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Pepsi Max 24 Cans $10 Big W One Day Sale 42c Per Can. $12.95 In SA/NT


I prefer Pepsi Max to Coke Zero. Cheapest at the moment.
Don't swirl this around your mouth, just straight down to avoid damaging your teeth.
Similar to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/168134

On sale only this Saturday Nov 8th.

SA/NT $12.95 or 54c per can.

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  • Excellent, I was running low on stock since the last sale. Cheers OP.

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    I prefer Pepsi Max to Coke Zero

    blasphemy ;)

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    In detail, its the Schweppes range

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    Plus 1 for the health warning in the description.
    Note - mix with bourbon then it's fine.

  • can't go wrong for $10 :)

  • Oh I miss the days of 30 cans for $10. But this is great thank you

  • Bought 24 can Pepsi max at Costco north lakes QLD for $9.39 on Monday - good price if you have membership

  • Even cheaper if you cash in the cans for 10 cents each

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      its more expensive in SA to offset this fact. still a great deal. my household runs off pepsi max. will get another couple of boxes.

    • small print says $12.95 for SA/NT or 54c can

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        So a 10c recycling scheme costs us 12c per can?

        Wonder how that 2c is split between the manufacturers, and recyclers?

        • i don't get why it costs so much more for SA. logically it should be $2.40 more to cover the cost but can't see why it should be $2.95 more. Like we have to store the empty cans, drive them to the depot using time and money and still end up paying more than the other states that can just chuck them in the bin.

        • -1

          Those collection centres don't run themselves for free

      • Crap.

  • Currently $9.49 at IGA in north QLD.

    • Which city/town in Nth QLD?

      • Townsville, Garbutt. I read it in the catalogue and saw them there.

  • Not in QLD! I have a mind to neg this.

  • Too bad this isnt coke, or I'd be all over this!

  • I love Pepsi Max! $10 for 24 cans is always a winner with me! I like Coke Zero too though. But when it's in a can, Pepsi Max is always cheaper ;) Bottles of Coke this week for $2 at Woolworths and then Big W on the weekend for Pepsi Max cans! WINNING! :D

    +1 For the teeth care in the post too. I often have water after I drink any soft drink to "cleanse". ;)

  • Expiry dates? Hopefully not Dec '14

    • March '15 I believe

  • Found a cheaper deal for SA. 30pk schweppes varieties for $15 (50c ea). Woolworths, Brighton rd, Brighton.

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