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Kmart 8ft Trampoline (Incl Enclosure) $49 @ Burwood NSW, in store


Saw this at the Kmart at burwood NSW store today, there were 5 boxes when i was there an hour ago.
Cannot find it on their website, but it is their Gametime brand, so im assuming its some stock they found at the back of the warehouse or something. Their website sells a 10ft version for $179 so i think $49 is a pretty good price for an 8ft one. Not sure if this is avail at other stores.

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  • How bigis thebox?
    Dot no if i can fit in my car

    • box wasn't that big, it says 1.2m length

  • Does anyone know if this deal is available in other stores?

  • Just picked one up
    Theres 4 left after mine
    At bike area

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    Tramampoline! Trambopoline!

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      He said what now?

  • It seems to be in VIC as well. Just picked one from Werribee Plaza.

    • Did they have any left?

      Just rang them and they don't. Aarrgghh!! That would have been perfect, if only I hadn't been out all day. :(

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    It would be nation wide but they would have limited stock as this is one of the items that appeared in their "Surprise Buys- Limited Time" catalogue, which ran from Oct 2 - Oct 15. After the sale they just about clearanced everything at around half price.

  • Penrith, parramatta, campbelltown, blacktown, mt druitt and surrounding stores are out of stock.

  • Around 8 left at Traralgon lunchtime today, big enough to keep my 2 year old happy! And I love the 8 foot equates to 2.44cm in huge writing on the box!

  • Managed to get one from Blacktown earlier today thinking it'd be ideal to keep my 6yo and 2yo happy. The included instructions say 2 things that I did not expect:

    1) only to be used by one user at a time
    2) not for use by kids under 6yo (apparently danger of paralysis if you land on your neck - the booklet mentions this over and over again in large bold letters in several pages including the plastic warning card that must be attached to the assembled trampoline.)

    Other than that it's a great price for what it is, so thanks ldtl!

  • They have plenty of stock at Belmont Geelong around 15 the lady told me.

  • I picked one up at Boronia last night. They still had 1 remaining in stock.

  • Got one from Firle in Adelaide (last one i think - was in a shipping container out the back!)
    West Lakes had one too apparently

  • Just picked up last one from sunnybank hills. Cheers op

  • 2.44 cm? Looks a little small… (joking)

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