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25% off LG, Sony, Samsung Blu-Ray Home Theatre Systems, 30% off Sony, Pioneer Receivers @JB Hi-Fi

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  • dali zensor 1 speakers @ jbhifi? OR Q Acoustics 2020i @ Rio? both on sale… hard to choose now…

    • I've been deciding whether to get the 2020i for a month or so now - they have slightly better sensitivity compared to the Dali, but the Dali Vokal is amazing for, well, vocals… So if it's for HT and you're looking for a center too, I'd go the Dali.

      • But this is the Dali Zensor?

    • How did you go? Having the same dilemma myself…leaning towards 2020i ATM.

  • Got really upset when I seen this after buying a Sony HTM77 recently.

    Then realised that the 25% off RRP ($977) isn't much different than the recent JB price of $998. I got a much better deal direct from Sony. :-)

    • 928 @ goodguys

  • Thanks Trent. Your posts are winning most valuable IMO these past few weeks!

  • +1

    I see the LG BP240 price has increased from $79 to $99.

  • Any of the Sony receivers worth it?

    • Also would like to know… Sony DN850 vs Denon x1000 anyone??

    • I think so, but they have had problems in the past with HDMI Handshaking issues.

      I have the STR-DN1040 which suffers these problems. For me it hasn't been a huge issue but is still a bit of a pain, sometimes my laptop won't connect to it straight away via HDMI.
      To resolve this I just need to switch to another input source then back to the laptop, repeat if necessary and it works. Other people have had worse problems with it.

      I also have an HTPC and PS3 connected via HDMI and never once had an issue with those.

      Just do your homework on the model you're looking at.

  • FWIW I went into McArthur Central store In Brisbane and they had 25 percent off all Logitech gaming accessories.


  • i'm looking at the centre speakers:

    how do they compare? gonna use with my entry level pioneer 5.1 VSX-523-K receiver n logan dynamo 300 sub… mostly for console gaming n blu-ray movies…..

    • +1

      You probably can't do better than the Wharfedale for the price, but not that great if you can push the budget higher.

      The Dali is a good speaker at a good price (I just ordered one) BUT make sure you have room. It's 288mm deep which could be a problem if you're putting it on top of a cabinet in front of a TV that's on a stand.

      The Jensen is slimmer but wider at 135 x 510 x 200mm. Decent price, but I'd pick the Dali over this any day.

  • So I am having the biggest dilemma right now!

    confused between the Harman Kardon 5.1 TS3000 https://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-home-entertainment/home-theatre...

    or the Sony Muteki 7.2 HT-M77 https://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-home-entertainment/home-theatre...

    They are both the same price and I know that the HK drivers and technology surpass Sony's but then again the Muteki is 7.2.

    What do you guys think?

    • A bit late for this, but..

      The Sony is a Home-Theatre-In-A-Box - The subwoofers are passive, so you can't replace them with good ones later. It's designed to look loud, not sound good. Think Bogan-teen.

      The Harman Kardon is a real receiver with speakers added. It's a good starter system that can be upgraded bit by bit later with a new receiver, new speakers, new subwoofer as needed.

  • Are the Dali zensor vokal good? Anyone got an opinion?

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