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Instant Win over 1500 Prizes (Total Prize Pool $74,500) from Tennis Australia



Closing Date 11/12/2014


Description GoPros, iPads, Tennis Gear, Tv's, Dre Headphones, New Balance Vouchers
No. of Prizes 1700
Total Prize Pool $74,500.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

To enter
Just fire our giant virtual ‘Suped-up Shooter 5000’ tennis cannon from 1 of 3 popular Melbourne landmarks and see if you can pop it through the roof and onto centre court. Not only can you test your accuracy but you can win great prizes too.

People may however play Hit the Target as many times as they want and can win more than one prize.

Instant Win Prizes
During the Competition Period, Entrants may win the following instant prizes:
1080x Cans of Wilson Australian Open Tennis Balls valued at $12.50 each (inclusive of GST)
250x Kids Tennis Racquets valued at $18 each (inclusive of GST)
100x Adult Tennis Racquets valued at $100 each (inclusive of GST)
75x New Balance vouchers, valued at $100 each
15x Signed and Mounted Australian Open Player Camera Plates valued at $250 each (inclusive of GST)
50x Beats by Dr.Dre Studio Headphones valued at $500 each (inclusive of GST)
5x Hisense 40” Full HD TV’s valued at $500 each (inclusive of GST)
5x Apple iPad Minis 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular valued at $500 each (inclusive of GST)
5x GoPro HD Hero3+ Action Video Camera valued at $500 each (inclusive of GST)

There is also a second chance draw if you don't instant win (you can keep playing the instant win though to try and win)

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  • +2

    Won a kids racket. Will try for something more valuable

    • Nice! Was waiting for the first winner :p

    • did it say that you hit the target? Or is it randomly drawn?

      • Looks as its random. It doesn't really show you where the ball has landed or maybe I just suck at this.

        • I thought you have to get the right position to have it land on the court, but the animation doesn't actually show you where the ball lands so it's a bit guess work. I'm also no good, gave up after 12 attempts!

          Edit: Then again the T&C's do say "The Instant Prize winners will be selected by random computer generation during the Competition Period." so maybe where you throw the ball is just for show and it will randomly select winners no matter where you throw it.

  • +1

    Awesome! Just won a pack of Tennis balls! :D

  • +2

    Cool… I just hit the target and won a $100 New Balance voucher

  • Do you have to win to get an instant prize? seems near impossible with the animations and all. I tried like 20 times no luck, Thanks for post!

  • +1

    won kids tennis racket :D

  • So there's no method or skill to this? Just random?

    • +1

      Yep it's random, I didn't aim near the target and won.

  • FFFFFF ok tried like 10 times… Not gonna happen.

  • +2

    30+ attempts later… I won a can of tennis balls. Success!

    I can confirm the randomness - no aiming required, just click (and click and click and click and click…)

  • just won again, this time got the tennis balls :)

    • racquet + balls = congrats, you're ready to go :)

  • Tried like 30 times, no luck. Same name is okay for all attempts?

    • From the T&C, it says:

      The Instant Prize winners will be selected by random computer generation during the Competition Period.

      So just chance.

  • Bah, not winning anything.

    • Yer hahahaa I give up

  • +2

    Haha tried 50+ times and didnt win anything. Oh well

  • +1

    I may have used a macro extension for Firefox to enter 200 times. Didn't win… Or is there something you have to click on the last page to accept the prize?

    • -2

      Aw, downvoted because I found a way to automate the clicking?

  • +1

    crap i didn't realize the videos said whether you won or not, i probably missed some prizes

    i got it dead on target and didn't win, it should only show it getting on target if you are going to win a prize

  • For those who have won, is the winning video any different to the losing videos?

    • yes

  • I just like the rejection captions, makes you think you actually have a chance. I reckon it has a capped amount of prizes per day too

  • +1

    I am tempted to get up at like 3am when no one else is playing and try then…

  • Won a kids tennis rac. Don't have kids. Keep trying for something else but I guess it's locked to that prize as I keep winning it. Completely random, not even doing anything but clicking fire.

    Even in incognito mode it keeps giving me the same prize. Must be a cookie or IP thing

    YAY I won the tennis balls this time

    • Is there a trick to it or something? I've been trying every so often through out the day and nothing.

      • +1

        just keep refreshing and clicking fire

  • +1

    Won a $100 New Balance voucher at 4:20am.

    • +1

      And an adult tennis racquet at 4:26am. No luck at all yesterday though.

      • +3

        Congrats! Good to see people are having success :)

    • Also got a tennis ball pack at 4:42am and a kid tennis racquet at 4:48am. Have been trying since then but nothing so far.

  • +7

    Hey I just do what I do……………….

    • dont forget the "Awww" at the beginning!

