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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor CD Keys USD$24.99 at CDKeysHere.com


We are currently selling Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Steam CD Keys (PC) for only $24.99! All orders are keys sent to you after purchase and are recorded on the website in Order Account History.

Please don't forget to read our old reviews and feedback on Ozbargain.com, our site and our Facebook page before giving negative votes.

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  • +1

    Good price and I got the key instantly. Total price was ~$30 AUD.

  • How many keys have you got? Still waiting on mine to be assigned.

    • Keys arrived and worked fine. Thanks.

  • Being a console gamer is costly and tiring >:(

  • still waiting on keys

      • +3

        Asking an user to download a Skidrow patch to enable EN language for a RU restricted product is the new legal policy of sales for you? Pretty good policy I must say since you have been operating for the last 4 years.

        You don't need to buy from Steam. If an user purchases from an 'authorized' Steam re-seller, he is protected for the product by the reseller plus Steam. Can Steam support me if your keys go belly up and Steam thinks I am a Russian mafia stealing credit cards to make purchases and block my account?

        Can you get Steam to unblock my account by sending them an email, "It's all right bro, they got these keys off my site".

        • Using a language patch is forbidden? I don't think so. For example, there're many games which doesn't support Turkish language and many gamers use Turkish language patches on their games which are buyed legally.

        • +2

          I'll take your logic. Am a Turkish person who bought a game from you, then used Skidrow to patch it. Steam then bans my account or removes the game from my account. If I tell them, "Hey, I used Skidrow patch to just add a language", will that get my game/account back? You do know what Skidrow is famous for right? Here's a hint, they are not famous for releasing normal game mods or selling ice creams.

        • @shadowarrior:

          None of our customers were banned because of using a language patch. Find someone who is our customer and banned because of using a language patch and proof it and i will pay 1000$ to you! Otherwise stop lying.

        • @shadowarrior:
          Has this actually happened to you/someone you know/someone in a forum that you've read and can link us to, or is this a scenario that could happen based on the TOS?

          Talking about Steam banning an account or removing the game from the account. More interested in keys going belly up in this scenario, unless a language pack is required for this deal.

        • @shadowarrior: I've purchased from this store in the past. It's legit, and there's no need to neg this.

      • +1

        Thanks Scotty. I just found that link sometime back from a search as well :) Will continue the discussion there.

  • Okay so I was about to purchase this game and with all this talk about a language patch, I am not so sure anymore. So do we need a language patch for this game? I just want to buy and play the game in english without tinkering anything behind the scenes.

    • no theres no talk about a patch. tahts relating to watch dogs

      this one is fine

  • still waiting on my key where is it rep?

    • All of standard version of the keys are sold and waiting the new stock in a few hours. There's instant delivery on Premium Edition now.

      Thank you for your understanding and patience.

      • can u upgrade me to premium

        • +1

          Of course. We sent the details via e-mail.

        • +1

          @naz_eg: thanks got my key

  • anyone got their key yet? ordered and paid at 11am

    • +1

      it's been 5 hours rep, i requested a refund an hour and a half ago and no reply

      • +1

        Didn't mean to upvote that.
        Wanted to say that I had to wait a day to get my Divinity OS key and was rather livid at the time.
        Looking back it wasn't really a big deal - I just didn't know that I may have to wait.
        Now that I have had that experience I'm ok knowing that it may take that long.

        I don't mind waiting when the game is so cheap and I was a bit late on the bargain.
        Rep has mentioned that they've run out of a batch of keys with more on the way.

        • Yep, he mentioned he was out of standard keys and more was coming later.

          I ordered the Premium and got it straight away.

        • well i purchased it at the beginning of a day off… so that's a giant shame.

          and due to lack of a reply i haven't had the chance to pay for an upgrade to premium as Gristy did either

        • Just got my key

  • +1

    Just bought the premium edition for $35.86 USD and payed through Paypal. Total was ~ $43 AUD.

    To access your key, click on my account > View your order history > View Order/Key.

  • +1

    Don't forget to use the voucher "cdkeyprice" to save a whopping 70c. ;)

    • Just purchased the standard edition for $24.49USD with the code (50c off actually), so paid roughly $27.96 AUD. Hopefully I get my key real soon!

  • Anyone else getting getting the season pass? It's 30% off on steam for a few hours. Contemplating if it's worth it or not.

  • -1

    ordered my key at around 5am still have not received it

    • -1

      Yeah also waiting on a premium key ordered early this morning. Says in stock on the product page but then there is also an icon that is meant to mean on preorder. Not really sure which it is. If its on preorder a refund would be nice as other places have it actually in stock atm at a similar price.

    • Hello, we're expecting the new stock today:


      Thank you

    • +1

      Got it thanks guys!!!

      • Thanks all of you too ;)

  • -1

    Just a warning to you guys:


    If it works, good. If not, make sure you get Naz_eg to refund your money.

    • There's no restriction on our version, you can check it here:


      • -1

        Thank you for your steamdb link. Do you know how Retroactive Locks work? If the keys/gifts you sold work for the customers, then that's brilliant, you don't have to worry about it. If not go through that thread and check the details and find the pattern of how they are locking it.

        Here's another source of info for anyone purchased via any retailer who sourced their keys from Kinguin.


        • "AllowCrossRegionTradingAndGifting: No"

          They put this restriction to Steam gifts yesterday so they became not giftable to another region anymore. This means if you activated your gift before this lock, you will not get any problem.

          Also as you know we don't sell gifts now and there's no restriction on retail keys.

  • +1

    Awesome, thanks just purchased a key and now eagerly awaiting delivery :)

  • Purchased around midday today, when are you expecting to get CD Keys for the standard edition back in stock?

    • +1

      Never mind, it just came through and activated with no problems. Good price, relatively quick service, thanks.

  • I recently purchased the premium edition of this game from this website on the 30th of October. May I ask when I'll be receiving my key? I'm in no rush, just curious is all.

    • +1

      Are you sure that you checked your order history? We send the keys there? If you can not find, please provide your details (order id, e-mail) to [email protected] so we can check it.

      • Ah thankyou so much, found it :)

        • +1

          No problem :)

  • +2

    Just wanted to say I ordered a premium key and and it was emailed to me immediately.

  • The price says 29.99 on the page?? but the title of this post says 24.99. Can you fix whichever needs to be fixed.

    • Sometimes we get new stocks from high buying prices so we have to increase our price too. Currently our price is almost same, 25,99 only. You can be sure that we don't increase our price to get more profit like others, this's not our policy.

      Thank you for your understanding.

  • +1

    Got my key and it works fine. Thanks!

  • PayPal is not working. When I select PayPal, it just takes me to the default paypal login screen and not the "authorise payment" screen we normally see when buying things with paypal.

    • There can be a bug on Paypal. Can u please try again?

  • Seem to be out of stock of both versions, when will they be back?

    • We're expecting the new stock tomorrow.

  • Can you please post here when it's available?

  • Price is now $27.99 USD, not $24.99 USD. Please update the title. Also for those of you interested, the premium edition from them is +$8 USD

    • +1

      Lol you realise this post is a month old

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