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PlayStation TV $92/$97 Delivered (FedEx w/ tracking) Play-Asia


For those who missed out last time the PS TV is on sale again.

Roughly AU$97 delivered. Apparently if you remove the 'free' crap pouch postage costs $5 less so keep that in mind it may be $92(ish)

Update - Looks like the basic pack is now sold out

Value pack still available for roughly $130 delivered. Comes with white DS3 controller and 8gb card

I suggest jumping on this if you are interested due to limited stock. It didn't last long last time I posted it.

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    Some more info below for those wondering wtf this is.



    The PS TV recently received a DLNA app as well which I found works very well with Plex.

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    so much temptations..


    I bought one of these last week, just so people know it will only work with a PS3 controller until you upgrade the firmware. I've only got the ps4 one, so im still waiting to borrow a ps3 game pad to set this up!

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    Be aware this is not the Playstation TV, this is the Playstation Vita TV. They are identical hardware wise but have different cosmetic looks (this is white vs the Playstation TV which is black). You'll also need a Dualshock 3 or 4 to use this as it doesn't come bundled, so don't expect to be able to use it out of the box unless you own a PS3 or PS4 to begin with.

    Also be aware that PlayStation Now is still in beta so you are buying a product with some limitations to begin with. But for use for remote play with a PS4 it's not a bad machine and hopefully will have some interesting functionality down the track. Just do some research before you jump in and grab this deal so you know what it is.


      While you raise some good points they are relevant to the product, not the deal. Playstation TV/ Vita TV…its all the same.

      PS now isnt even available in AU so dont see how that is relevant

      I would hope anyone considering purchase knows what it is. :)


      "Be aware this is not the Playstation TV, this is the Playstation Vita TV."
      And? it's the same thing.

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      You somehow forgot to mention that it plays Vita, PSP and PSOne games as well. All the relevant info is in the first reply.


    Purchase one yesterday for this price by accident…..dont ask. Secertly happy :p

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    Damn you Cakey was your fault I missed out last time……. and also knew about the deal in the first place


    I'm looking for this PS TV for awhile. Finally, the deal comes. By using paypal to check out, the price comes up to $98 delivered.
    Thanks op! Shut up and take my money!


    This works to extend your PS4 to a second screen in the house right?

    But I think I've heard that the quality and latency is not the same as playing it on a TV with the PS4 connected to the TV? Is that the case?


      It depends on your network setup. Also I've read at whirlpool the latest update has improved things for those who didn't have a network set up well. You'll never get 60fps whilst streaming PS4 as it is locked down to 30fps and it only does 1080i instead of 1080p. That said, it looks good and is extremely playable when using wired connection. I'm using EoP (Ethernet over power line) and its great.


    I've got a US$5 off of US$60 purchase (before postage) if anyone wants it. Just do me a favor in return and use my affiliate link to buy. It means you'll have to buy something really cheap in order to take it over the threshold.

    This for instance costs US0.99



    Bundle which includes controller + 8gb vita Mem card only $133. I think the AU version RRP is $149 with no controller

    Good deal if u need a controller



    I'm pretty sure with this being a Asian version that in menu functions the PAL region way of X=confirm and O=cancel will be reversed, though I reckon in game functions with a Aus/Euro and US account the button functions in game should be normal after updating with local region firmware, dash menus will likely remain O=confirm and X=cancel


    With Sony's latest firmware update to the VitaTV, the Asian Vita TV can also access the US PSN Store!
    Here's how to do it:
    1) Hook up your Vita TV, and create an Asian PSN account (any timezone is fine).
    2) Download the lastest firmware update (3.35) from your Vita TV.
    3) Go to Settings -> Format -> Restore This System
    4) Sign in with your US PSN Account
    5) Enjoy!

    not sure if you can sign in yet with a Aus/Euro account or if the store is set up and accessible locally, I guess we will know once the Play Asia orders start getting delivered


      We already know, there's a long thread at WP and also all the info was posted in the last thread (I linked it in the first paragraph of original post)

      US store has worked since 3.30. AU store doesn't work yet but will once the store is opened for the mid November release.

      AU accounts work fine. We can download games to our PS3 or PSV and move them straight across for now. Some people have also said that they have been able to send games across from the web store and start them downloading on the PS TV. I have been using my PS TV with my AU account for around two weeks now. Its great.


    Price of standalone has gone back up but bundle still cheap!


    back in stock
    Usually ships within 2-4 days.


    I've got a other US$5 off $60 for anyone who wants it. Whim me.


    Mine just arrived today. Updated and signed in with AU account. Aussie PSN store is up!



    This thing is freaking tiny!!!

    Some things to point out

    You need a adaptor for the plug or just get a new figure8 cable (i found one lying around)
    You need a controller (duh!)
    You need a network cable (if you want to hardwire)
    You need a mem card (duh!)
    0 & X are flipped so main button it O to advance and X to cancel (unless you remote play then its the config of the remote device)

    Playing Vita Sly right now. Blows my mind seeing it running on that little tiny box.


    The product price is good but postage is too much

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