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Venom Protein 10% off Min $110 Spend


Max 3 uses per customer.

I like some of their flavoured proteins so with discount makes it one of the cheapest proteins available.

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Venom Protein
Venom Protein

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  • Bought 2kgs of WPI and the code worked for 10% which is under the $110 minimum

    Total came to a very spooky $66.66

  • Could someone provide feedback how well these mix and what flavours are good?

    • Hi Ruckus,
      I personally haven't tried Venom before, but bit the bullet since they're cheap.

      Whirlpool has a few threads on protein powder, according to what a quick search for venom showed up I went with the standard vanilla and chocolate.

      Couldn't find much on mixability

      • Thanks for the response BadHorse.

        I'm in the same boat, looking at jumping on the bandwagon for some WPC because it's cheap!

    • Its mixes well. I've been using these guys for a few years now so can vouche for the quality

  • Use a blender for best results. I have found mixability/taste is different when I use a shaker for some odd reason….

  • hrmm, their WPI is only 87% (35.1/40).

    Most others are 90% or so.

    I wonder who their source is?? anyone know?

    • Source is Fonterra (like most guys) with sucralose and "flavours" added.

  • I've been using them for over a year. Pretty much just the WPC. Have tried a number of flavours but settled on vanilla as it's not bad tasting itself but easy to add some chocolate or fruit to change the taste.

    Mixability is OK. You do need to give it a pretty intense shake though, but then I've found that with most protein powders.

    I find a scoop of WPC and 40G of quick oats makes a great post workout shake, and got a few guys at work using it as a meal replacement which is helping them to trim down.