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Amazon Xbox, PS4 Game Sales. NBA Live 14 US $12.18, Madden 25 US $14.99 + US $9.48 Shipping


Amazon are having a pre Black Friday sale on their site. Some decent prices for older current gen games.

Best of the bunch are-
Xbox One:
NBA Live 14- US$12.18 + shipping
Angry Birds Star Wars- US$13.99 + shipping
Madden 25- US$14.99 + shipping
Thief- US$16.39 + shipping
COD: Ghosts Digital Combo Edition (Includes Xbox 360 and Xbox One Download codes)- US$16.71 + shipping you might have to change Xbox regions to download this one
Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack- US$16.99 + shipping
EA UFC- US$29.99 + shipping

PS4: Not as good as Xbox One
Knack- US$21.54 + shipping
EA UFC- US$29.99 + shipping

Link for Xbox One games http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_st_price-asc-rank?qid=1414879730&rh=n%3A468642%2Cn%3A!11846801%2Cn%3A6469269011%2Cn%3A6469296011%2Cp_75%3A40-&sort=price-asc-rank

Link for PS4 games

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  • Is it possible to buy digital copies of PS4 games from Amazon and install them on an Aussie PS4?

    • Yes, but you need a US account to input, activate and download.

      Then make both accounts your primary console and your Aussie account can play as normal (online, trophies etc)

  • their shipping prices are insane. $11.50 added to the total

    • Insane? It's coming from the US, that's pretty standard.

      edit: actually, just did a dummy order of 5 games and shipping was $40 so yeah that is pretty silly.

  • This is actually a pretty good deal, I added Thief and The Lego Movie game (for X1) and it was showing AUD 16 for shipping and handling for both as a total, and each game 16.39 for thief and 20 for Lego is an insane price!

    But what kills the deal is the crap dollar rate, total mess man, total is coming to 60 dollars, which is still not bad, 30 for each but I think I'll pass. Thanks for posting though!