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Swype (iOS) $1.29 to Free


For those of you unacquainted with Swype, here.

Requires iOS 8.

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  • That was quick, AppShopper only just informed me.

  • Requires iOS 8 or >


    • +1

      I was in the same boat. Then I upgraded my 5S, surely worth it!

      I guess all the kinks have been ironed out by now in 8.1

      Plus stock apps seem to have more options and functionality…

      • I haven't updated my iPad yet, apparently VLC is removed by the update and isn't available on the appstore anymore?

        Given >80% of my iPad usage is VLC, doesn't seem worth it at the moment.

        • +4

          How does an OS update remove an app that is already installed on your iPad? I have VLC installed on my iPad running 8.1 and it works fine.

        • @coops108: "The item you have linked to is not available in the iTunes Australian Store"

        • @lazybones1987: me too. No issues with VLC on my ipad

        • @lazybones1987: Articles like this one and many others have made me hesitant.

          I'm not saying that it necessarily will happen, but if there is a chance that it might then that would be a massive pain.

        • @Domingo: I'm running iOS 8.1 and VLC is still there. If you're that concerned, back up your apps to iTunes on your computer. You'll never lose it then.

        • @Domingo:
          The article talks about the app missing from the app store. It makes no reference about the app being uninstalled from your iPad

        • iPad3 on 8.0.2 and, as others, VLC running perfectly!

    • +3

      Yeah. Same feeling.

      And I don't want to upgrade my 4S to iOS 8. Afraid it would get bogged down.

      • +3

        it will. don't do it. it was not a wise decision on my part.

      • +3

        I regret doing it to iOS7

      • +2

        I upgraded my 4S initially to 8.0.2 and it started crawling. After upgrading it to 8.1 it is almost back at the speed it was on ios 7.

  • +1

    Are you serious I just paid for this yesterday

    • Just contact Apple and beg for a refund. Sometimes you get lucky.

      • +8

        Beg for $1.29? Really?

        • +45

          do you realise what website we are on?

        • @indignant: must be avin a giggle.

        • @indignant:

          LOL!! HAHA that made my day

    • +1

      Same here I bought it yesterday!! Gees!

  • Thanks Op! This keyboard is way better than other options in the app store, also doesn't need full access to work! Cheers.

    Typing using my new pimped out keyboard, cheers ☺

    • +1

      Swype is my favourite on Android!

      • +3

        And it's nothing like the Android one. It's so crippled that I went back to using the stock Apple keyboard.

        • Press the Earth icon on the keyboard to swap between the 2.

        • +1

          Yeah, that's what I heard from iPhone users, they don't like Swype, prefer stock keyboard. I have been using Swype in my previous Samsung Galaxy S3, not typing in Swype-style, but I think I will stick with stock keyboard in my new iPhone 6.

  • It should be free from day 1, super fraustrating to use mainly because of the bugs ie keyboard dissapears and can't get it back till you restart or uninstall.

    Hopefully the bugs will be fixed soon.

    • i think this issue was fixed with ios 8.1

    • Hi,
      I find this software still had many bugs, combank login has no numeric and the keyboard option is on the far left instead of numeric. Not great apps in my opinion. I have been using TouchPal and it is great. Just make sure you delete the original keyboard that comes with ios then no more bugs.

  • Is it free forever now or only a limited time offer?

    • Swype is now app of the week, so offer will end in 1 weeks time.

  • +6

    Compared to the Android version Swype on iOS sucks. The best feature of it (the copy, cut, paste) from the "Swype" key isn't available.

    • +1

      Yep, basically none of the shortcuts work at all. Punctuation, copy/paste/etc. Those are basically the things that make it worth using over Swiftkey (not that that's an alternative on iOS, since they haven't been able to get Flow working due to RAM limitations on iOS devices).

      Guess if you're impressed with swiping you'd be impressed by this. But coming from the Android version it's a huge step backwards.

      • yep, it's an awful implementation of swype

  • -3

    android fans?

  • When we will have third party keyboard for Win8 tablet.

    • TouchPal has a version for Windows 8. It has a Swype-style keyboard.

      Have tried it on Windows 8 and 8.1. Not sure about RT.

  • +3

    Hmm, swiftkey or swype?
    I've been using swiftkey since it came out, and swype kinda sucks compared to swiftkey. the punctuation is annoying to get to. But mostly because I ceebs rebuilding the dictionary.

    • +1

      install into your library but dont use
      when/if/maybe it gets better use it again?

    • I prefer SwiftKey for sure, but Swype isn't that far behind.

    • On the Swype Android keyboard, swipe from punctuation to space to type a punctuation.

      e.g. Swipe from "m/?" key to space will type a question mark and a space.

      This works for comma, full stop, question mark, exclamation mark, colon, and double quotes:

      , . ? ! : "

    • Just do a long press to get to most punctuation - e.g. hold "d" and a $ will appear, hold "x" to get a !, etc.

      If you use the black theme, the standard punctuation symbols are shown on the top corner of each key.

    • I always end up going back to Swiftkey when I was on Android. So far I prefer Swiftkey but I guess downloading Swype at least once doesn't hurt (assuming this is not going to be free forever)

    • Swiftkey flow doesn't work on iOS so there's no point comparing?
      Edit: nevermind, that's just on iPad

  • I don't want to update my iPad3 to iOS 8.1 at this stage but may do later. Is there a way to download this while running iOS 7.x

    • +1

      Download on iTunes from your computer

  • Very nice. Thank you!

  • Yay, it works! So annoying going from the Samsung phone back to the Ipad!

    • I would like to formally retract a part of my earlier comment where I exclaimed "Yay, it works!". Because clearly this app is a piece of crap that doesn't actually work properly and/or consistently!
      Like others before me have already stated, If you've used it on other devices, you're not going to be happy with it on IOS!

  • true blessing in its own word. couldn't stand the stock touchpad.
    you guys have any idea how its so mistake prone?

    • -2

      peleaes od tlel whta thsi imstake proen is all abuot?

  • iPhone 4. No dice. So slow. Arrggg. Give me Android - please - which has had swype for years.

    • You're voting negative to a FREE app?

      • +1

        I could get water for FREE and try running my car on it for a similar result. But I'm tipping that would be a negative experience too!

        • I would say you're going about it all wrong.

      • yep

        • I admire your conviction.

    • If you want android go buy a new phone :) any android phone will be an upgrade from iPhone 4

      • P.o.s. on any iOS device!
        Very buggy, leaves pressed keys displayed on screen, won't display on some apps, the list goes on!
        Having a Galaxy I thought it'd be awesome to have on the iPhone and iPad… But I deleted it later the same day I installed it!

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