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8 Pk Mirabella Mini Spiral 10W Small Edison Compact Fluro Globes $8 + Shipping ($15 Cap) RRP $40


We've got a great deal on some excess stock of Mirabella Globes. This is a carton of 8 Bulbs, each 2 pack normally sells for $10 in shops, so the retail on 8 would be $40

If you buy this with any appliance in our shop you'll get Free Delivery, otherwise regular delivery is capped at $15

This pack of 8 Mirabella Mini Spiral Compact Fluro Globes are suitable for a whole range of applications including:

  • Table/floor lamp
  • Desk/reading lamp
  • Pendant
  • Wall lights

These are energy saving bulbs rated at 15,000 hours and have many benefits including:

  • Use 80% less energy
  • Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Have the same light output
  • Use less electricity so they save you money!
  • Last up to 15 times longer


  • Power consumption: 10W
  • Base: Small Edison Screw
  • Equivalent to 50W incandescent
  • Lamp life: 15000 hours
  • Color Temperature: 2700K Warm White
  • Dimmable: No

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  • +1 vote

    $2 saving on the product but $15 shipping? no deal here

    edit: also

    • Base: Small Edison Screw

    should be in the title and not just hidden at the bottom of the specs


      Where did you get $2 from? We are selling for $8 what is $40 in shops.
      The base is listed in the title - SES


      Shipping was around $7.50 when I checked, it is capped at $15 but for this product you probably won't be paying $15 shipping.


    Why is it slimlines are always so rare?

  • +1 vote

    Costco in Canberra had some of these for $8.87 (or some price at approx 90c each) . It is very evident that no-one in their right mind should buy these (unless they have screw bulbs instead of bayonets). Edison screws aren't very popular.

    This feels like a marketing ploy to clear impossible to sell bulb formats.


    These lights are pretty weak. 50w.. ok if you got a shandalear and u pop in like 8 of em.. but for a fitting with 1 or 2 would struggle to light up a small/medium size room


    Please compare saving to your normal selling price, not a hypothetical RRP.

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