Alternatives to Woolworths Everyday Rewards Qantas Credit Card?

With Macquarie taking over from HSBC, the annual fee for the WOW QFF card has gone up to $139. What alternatives are there for a $1:1 QFF point Mastercard/Visa? HSBC Qantas Platinum Visa is $199, the Bankwest Qantas Mastercard is $160 for $1:0.75 QFF points.

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  • call up a few months before renewal and ask them how you go about cancelling the card
    they will put you through to retention and probably waive the fee

    its worked for me 2 years in a row now

    • Yeah, I'll have to look up when my account anniversary is and ring up. This is my personal card so I don't put much through it any more, but definitely worth a shot.

  • What about this? 1 point per $1 on amex and 0.5points per $1 on the mastercard.

  • There is a promo still running for free for life Citibank Qantas Signature Card. Only $49 annual fee to opt into Qantas rewards 1:1

    • Cheers, I'd forgotten about that one. Definitely the best contender so far.

    • The Signature Card has an annual fee of $299 plus $49 for the Qantas Rewards!

      Am I missing something somewhere??

      I am also tempted to ditch Woolworths now, though I am also going to ditch Qantas as they are useless, and likely to be out of business in the not to distant future if the leprechaun stays in charge.

      I'm on the hunt for a Velocity rewards card.

      Update, I found the citibank card it is Citibank Rewards not Signature. Requires an annual income of $75,000. No go for me, I am unemployed :-(

  • Sign up at Woolies as an employee and get the annual fee waived.

  • I'm a bit confused. I signed up this CC on January does it mean I have pay the new $99 annual fee again ?

  • I'm glad someone read through the information pack for me.

  • I just got this cc to replace my old ANZ visa

    Zero fee, points, product and travel insurance

    • No Qantas points unfortunately.

      • Meh, qantas suck. Have been going downhill for years and I actively avoid them unless there's no other option. Not to mention the whole reward points thing is a big scam and shouldn't be the main basis of your choice of cc.

  • I was too was a bit shocked by the annual fee and looking for alternatives now.

  • It's not just that specific hike. There's also an additional $39 per annum for each additional card holder and they have a "late payment fee" which if I understand correctly means that if you don't pay you balance by the due date gets charged…

    All in all it's at least double what the current card costs for us.

    I'll be damned if I stick around after this. They say something very vaguely about the card offering more "soon" but I'm not waiting around to see what they come up with to try and justify this.

  • And, what's their position on ATO payments?

    • Just reading my Terms & Conditions from the booklet sent out recently outlining changes to the WOW Qantas Card:

      Section 4.3

      Are there situations where we will not award Qantas Points?
      ~ GST and Government charges

      • On the frequent flyer forums they're saying they've got points from ATO payments, so I this refers more to banking-related government charges. The other relevant case where you won't get points is for business expenses, and there have been people who have been pinged for that when HSBC ran the card, so I don't think anything's actually changed so far. Anyway, I recently put my tax on it, so we'll see in a month if I get the points.

  • When does Macuarie actually take over these cards? I dont recall receiving the update.

    thanks in advance.

  • With the citi signature offer gone, the next best option now for a 1:1 visa/mc would be the suncorp platinum card.

    Current free for life + $49 opt in for the qantas rewards program (in lieu of suncorp rewards)functionally very similar to the previous citi signature offer.

    • The similarity is probably because "Citigroup Pty Limited ABN 88 004 325 080, AFSL No. 238098, Australian credit licence 238098 (Citigroup) is the credit provider and issuer of Suncorp Clear Options Credit Cards."

      My current plan is to cancel my ANZ QFF Platinum now the points have come through, then I'll ring up Woolworths in January and find out how much the fee is going to be, since the pamphlet was a bit unclear on if there was going to be a transitional increase.

      • That's correct. It could be worth signing up to the suncorp card anyway as you never know what the outcome will be for your WOW card.