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Win a Million Cents ($10k) from PayPal + Instant Win Prizes



Closing Date 18/10/2014


Description $10k + 1,540 Instant Win prizes
No. of Prizes 1541
Total Prize Pool $34,990.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership

Page is experiencing some problems at the moment but I'm sure it will come good soon. I managed to get through after a few attempts so keep trying.

You just need to log in and watch a video to have a chance to win.

Instant Win Prizes No. of Prizes Total Value
AUD$5 798 $3,990
AUD$10 420 $4,200
AUD$20 210 $4,200
AUD$50 56 $2,800
AUD$100 28 $2,800
AUD$250 28 $7,000

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closed Comments

  • Working now, entered successfully. Not an instant winner :(

  • Didn't win either :-(

  • +1

    booo I didn't win a million cents, I demand blood retribution.

    • The million cents is drawn at the end of the competition so you still have a chance! I didn't win anything instant either. :(

  • +5

    If you use 2 factor authentication (and you should!!), make sure to login to Paypal first and then watch the video. Otherwise you'll be told to watch it again.

    A minor hassle, but I just won 10 bucks after watching twice. Thanks OP.

  • +12

    Won $20, thanks OP.

  • I get Service Unavailable!

    • Managed to log in, didnt win anything :(

  • Bugger, didn't instant win either. Bring on the million cents

  • We’re sorry, you’re not one of our instant winners.
    You’re still in the draw to win the major prize of $10,000.
    Good luck!


  • Didn't win either. Oh well.

  • +33

    Thanks OP. Won $250! Good luck everyone on the 10k. Now to wait for an eBay Sunday deal to use it on…

    • Good on you buddy!

    • Well done!

  • Why it asks me to share my personal information and date of birth?

  • Did not win T.T but will share this with family and friends.

  • Not an instant winner but will also pass on.

    Ps. The only time I have been an instant winner was with Village Movie Cinemas … more than once actually. Last time was a $100 gift voucher.

    Good luck guys!

  • That guy was way too happy to have things lost in the post.

  • +2

    Lucky me scored $20! Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Won $10! Thanks OP.

  • Didn't win… :(

  • +2

    Won $10 too! Thank you OP :)

    Also make sure you read the fine print if you win and that the Paypal email you use is confirmed -

    In order to receive your PayPal credit you may need to verify your email address. Click here to log in to your PayPal account and then click on the confirm button. An automated email will be sent to your email with a link to verify your email address.

  • +2

    Won $5 thanks OP!

  • +2

    Won $10 too. Thanks OP.

  • +2

    thanks won $20 :)

  • HTTP Status 404 error.
    server has been ozbargained?

    • ok.. yeah it works if you follow the link offered by the op.
      but if you use the internal link when you log in, it won't work.

      i wasn't an instant winner.. that's cool, I can accept that… DEATH TO PAYPAL.. unless I win 10k.

  • +1

    Users can mark themselves as winners immediately in instant win competitions as of this morning, so feel free to mark yourselves as winners now.

    Just click 'I Won' under the go to competition link.

    Your win will be shown on the sideblock on the main comp page

  • +2

    $10 woohoo !

    • +1

      i won nothing.. want to give half to me? :(“`
      ` = tears of pitiful sadness.

  • +2

    I won $5. WOOT.

  • TT

  • +4

    YEAAA won 250 :)Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Got $5, thanks OP!

  • push through over 10k a month through my paypal, would of been nice to get some fees back zz

  • Well that was lame. Bunch of website errors and when it finally 'worked' it said I had already entered :/

    • Same here :(

    • +2

      tried it on my gf's account

      Gateway Timeout

      The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.

      10/10 AAA+++ would recommend

      • Hahaha yeah I'm trying it that way as well and no dice!

    • Same :(

  • I get stuck at verifying information

  • Ha! I know the guy on the video.
    Didn't win though :(

    • +6

      Tell him to restart the server.

  • website completely hammered. Cant load at all.

  • not loading

  • Does not load.

  • The Ozbargain hug of death. I thought their servers could handle something as simple as this..?

  • +1

    Logged in first to Paypal - no worries

    Then tried video link - says not logged in.

    Log in AGAIN, goes back to video.

    Watch video (& the bullshit within it), ok. Says i need to login to win.

    FFS. Can't login, times out.

    It's rigged I tell you! :)

    • same here

  • and…. it just repeats itself. Over and over… piss poor effort!

  • They shouldn't use video. VIdeo took too much bandwidth

  • Thnx

  • +1

    it encountered an error but kindly sent me an email to tell me that I was not worthy of their free money :(

  • Didn't win, damn

  • site is completely dead now

    soon as video is finished "An unknown error has occurred. Please try again."

  • +7

    I won disappointment

  • +1

    PayPal said that things should be back up & running now. I just tried and I did not get a timeout after logging in. What an improvement! Got a blank page though…

  • +1


  • +2

    Thanks for watching.
    We’re sorry, you’re not one of our instant winners.
    You’re still in the draw to win the major prize of $10,000.
    Good luck!
    We hope you picked up some tips to make shopping easier.

    Boo! :/

    • Same here!

  • +1

    seems to be cactus atm "We’ve encountered a technical issue. Please click here to try again."

  • +3

    I won $5 :)

  • +6

    Awesome won $0 whoooo, give it a try guys

  • Won nothing :(

  • "We’ve encountered a technical issue. Please click here to try again."

  • +1

    non instant winner

  • +1

    Won $5 here. Thanks :)

  • +1

    Yay first win $10! Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, won $5!

  • +2

    Won $100! How long did it take to show up for you people? Its been an hour for me and I still have no credit…

    • -1

      Check the email, you may need to click the verify button. You will get it within 30 days.

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