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Samsung Galaxy Alpha $609, Samsung Nx Mini + $1 Item $260 (Bonus $100 Voucher) @DSE

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • Damn, got all excited thinking these would work at the Microsoft store.

    • You can use them on the Ms store, you just load them onto your account then log in to the ms store and use it to buy things like consoles and games according the the MS Site chat people

      • hmm.. limit to how many times each person can use the codes…? Could use them to buy the new productivity bundle surface pro 3 :P $430 off from my calculations if you bought 21 sets of 2x$50 cards

        • Just asked the salesperson on webchat..
          "The gift card cannot be used in a Microsoft retail store. You can only use it to purchase apps, Games, music & content from Windows Store, your Windows 8 phone or on your Xbox console. "
          not applied to surface pro3..

        • @fm365net: Weird I just asked them 10 min ago and they said yes so I said. Ok if I buy $100 worth I can load it onto my account and buy a console and they said "Correct". Anyways still good for buying games

        • @TRENT86: yeah you are right, I think either games and xbox consoles are fine with these gift cards, rather than the surface pro3 which is sold by a Microsoft retail store… still waiting for the surface pro3 sale..

        • @fm365net: a little discount today @ Hn on Surface 3 and use code for extra $5 off

      • Hi OP
        Can I buy console with windows gift card?
        I plan to buy 8 $50 cards to buy console bundle

        • I asked the chat guys and he said it will work, just go to the site and a chat window will pop up and you can ask yourself :)

  • Redballoon info

    Credit to the previous poster who posted $25 off Dicksmith to get this for $274 previously. Must purchase before by tomorrow to claim Redballoon voucher.

  • If anyone is in Sydney and want to sell me lightroom from the camera… pm me :)

  • The camera comes bundled with Lightroom, should add that in too, TRENT86.
    If you can sell the red balloon voucher for $90, that makes the camera $170, and it looks like it comes with kit lens. This review says that the image quality pretty average, but it looks like an okay entry level mirrorless. Note that when the kit lens is attached to the camera, it becomes too big to fit into pants pockets, but if you buy the smaller lens, it will fit.

  • Camera doesnt come with the kit lens. Only the 1:3.5.