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Pendopad 7" Win 8.1 16GB Quadcore Tablet $89, Half Price Magnums $3.99 + More @Coles. WED


Pendopad 7" Windows 8.1 16GB Quadcore Tablet $89 @ Coles. Starts Wed
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Intel Atom Quadcore Processor
Resolution 1200 x 800
16GB Storage
1GB Ram
Office 365 Personal Included
USB Slot
Headphones Slot

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  • 16gb for win 8 tablet is enough?

  • I'd be more worried about the ram and if there's an SD slot

  • be advised there's gonna be heaps of these things soon…

    HP Stream 7 32Gb is $99 us

    Winbook TW800/801 16/32Gb is $99/$129 us

    but i suppose an $89 tablet is pretty much disposable

    • If it's anything like the 8" version target have going by reviews on Target site this should be a pretty good tablet


        From the comments:

        I've only had two issues with the unit.

        2) 16Gb internal storage is a very tight fit. Running windows updates eats most of the free space. I didn't manage to install Office. I installed LibreOffice onto a memory card instead. Microsoft Office and Windows Store apps only install to the internal drive and won't install elsewhere.

        Hmm… If you read below this comments it also states something about not working unless they hard reset and remove the windows update patches. Dun Dun Dum. I guess it's good news for malware writers though.

        • 2 issues is pretty good for a pendopad :) You get what you pay for I guess

        • sounds about right… the Stream 7 has 32Gb and they say it only has 12Gb left over

          i'm assuming they cut the ass out of Windows to make it fit in 16Gb

          there will be some issues with running out of space in the future but hey… $89

    • I've seen some initial youtube and written reviews on the HP Stream 7 and it seems like its not a bad device with an ok screen according to the video reviews but there is no way to tell how good it is until you see it for yourself. It retails for 99 pounds in the UK so it depends on how much HP prices it here to see if its worth it based on specs compared to others.

      Is 16gb enough storage to run full windows? I've gotten the impression from some of the reviews I've read that 32gb is better for full windows 8 but I stand to be corrected. Does Windows 8 have the ability to run apps on the sd card likes windows phones can cause that would make a difference to how important on board storage is?

      I understand for some people $89 might not be a lot of money but this is ozbargain and some of us are on a budget.



        Doesn't really work properly apparently.

        Mark Phelps writes:

        I don't believe you can do that, if what you intend, is for ALL the app components to be housed on the SD card. Apps typically install components in Program Data, Program Files, INF, and other folders. While it MIGHT be possible to move some of these to the SD card, you also have to deal with Registry entries. And, even if you could move the registry files to the SD card, you would not want to do that.

      • The stream 7 is only about 130 odd delivered from Amazon.


        Its out of stock now, but they are taking orders, and 99 is the RRP, so it can only go lower.

        Keep an eye on it as we get close to Black Friday.


    I heard some windows tablets are not really the full version of windows. i.e. You cannot install some apps like Photoshop.

    Has anyone seen this tablet before this sale, or has hands-on experience with it?

  • http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2316166

    Its mainly discussion on the 8" version, but should be relevant to this. There are also references to this 7" towards the end.


      I think it's already on sale according to some comments on Whirlpool. O_O

  • Is the 10.1" dual core worth the $10 extra if i'm just going to be watching movies, web browsing and skyping? (Tablet n00b here)

    • that'd be fine for that type of stuff if you want the larger screen. but im guessing they both probably have the same/similar resolution so the 10.1" won't look as crisp.

  • If you plug it to an external monitor along with a standard keyboard and mouse. Presto you have desktop PC with a full version of Office for free!

  • So Office 365 Personal by itself costs $89 - $25 (cashback) = $64 (http://office.microsoft.com/en-au/products/buy-office-365-pe...)

    So basically with this deal your paying $25 for the device (i.e. if you were planning on getting Office 365 personal).

    • Office 365 Personal Included

      anyone can confirm the cashback from this tablet?


      Just looking at the catalog now and the Ad has this footnote:
      1.Activation of Office 365 Personal 1 year required within 6 months of Windows activation date.

      So it's just the one year subscription to Office 365 Personal.

  • Well, i bought this one when it was $179 ( i had to buy some other pendo tablets as well for kids and then thought buy this well for me and claim GST back from Airport saving around $30 on this).

    Not a bad one and gives a decent performance. Seeing 7" going for $89, i am feeling that I paid a bit more for it than it should have been. But seems there is some difference - No separate charger (you have to charge through USB which is inconvenient and no back camera).

    But if you are looking for your very familiar Windows and high productivity (esp while travelling and dont want to take the full-size lappy) , Win 8 tablet is a great option. Just wondering why MS was late to the tablet party. If they were there a bit early, I am sure, they would have been at the forefront.


  • I think Coles have made a mistake flagging the Windows 8.1 tablet as 7". I've scoured online but it looks like PendoPad have only released an 8" Windows 8.1 tablet.

