with the amex deal.

  • Edit: WOOO

    Ignore the checkout page and proceed to the next screen

    • Please see my edit. It works fine.

      • Sorry about that, I edited it after trying tchi6's suggestion below

  • Edit, working actually!

  • +1

    Not working.
    Price doesn't change after Coupon code "10FOR5" was applied.

    Edit: The price will be updated on the next page after checkout.
    Neg revoked

  • worked for me

  • +1

    I thought so to. What u have to do is click on proceed after entering code

  • The price does not change after you apply the coupon, however once you click "Proceed to checkout" the total will show as $5.

  • Just a note to those interested, the coupon doesn't seem to change the price until AFTER you get past the initial cart screen. Not sure why.

    edit: Dang, too slow.

  • +5

    Please don't negative the deal when you didn't actually checkout the item properly.
    When you go through to checkout, it will calculate it as $5.

  • click proceed before negging the post - works on the next page

  • works fine.

  • -4

    It won't work anymore because the first 500 customers have used the coupon code already. I got one.

  • You need to proceed to check out to see $5

  • IT WORKS! Thanks OP, that is a $5 dollar discount for my super smash bros :D

    • +3

      DSE does not sell Nintendo games anymore?

      • +5

        Wait WHAT?!…… and I used to laugh at the 'buy now, think later' ozbargain mindset…

        • hehe, classic :)

    • +2

      Dick Smith? Nintendo games?

      Cue maniacal laughter

      Almost every store has stopped selling Nintendo games, aside from Disney Infinity and Skylanders games.

  • Works fine, just hope DSE actually delivers it

  • Anyone know how long it normally takes DSE to email giftcard codes?

  • Woo :) I wonder when they would expire

  • Got one :-)

  • Thanks, you can only do this the once then?

    • depends on how many email addresses you have,,,

  • Thanks

  • So you can only use it online, not in store?

  • +1

    it actually works! thanks a lot. does anyone know if gift card can be combined with their discount code?

  • I did this on my phone and missed the shipping address part, will it be sent to my billing address?

  • Worked on checkout..

    Thanks OP!!

  • Cheers OP

  • anyone know when the cards expire ?

  • Ordered 1. I hope the delivery doesn't take long.

    • It's email delivery.

      • +1

        "Normally delivered within 3-5 business days" LOL

  • +2

    Wish they were still part of woolies group

  • -1

    Does it work online or no?

    • Ok well I've grabbed one, hope they do another $15 off on GTAV.
      Also some guy posted about picking up something he pre-ordered and getting a bonus $10 off on top of that? Anyone know about this?

  • +1

    Got 1, now to wait for eneloop sale.

  • Thanks OP!! snapped one!

  • 2 in order . hurray .

  • Worked without a problem, Confirmation has arrived in Mail.

  • didn't ask for a shipping address?

    • The gift card is delivered via email.

  • Code invalid now?

    • if you're trying to order more than one (which i guess you are, as i just ordered fine), dont log in when checking out.

      • Bro called told me not working anymore

  • +1

    Not sure if you can use multiple giftcards instore/online in one transaction -but if you can, then you could buy multiple giftcards by doing them In separate transactions.

    so who's buying 20 on amex for $15 credit back? :)

    • +1

      No, you can't. maximum 1 per order.

  • can you use these to buy stuff online?

  • that's quick… code invalid now

    • +2

      Nah it is still working. Maybe your logged in to a DSE account?

      • yeah… you were right.. thanks!

  • Expiry date for use?

  • When I add to shopping cart, it adds but deletes on checkout. Anyone else having this issue?

    • No, just retried it and it works fine.

  • Thanks OP; got one

  • Works fine.

  • Thanks just bought it!

  • not expired

  • Hmm was charged twice for my order…

  • +2

    Nice post. Thanks.

  • Bought one… got an order through, money taken out, although I did get an "undefined" error when checking out though (At the time you don't want errors to occur). I do have an order on my account though, so something must have made it through…

    • +2

      same thing happened to me but I used paypal…
      so there is an instant transaction record..
      and the money was definitely taken out

      • +1

        Check your email to see if you got the confirmation still. If so, the order worked.

        Mine said "undefined" aswell, but my order still went through.

      • +1

        Just after posting, I got a confirmation order email… the website must be getting hammered by all these ozbargainers, but I'm glad I got in there when I did!

      • I have been charged twice in paypal. Does that mean I will get 2 cards?

        • Did you get two confirmation emails?

        • Same happened to me, got two confirmation emails, different order numbers so I suppose I'll be getting two

        • Yeah I got the same thing. Only 1 order under my account. So sent em an email saying either send 2 or just refund 1

        • @000lynx:

          Yes, and 2 different confirmation numbers

        • @amsaini15:

          sounds like you'll probably get two gift vouchers then.

  • Update : Ordered through Paypal.
    Went back to DS website purchase order and clicked "Place ORder" and then error.

    PayPal shows that I have been charged, so DS better honour the purchase.

    • did you get some internal server error from trying to sign in to paypal ?

  • So I got the gift card and I got the DS HDMI cable for an extra $5(comes down with any purchase). Free delivery!

  • Just got one, thanks

  • still working for me. thanks

  • still working for me,,,,

  • Just got one. it is still working.

  • After going through Paypal and then confirming order, website seems to have stopped responding.

    Anyone else get similar issue?

    EDIT: So it seems now they're doing website maintenance, well not if mine went through now…

  • +3

    404 not found and it's not even 4pm yet.


  • -7

    No longer available????

    It's only 3:21PM

    • Its 3.50pm here, deal had 1950+ clicks.

    • dick uses AEST

    • Deal was posted 44 minutes ago and has now expired. Not quite the full hour, but obviously massive interest from OzB

    • That and there was only 500 uses (or so they say)

  • +1

    My paypal went through, but my order also incomplete. Help!

  • I am disappointed you can't pay with gift cards for this one!

    • +6

      I did - a 5% off Woolies Gift Card worked on mobile site. $10 for $4.75 ;-)

      • You Sir are a Genius

  • gone

  • -6

    the pricks removed it

    was going to get an S5 for 50% off

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