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Sennheiser CX300II in-Ear Headphones $39.98 at Dick Smith. Click & Collect or Delivery (+ $4.95)


Yet another Dick Smith post. This time it is for the Sennheiser CX300II In-Ear Headphones. This is the cheapest I have seen them from a physical shop. For comparison The Good Guys are selling them for $60 and JB has them for $75. There are many sellers on Ebay with cheaper prices but apparently many of them are not genuine.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • Great headphones and amazing value at this price.

  • Great headphones but you can buy them via eBay for less than $20.

    • +4

      Yeah fake ones

      • And legit ones (well, used to be able to)…

      • Never had a fake pair from eBay. Just get them from an Australian dealer. $25 posted max.

        • I suspected i purhcased fakes from an australian seller and contacted him about it.. He refunded the money straight away and didnt ask for them back. I am guessing he did not want a claims case raised.

          If there are fakes in China then there is a good chance fakes will be in Australia too…

        • You're fooling yourself in thinking you're buying from an Australian seller means genuine, do yourself a favor and avoid Sennheiser ear buds off ebay.

        • a good alternative is the Creative EP-630 as they're pretty much the senns rebadged

          I bought my first pair since 2007 for $32 @ DSE.. they lasted around 5 years until one side finally caved in due to the cable at the connector end dying.. I replaced them with the EP-630i (microphone + button) from eBay for $25 back in 2012 (opened package)

          these days you can still get the EP-630 or EP-630i around $30-40 + delivery or $36.72 delivered from eBay UK

  • I remember seeing them on COTD for $25 a couple of months back but as OP said, there appear to be a lot of fakes out there so it might be worth buying these from a B&M store.

  • Great find OP. I used these for ages until I knackered the cable and I confirm that the bass is great (especially at this price). I ended up replacing them a year ago with the MM 30i (or 30G if you're Samsung - see lower link) which don't have the asymmetric cable but do have an inline volume/pause/forward remote and handsfree. They're also on special for $59.98 (down $20) at:



    • I also went with the MM 30i recently after losing my trusty CX400s.

      Harvey Norman had the MM30i for $51 recently when they had 25% off headphones.

  • Price match at officeworks?

    • listed for $79.. but go ahead and try!

  • I've had 2 pairs of these. Great for people on the go!

    However, its common to have issues with the wiring, so hang on to your 2 year warranty.

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