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$50 US PSN Card for $51 AUD @ Dungeon Crawl eBay


Possibly cheaper with Cash Rewards.

As title says USD50 PSN credit for AUD51.

Good bargain with all the new games out this month and next month.

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    I bought two $50 US Card from this seller

    All up with paypal fees it was $105.83 AUD


      Nice. I'm looking forward to Far Cry 4 and Inquisition. What games do you have in mind?


      Thanks for the link I bought a couple so now I dont have to go on amazon to buy them at least for a little while.


      I grabbed two from this link too, did you get the email about sending proof due to fraud or something?

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        I got that email too. I sent through a copy of my licence with everything blacked out except my name and they sent the code without a problem (can confirm it worked). Weird request though.




        I got a call from them but didn't answer because work. Couldn't get them on the phone later but I left a voice message confirming I ordered the codes and got the codes an hour later.


    Don't know why but deal keeps getting marked as expired or out of stock when it is neither. Just checked and it is still in stock and AFAIK the discount code is active to tonight.


    You can try this seller.


    I just tried it using "CWORLDOFTOYS", AUD 51.84 for USD 50 PSN Credit.

    98.9% positive feedback vs dungeon crawl's 99.7%. hmmm… a bit of a leap of faith i guess.


      Ordered one from this guy, and now it looks like it's going to be a Paypal dispute.

      Says that it would take 1-3 business days for postage, has been over 8 business days (their warehouse is in VIC) and no reply from seller, looking at their feedback it seems a fair number of people experience the exact same issue, claims of lost articles etc.

      Pretty pissed off.