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[Click Frenzy] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910G $806.65 Delivered (Free Express Shipping) @Samsung


Seems to be the cheapest deal I've seen for the note 4.

Code is also valid on all tablets too, though if you're looking to buy the 10.5 Tab s, the DSE deal is cheaper (and even cheaper if you go in store and price match at officeworks for an extra 5% off before the deal ends)

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2014

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    Why you tempt me!!!

  • +1

    just pulled the trigger on this bad boy, since my order was proccessed after 2pm it should arrive before 12 noon tommorrow YAY

    • Me too, and you notice that error in their description of delivery too!

      • nah only encountered an error when i was confirming my purchase so i had to fill everything in again. Gotta love the express shipping

        • woke up this morning and it hadnt arrived so i checked my order, it said order cancelled???, anyone else have this problem?

        • @elitegunner95: Have the same, missed a call from Samsung to confirm the order. Was told I couldn't backorder, payment refunded in a few days and to check stock every hour.

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          I also got the call from Samsung this morning. I asked if my order was going to be cancelled and the gentlemen said he does not know, just that he needs to verify my details and will update this on my order to confirm that my details are correct. So I went and checked the order status online and it is showing as order processed (step 3), so now awaiting for dispatch request.

        • @utono: nooooo, i also recieved 3 missed calls from an unknown number around 8am this morning, might have been samsung

  • +1

    Pretty cool of Samsung to sell direct at this price. I wonder why more manufacturers don't do this.

    • Because you alienate retailers who you need to stock your product.

  • +2

    Seems to be only gold and white available. Good price.

    • id go for the gold, seems rare

    • I got black, I guess all sold out.

  • Hmm this or the Nexus 6?

    You can get the N6 32GB for $780 shipped from the UK. Or an extra $26 for this?


    Thanks for the code though!

    Looks like gold only remains

  • -5

    Pretty stupid…not really a deal if they are only willing to sell a few Note 4..cant even buy in black!!

    • +2

      I got black.

      • +1

        baby got black.

  • Don't think officeworks sells the note 4

    • Nah they don't. Sorry should've been clearer, was referring to the Galaxy tab S line, since the code is also valid on all tablets

      • -1

        Officeworks doesn't selling note4. Cannot do price match.

        • Yup that's what I said. In my OP I was talking about price-matching the tablet, not the note.

  • Should specify how many GB in title.

  • This promo is 3 weeks too late… I bought the phone for $890. Agh!

    • Yeah, when I first looked at this at the Samsung store it was $929. Then a week later they had it up to $949, and wanted me to pre-order with deposit. Nah, I'll wait thx … and well here we are :D

      • Got it 1 week before in $809.10. Just $2.45 more. Bargain price

    • Couldn't you return it?

  • Code Not valid?

    • It works. The code was playing up a few minutes ago, though.

    • +1

      The site was loading slow when I was doing it and slow to update, I'm sure it'll get worse as more people hit it. Their site seems to be quite crappy.

  • hmm not seeing a buy button on the samsung site ?

    • I had to use IE for it to work when I brought it, and even then it was loading like a dog. Very slow and unresponsive. But it might mean there is no more stock of the selected color.

      • Yes. Just have white color left.

    • Choose in white color You can see add to cart White color is really beautiful. The gold one like bronze not nice color.

  • Does anyone know why I get this error while I want to finish the payment?

    Failed to place order. Please contact our Call Center.(1300 362 603)
    Error code : 430285

  • Been refreshing ozb looking for Dick Smith coupons. This is even better. Thanks!

  • +1

    Seems like all the colours are out of stock…

    • Yes, I think this is why I get this error:

      Error code : 430285


  • regret getting iPhone 6, my impatience got the better of me.. again

    • +7

      Just bend it and return it to apple as defective.

      • they would not refund it. they will replace it.

        • +1

          And then you ebay it because some fool will buy it instantly if it's $10 below Apple's RRP.

  • all out of stock…

  • Back in stock

    • Black seems to be in stock :)

      • +1


        No more in stock!

        • Wouldn't be surprised if stock in all colours conveniently appears again immediately after the promotion…

  • i just bought a white and transaction went through so presumably they are back in stock :)

    • But why I cannot add it to card? :(

  • +1

    Just rang the call center: if you get the Error code : 430285 - you'll also have a $1 transaction in your bank account for samsung verification, this will be reversed in a couple of days.

    Use PayPal - they seem to be refreshing new stock every hour or so

    I just picked up a white one!

    • Yes, I can see now how many times I tried to finish the payment! Several 1$ have been withdrawn :))

      Should wait for the white one to come in stock :-P

  • Just ordered a white.

  • Yes! finally ordered a white :-P

  • +1

    I may have been misinformed by the Samsung call centre.

    I just got a message from commbank asking for permission to approve the payment on my original attempt for payment which gave me the 430285 error code. Unfortunately, I tried a few times as well, and so I had to cancel the original payments.

    The last payment I made with Paypal seems to be fine though.

    • OMG! Thank you for your information :)

  • +1

    Any news on the Gear VR availability in Australia?

  • Will there be more black stock available before the Click Frenzy thingy ends?

  • I just tried and when its gets to the Samsung page is said its $949 ????

    Did I do something wrong ?

    • I don't think there is stock at the moment, but as long as you are entering the code for the discount, it should be fine (I had to enter it a few times to show the reduced price).

      If there is no stock, just keep checking as it seems to constantly update.

  • I ordered mine this morning, about 11:00 AEST and it has been dispatched today (about 4:00PM AEST). I looked up the tracking and it will be delivered to WA tomorrow.

  • Just received a call from Samsung regarding my order which was cancelled due to not being able to confirm my details.
    Was told they will be getting stock mid next week, and they were kind enough to give me another 15% off discount code.

    • really thats great, when i called yesterday they said they couldnt do anything.

  • Anyone know how easy it is to return to Samsung for a refund?

    I've decided to stick with my current phone, and the Note 4 is still sealed so I would like to return it.

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