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Norton 360 Multi Device 1, 2, 3 & 5 USER 30% OFF + cdicksmith 20% Discount, Dick Smith eBay Store


Great deal, unfortunately I bought mine last week :(

Its 30% off + 20% off at checkout using "CDICKSMITH" coupon on Dick Smith ebay store,

1 pc: $38.51 delivered
2 pc: $44.11 delivered
3 pc: $49.71 delivered
5 pc: $60.91 delivered

Delivery may vary on postcode

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  • Thanks for reminding me that I had a copy of it lying around. I just built a new PC and completely forgot I had the 3 licence version.

    FYI, got it for Negative $1 thanks to the $40 cashback from Norton back in Jan 2014.

    • Just discovered that my Norton 360 will run out on Jan 2015. Didn't realise these things had a lifespan of a year so will install BitDefender with 6 months licence instead:

      Right now on an online chat with Norton trying to extend my licence but I doubt this will happen.

      Thank you for contacting Norton Support! You are currently 1 in the queue.

      If you need help with downloading and installing a Norton product, we have an online tutorial with step-by-step instructions available at www.norton.com/download
      While you wait, please feel free to check it out.

      Here is my conversation with them:

      You are now entering the chat room.

      Welcome to Norton Support, my name is Narci. Please give me a minute to go through the information you have provided.

      Narci: Thank you for waiting, Daniel. Upon the first installation or activation, the second device will still cover the same number of subscription days with the first installation.

      Daniel: so in other words only have until Jan 2015 still?

      Narci: Yes that is correct.

      Daniel: So I'll be better off using the 6 month free trial of BitDefender they are offering: http://www.bitdefender.com/media/html/cravingtech-ts/

      Narci: Thank you for that information. However, BitDefender is a different Security software, Daniel. Why not use your Norton Multi device since you're subscription days will still run until January 25, 2015.

      Daniel: The other product will last for six months which is longer then Jan 2015. This is a new build and I don't want to chop and change my base products. This way I have at least 6 months of protection as opposed to about 4.

      Daniel: make that 3 months

      Narci: I understand your decision, Daniel. How would you like us to proceed with this?

      Daniel: Well my preference is to get an extension to my license (I actually didnt realise it was for only one year as I thought these things were forever) but TBH I'll just go with the product that will last the longest for me

      Narci: Thank you for that information. However, we are not allowed to add or extend subscription days. How about I enroll your current subscription now with our Automatic Renewal service so you will have a continuos subscription?

      Daniel: Lol. if it was for free then no problems. You are very funny.

      Narci: Well I am sorry, Daniel. But we cannot extend subscriptions.

      Daniel: You mean for free that is?

      • Report them to the ACCC, and put a brick through their windows! Burn, you bastards, burn!

  • Not really a great deal. Back then we were paid to install norton or it was free.


    • same here, I actually uninstalled mine and install bitdefender 2015 from earlier 9months promo, much better with detection rate as I had one Malware not pick-up by Norton….needless to say not too impressed with it even if it was free.

  • Well its a great deal if you need one now, unfortunately no rebate offers from norton around for few months now, can always get it cheaper through ebay sellers but hard to trust what stock there selling OEM etc..


    The cashback deal at the start of this year is better.

    Anyway, sorry not trying to rubbish this deal. Just a small warning for bargainers about Norton.

    If you have Windows 8, use the fast startup (which is turned on by default) and Norton 360, after you boot up your computer Norton's 'On Demand Scan' (i.e. right click a file to run scan) WILL NOT work. Norton DO NOT have a fix on this & they couldn't be bothered.

    Instead, in the Norton forums the cheat/workaround (if you even consider this as a solution?!) is to turn off the fast startup in Windows 8. This defeats the whole purpose of a fast boot (aka hybrid boot) completely.

  • with the windows 8 issue, I had that problem just call norton, give them access to your computer & they will fix it for you


      What did they do? Install a patch? By turning off your fast startup? If it is the latter, it's lame.

      Thanks but I don't want them to mess with my computer.

  • To be honest no idea just uninstalled & reinstalled some stuff, but each to there own, been using Norton for years, it's much better then it used to be, doesn't slow down your comp like in the past

  • I'd only ever buy a Norton product if it came on a 32GB micro-SD card and I eventually got all the cash-back. That's what it's worth to me to install it, activate it to get the cash-back, then uninstall it and revert to using "Avast", which is free for domestic use, and excellent.

  • I spent two hours on Sunday removing malware from a friend's PC and laptop - they were using Norton 360 for "antivirus". It's worthless. Their PC and laptops have been running slow for months so they asked me to check them out. AVG and MalwareBytes detected the malware but Norton didn't. Both computers run like new again after the infections were removed.

  • Note that this is now a discontinued product and will be replaced by Norton Security (yet to release in Australian store - came out Sept 23)