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AussieGold 4 in 1 Test Kit for Swimming Pools $5 Delivered - PoolAndSpaWarehouse.com.au


AussieGold 4 in 1 Test Kit for Swimming Pools

for $5 Delivered

Fast and accurate test & analysis of your pool water chemistry from a reliable Australian brand.

The following aspects of water quality are checked with this water quality test kit:

  • Chlorine / Bromide
  • pH
  • Acid Demand
  • Total Alkalinity


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closed Comments

  • "rom a reliable Australian brand" - lol! I presume just the name is Australian

  • Whats the expiry date?

  • grabbed one.. and I even dont have a pool!

    Will give to family

  • Great deal thanks.

  • $199 for the taylor kit, you could get it couriered from the usa for less.


  • Hi rep

    Can you do a deal on the test strips?.

  • Thanks REP, just ordered one and checked out web site.

  • Availability: Out of stock (Click to enquire)

    That quick/.

  • out of stock

  • Hi Rep,
    Could you please advise if you have any Zodiac V3 Pool Cleaners in stock?
    Thank you :)

    • +1 vote

      We are sold out in Zodiac V3. Over 400 of them left our warehouse since October. We don't have a fixed date yet for the next batch to arrive from the manufacturer, so stay tuned and join our mailing list to be kept in the loop.

  • Thanks Rep,any chance you can get Taylor K2006 test kit? If you can, how much?

  • You can get the Taylor test kit from Ryan at NQ Pool Test Kits (North Queensland)


    I paid $115 for the Taylor K-2006 FAS-DPD Test Kit only just in October and it was delivered in a couple of days.
    He also sent me some re-agents refills for free (the main ones used for testing CYA and free chlorine)

    I can't recommend this guy enough.

    • Only $42 in the USA , why so expensive in OZ ??

      • Good luck trying to get Taylor's and/or anyone else (e.g. those selling TF100 kit) to ship the kit to you directly in Australia. Your only option would be to use ship forwarding service.
        Also some of the chemical reagents themselves may not be transportable over air.

        • Yes, I know this but it still doesn't explain the huge price hike.Surely someone could buy in bulk and ship by boat and still sell them for a reasonable price over here? What is the shelf life of these kits?

        • Some of the reagents - about 1 year, depending on how you store them.
          I'm sure if you had sufficient demand, you could lower the price, so that the stuff got turned over quickly.

          I suggest you look at the guys website and familiarise yourself with the various tests, the pool chemical calculator and so forth.

          Then work out whether that $50 extra you are paying for a guy in Australia whom has gone to the trouble to try and import the stuff, localise the trouble free pool information to Australian conditions, and provides details on where to get the chemical products and so forth at the best prices (Bunnings) - and then compare that to whether you want to either go it alone, or get screwed over at the local pool shop for chemicals at exorbitant prices for which may actually be making your pool worse.

          The $50 you pay extra will likely be returned with interest after skipping even just 1 visit to your local pool ship.

  • Any chance of a robotic vacuum discounts?