  • Here is the current whirlpool thread on the 8" target version for $179 - http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2316166&p...
    One guy has done a video review and by all accounts its a good piece of hardware for the price. One person has also bought a 7" from coles, seems like the differences are:
    -no separate charging port
    -1024x600 screen res
    -probably not IPS screen
    -no rear facing camera

    Looks to be the same CPU which is capable of outputting to tv video at 1080P, can run full desktop windows apps even phtooshop.

  • I wonder if this is good enough to be an HTPC. The single USB port for both data and power could be a problem though.

  • Pendopad 7 with Win 8.1
    - 1024x600 on the box (?Windows reports it as up to 1280x800)
    - front cam only 0.5 MP
    - 6.5gb of 16gb left
    - BT 4.0
    - Processor is Intel z3735G @1.33 ghz
    - Realtek RTL872BS 11n

    In the box:
    Microusb cable
    Microusb OTG
    USB 5V 1.5A charger

  • Cbf reading through, but I'm 90% sure this isn't fully fledged Windows 8.1- instead a Windows ioT or something. I'm in correct you wont be able to download things like chrome from the internet
    EDIT: looks like it isn't fully fledged Windows. It runs Windows IoT which is based around embedded

    • Where does it say Windows IoT can't do everything Windows 8.1 can do?
      Are you saying it has a different kernel or something and can't even run Chrome?

    • This is not IOT. This is the full Windows running on an Intel Atom. So all things Windows including command prompt, powershell etc work on this.

  • So it's just windows then?

    No way to install android?

  • Woah! A 89$ windows tablet :O Is this new ground? Or have I just not been paying attention.

  • I bought one Saturday…. 1280x800 res plus thru hdmi 1920x1080 on my TV FULL VERSION OF WINDOWS 8.1 running Mozilla Firefox, XBMC gotham works a treat 1920x1080 with DTS pass through ,Malware Bytes full version, all programs i have tried are FULL WINDOWS 8 SUPPORT so no gymped OS .. all in all great tablet
    And as a side note the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 flip case i bought from another Ozbargain sale from the Goodguys for i think 60cents fits perfectly fine

    • Did you buy the 8" one from Target, or the 7" one from Coles?

      Reports are this one is 1024x600.

      Also looks like th pendo boys didn't Wimboot the OS - which would have left more space for apps.

      • Coles $89 plus i had $10 flybuys bonus credit so cost me $79 … is that the Ozbargain spirit or what lol

    • Are you sure it is 1280x800? Its an instant buy if it is

  • Has anyone tried to run Mame on this?

  • I also bought the Kaiser Bass bluetooth keyboard & mouse combo from a previous Ozbargain deal for $9.95 as well and it works a treat with the Pendo as well


    I went and got the $179 8" one from Target.

    Separate power supply is nice and I think the slightly larger screen is probably nicer. Bought the cheap green Pendo 7" bluetooth keyboard to go with it.

    So far I am liking having a familiar experience to work with. As a Windows admin for many years its nice to have this again, even if it is a little small on the buttons. But like a lot of other windows admins I have become used to teamviewer/rdp sessions to servers via iphone and android screens, you learn to work around it.

  • Got it this morning at Swan Hill Coles.The screen resolution is 1280x800 100%.You can connect it easily to your monitor using a mini dvi adapter,very cheap,and you must connect at monitor because you can t see property what s write on the screen.The screen angle view is very limited and you can blend the tablet very easy (almost lke a butter really).
    I was surprised about the peformance,very reactive,0 lag and very speed navigation.I have another windows 8 tablet(hp omni book 10) and this one works identically.
    So for this price I don t think there is something better.
    P.s. If you want update the video driver you have to use the intel software autoupdate and it will automatically install the latest video driver.

    • for an $89 tab its ok

      i have a suspicion they did something dodgey with the screen to force 1,280 on 800 on a lesser quality lesser resolution panel but i treat these as disposable i guess

      will probably buy a stream 7 or winbook tw801 when they come out

  • Just got it this at Concord Coles. Works perfect for me.

  • Please everyone who buys the tablet let us know on here how it performs in areas :)

  • Just got it from Parra Coles 45 mins ago. Went to Merrylands Coles earlier but they don't have it.

    Surprisingly fast, though I agree the text maybe a tad too small & hard to read but you can enlarge it. A cute mini portable PC. Office activation card wasn't included. Res property says 1280x800 but 1024x600 on the packing box.

    At work now, when I get home I will try some emulators on it. :)


    Edit: played around abit. It takes 10-12 secs to boot up, 5 secs to shut down. Viewing angle is crap. Speaker is weak @ss. Has screen protector already on it, which is nice & thoughtful by the manuf. Hmm what else…

    • that thick plastic on screen is for protecting screen during manufacturing. likey to make the touch screen less sensitive

      • No, it actual does come with it, as it has the label tag at top left corner that say "step 2 to remove" (the last layer?), just like those standard screenies from ebay. Im not going to remove it just yet. Going to ghost the drive before i start tinkering it. Maybe i can install Win7? :p But i need to find the bios access first i guess.