  • +2

    Yay, just got the $100 New Balance voucher :]

    • Congrats! Remember to click the 'I won' link to those who won

      • Already have , this is my third prize :P

        • Oops haha

  • won the tennis balls :)

  • +1

    tennis balls, racquet and new balance voucher here so far….cmonnnn go pro! :)

    • In the same boat but I would like the TV x)

  • +2

    Got some balls :)

  • +3

    I won! After what must be 100 attempts the past few days :p

    Got a kids racquet: http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/80927/26502/win2.png

    • Any tips?

      • Like others have said it's completely random, so just keep pressing fire over and over :p Just got to get lucky, maybe you are more likely to win at certain times when not so many people would be trying, depending on how they do it. I honestly think I would have tried over 100 times though haha.

    • Nice! I must be up to that amount myself and still nothing, can't believe some people have won 3 prizes! gah!

  • +4

    Woke up at 6. Got on my phone. First try. Won the pack of tennis balls! My first ever win! Cheers Hamza!

    • +2

      I just played a couple of rounds now and won a pack of tennis balls too! Good to see some loyal Ozbargainers being rewarded too :)

  • +2

    Won a pack of tennis balls just now!

  • -6

    Won the balls and Beats by Dr.Dre Studio Headphones. It's valued at 500$ why can't I swap it with TV?

  • +2

    Finally won something after entering numerous times. Bring on the tennis balls! :-)

  • +1

    This is rigged because I did not win!

  • +1

    I got balls!

  • +6

    Tried for 2 hours non-stop, managed to win the tennis balls!

  • Tennis balls after 2 hours as well!

  • +11

    Just won the GoPro Hero3 Video Camera! Had no idea what it was until I goggled it.

  • so far 2Xballs and 1 dr dre. won't stop till either the competition is over or I get the TV!

  • -2

    Tennis Balls

  • +1

    After 100+ tries, I've finally won Tennis Balls.

  • +1

    Woot, after 5 times won a pack of tennis balls! Thanks OP :)

  • +1

    I finally won some tennis balls too.

  • am i missing something, how do you guys fire continuously? when i miss it goes to a different screen

    • I just click the logo in the corner and go through the steps again, not sure there is a way to keep firing?

  • +5

    just won a kids racquet after like my 50th try. don't need it so won't claim as i presume if you don't claim it will go back into the draw, and leave for someone else

    • +3

      cancel that, i can't win anything else until i claim it… anyone with kids want to pm me their details and i'll fill it out as you?

      • +1

        Don't want it myself but I respect your altruism :)

      • Does it keep saying you've won the racquet after every attempt?

      • Hey didsburydan, I would like the racquet please but you need to turn your PM on.

  • +4

    With what felt like I clicked hundreds of times, I finally won some tennis balls. A productive Saturday night.

  • Balls 4me

  • Was doing it on repeat in both chrome and firefox, got the racket and balls at the exact same time…

  • +1

    I just hit start for the first time now (3:37am Saturday) and then picked balloon and hit fire without even aiming it anywhere off the default position and just won tennis balls :)

  • +2

    Yay tennis balls! Thanks OP!

  • won a proper adult tennis racquet this morning, 2nd try.

    • Hey mate could I please get that kids racquet?

      • PMed

  • +1

    so… kids tennis racquet, adult tennis racquet and just won a set of tennis balls…. now all i need is a kid so i can become a competitive dad and beat them at singles

  • +6

    500+ attempts and haven't won a thing. I want my eight hours back

  • 59 entries and 23 winners. Either the odds of this competition are pretty great, or we Ozbargainers are a lucky bunch, or maybe both! :-)

  • +1

    After trying legit about 150-200 times, finally won a can of tennis balls. It is possible!

  • +1

    Just won a kids tennis racquet to go with the balls! :D

    • +1

      Why was I negged?

      • +5

        probably a mistake by someone whose hand is cramping badly after so much clicking and hasn't won anything yet

      • +1

        People are probably just jealous that you won two prizes. I have now stopped playing after winning the tennis balls as there are people less fortunate than me who deserve to win the major prizes :)

        • jealous of them winning a tennis racquet and balls for their kid to play tennis with?? oooooooooooooooooookay…

        • +4

          @didsburydan: The game does get pretty rage inducing after you have been clicking the tennis ball for the millionth time for the losing video to come up time and time again. Some people are just sore losers too. I wish people could just be happy for others to win, it's a competition after all..

        • +1

          @ShamelessBargains: Wish there was more people in the world like yourself, letalone OzBargain :P.

  • +2
    • +1

      congrats, not too fussed about the beats prize, thought i could sell them. i'm not stopping playing until i win a tv though.

      and ffs, i just stopped playing but now you won something i think maybe they computer is dishing more prizes out. just when i thought i was out… theeeeyyy pull me back iiiinnn

    • Thats the only prize I want lmfao

  • +4

    Did anybody win a TV yet? I mean there are only 5 of them so if they've all been won there is not point to try more if you're only after a TV ( like myself).

    • +3

      how is that neg-worthy? it's a competition… the prizes are there to be won.

      • +2

        Thanks mate. Someone keeps on negging my comments for some unknown reason. Thanks for the positive vote, though :)

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