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Resqme - Rescue Emergency Tool @ Guns N Gear eBay ($15 AUD with Free Post)


Just ordered one of these. I've been keeping my eye on this for a while, and this is definitely the best price for local stock. I don't know if they're a top rated seller as per guidelines so mods if you want you can delete this. But I called them up and they seem like a legit store.

What prompted me to buy it was that I watched this video
and it made me realise how useful the resqme is for any driver.

If you would like to see a demonstration of the resqme, here's a video

** This is a genuine resqme, made in the USA. Some people are saying you can get cheaper versions online. Sure, you can find cheaper knock offs, but this is the best price for the real thing, and local stock. When it comes to safety, I'd personally prefer to be carrying something I can trust.

The resqme tool was designed in 2003 after the introduction of the larger emergency hammer. The resqme tool is proudly manufactured in the United States. It is an innovative product designed as a rescue tool during vehicle entrapment. Severe weather, a car crash, or electronic malfunction can cause you or your loved ones to get trapped inside your vehicle.

The resqme can slice through jammed seat belts with its sharp steel blade and break side windows with its spring-loaded spike. The resqme is the must-have tool for every driver. It is lightweight, compact, and still powerful. You can carry it on your keys or attach it inside your car so it's always within reach "when seconds count…"

Red, blue and orange are currently out of stock. All other colours are available. For more of each colour, please call our office on (02) 8007 3019. Business hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm (excluding NSW Public Holidays).

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  • Price in title please

    • sorry fixed it now

  • +3

    Oooh spring loaded spike. Use that on your annoying sister.

  • Got one of these with my car keys.
    Price seems a bit steep, cannot remember how much I paid ( was a bargain) but I definitely did not pay that much.

  • +1 Looks the same $9.90 free shipping OZ seller.

  • Not going to neg it, but there are quite similar ones from china sellers for $5-$6.

    Personally I have one that's a glass breaker hammer and belt cutter that fits in the middle console quite correctly… like this one but a bit bigger:

  • Can you break glass if it's tinted?

    On second thought, I think it would take some severe circumstances to be so trapped that none of your 4 doors plus boot/hatch are functioning.

    • Actually it would be a pretty severe accident if one door didn't open in a modern safe car. Also, you may be injured and the seatbelt stuck, so climbing out of a back window after a major crash may not be easy.

      I have a rescue tool more for assisting other people but then I tend to live a bit away from the suburbs.

    • Yep. Hard to think of a less-likely-to-be-used tool but everyone has gadgets like that.

    • The resqme tool is effective only against clear and tinted tempered glass. Tempered glass is commonly used in rear and side car windows. The resqme tool does NOT work on laminated glass (ie front windshield).

      Have a look at the video I posted, it doesn't take much to get trapped in a car, like when the car flips over, and leaves the driver stuck in her seatbelt. Would have been ideal in that kind of situation.

      • Point taken - the number of people in roll overs who have said they wished they had one is enormous and growing. Pretty fair chance in a flip that a window will break but if damage is minimal chances are a door will be a better choice of exit.

  • Does it come with a bottle opener?

    • +3

      For afterwards when you've saved the day?

      • +3

        trapped in a bottle?

  • How is this any better than the standard "hammer with belt cutter" which costs just a few dollars?

    • it's much smaller and doesnt need leverage, so you wouldnt have to swing your arm (better if youre trapped in an upside down car with not much room to move)

  • +1

    i see what you're all saying about the cheap chinese ones. personally i would rather go with a made in USA one from a local seller. hard to trust the $2 ones that you can pick up from some stores, especially when it comes to an emergency situation, i wouldnt want to take any chances

  • +1

    Thanks OP - just bought 2.
    I'm all for buying cheaper equivalent items, but not when it comes to safety.
    I once bought a cheap safety hammer after seeing a demo - looked exactly the same as genuine article.
    When my friend was scrapping his car we decided to test it. Guess what - the cutter would not cut the seat belt easily, hammer worked, but you had to hit the glass quite a few times before it broke.
    Just because it LOOKS the same doesn't mean it will WORK the same.
    Bottom line - it's one of those things I hope I never have to use, but when I do I want to work it first time.

  • Could this tool be mistaken as a weapon, eg, as one enters a flight terminal?

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