        In term of sensitivity, i think its alright imho. no lag no drag just ok for me. im surprise & bought this coz u wont be able to buy any windows pc under 90. LOL

        Btw, in My computer property it shows:
        Pendo Industries P/L support
        Phone no: 1300 275 645
        Support hours: M-F 9:00-17:00
        Website: online support (pendo.com.au)

  • I got one..it is really worth for money. It is simple and good for basic day to day use. screen quality is average, storage is lacking. worth to buy for basic use and better than Android for this price.

  • Finally got one - second attempt and they didn't think they had any at first, they had to 'look in the vault' … so make them check.

    Resolution is perfectly good enough for my old eyes, although the fonts are way too small (MS still haven't sorted out their resolution dependence). Screen is 16:9 rather than 16:10 so next to a Nexus 7 it looks squashed. Does indeed claim to be 1280x800 in the settings, as opposed to 1024x600 on the box.

    Setup is the usual MS unfriendliness of 30 questions, then wait and wait for it to fix itself. No Wimboot as far as I can see.

    5 touch points. Tested Bluetooth keyboard and it works, I assume mouse will too.

    • i'm actually thinking its not 1,280 x 800 but a lesser res panel that has some trickery done to it so 1,200 x 800 fits due to the MS certifications

      someone actually said its sharper at 1,024 x 600!

      its ok for what it is but yeah… going back to my Nexus 7 shows it for what it is

      • LOL u r right! Everything looks nice now at 1024x600 though kinda hard to maneuver some windows.

        • i'm at work right now but i have some tools that can probe into it that will show whats going on

        • @tonyjzx:

          A simple eye check should be enough to tell if it's scaling 1280x800 to 1024x600 or if it is native.

          Judging by the comments that it's 'blurry' at 800p and 'sharper' at 600p, I would say it's a pretty clean cut case of it being a 1024x600 panel that is downscaling a higher resolution.

        • Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor
          Monitor ID MS_9003
          Model 1280_800
          Manufacture Date 2014
          Max. Visible Display Size 86 mm x 154 mm (6.9")
          Picture Aspect Ratio 5:4
          Horizontal Frequency 0 - 42 kHz
          Vertical Frequency 0 - 60 Hz
          Maximum Pixel Clock 60 MHz
          Gamma 2.20
          DPMS Mode Support Active-Off

          Supported Video Modes
          1024 x 600 Pixel Clock: 54.72 MHz

      • Yep, it's physically 1024x600, but looks to the system as 1280x800 because quite a few metro apps refuse to run at that resolution.

  • Tried Coles at Eastgardens this morning.

    No stock

  • Thanks guys for writing your comments, I'm sure in the future this post will come in handy for reviews :)

  • Just bit the bullet and got one. Seems pretty good so far, although i don't really need much spec-wise

  • +1, though it seems my local store doesn't have the Pendo 7inch tablet :(

  • Hmm so one of these Pendo Tabs is like a cheaper alternative of an Intel NUC?
    Just add a big SD Card (and possibly) an External HDD, KB + Mouse, TV and you've got yourself a cheap little PC.
    Am I missing something?

  • So got one to play with windows 8.1.. It may be 7" but placed on top of my nexus 7 it is much smaller.

  • Bought one of these at my local Coles. Had them hidden at the service desk.

    • Screen is acceptable for the price. Definitely not as good as my Note 3 or iphone for reading. Using the desktop can sometimes be tricky if you have thick fingers like me.
    • Full Windows 8.1 so can run every desktop app I've thrown at it. Desktop mode needs DPI settings and fonts increased to be useful.
    • Definitely best to run it in metro mode and use the metro apps and metro internet explorer. As others have noted Google chrome is weirdly laggy on this tablet in both metro and desktop mode.

    Haven't used it via a keyboard or mouse with a monitor yet.

    For $89 I reckon it's great value and allows to use full windows applications. If this doesn't matter to you then a higher resolution/better screen android tablet is arguably a slightly better UI.

  • Brought one yesterday installed Visual Studio and Eclipse. Compiles code quite fast, $89 for a small thing to build software on just connect a screen, keyboard and mouse. How can you go wrong can basically make it a windows desktop with limited ram and internal memory for cheap money.


      For anyone interested: Installed VB6 and barely used it, but it worked editing one of my projects. Most of my vb6 XP programs worked with just the interfaces needing borders/formatting redone. I think Windows on sub$100 Tablets are seriously going to get into the race.

  • The screen is 1028x600 but upscaled. The image quality is quite bad. I will put linux ubuntu on it and see how it goes at the native res.

  • If you right click the desktop and select screen resolution, Advanced settings option, select list all modes and then select 1028x600. This will make windows look a lot clearer but the metro apps will not run as it is an unsupported resolution in W8.

  • I finally bought one today,.

    Check this video out. This guy made a cable that can charge and use the usb at the same time.


    • That's interesting. I did the same hub mod using instructions I found over at TabletPCReview forums and couldn't get the damn thing to work. I wrote off the project thinking this was one of the tablets that it wasn't compatible with, but I guess this video proves that I just screwed up somewhere :P


    OUCH - It wasn't the Pendo's fault but I just found out the screen is pretty easy to crack. I've knocked screens much harder without a problem. Anyway it's a nice worthwhile tablet for the price. Just a caution about the screen.

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