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Today Only - 25% off Everything at The Reject Shop


The Reject Shop is having a friends and family discount day today.

Just came back from my local store and they were applying the 25% off for everyone.

Doubt it's a targeted offer.. more of a one day thank you special..

Note: website doesn't mention the deal
this was posted earlier on in the week but removed due to it possibly being a targeted offer

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    Bit late as they have already shut their doors in many places!

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      it's thurs though. my local stores are open till 9pm.

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    Thursday late night shopping here in Sydney :)

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      Same in highpoint melbourne! Till 9 pm

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    You need a family member's employee number.

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    I just came from Reject shop chadstone. They didnt give me any 25% desc… :(

  • My local stores were Campbelltown and Macarthur FYI.

    • Thanks ssjmark! The number was very handy in Eastgardens… Bought $100 worth of stuff from Reject fr the first time… surprisigly they were really quite insistent on the employee number…

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    Oh Damn, I just bought 2 boxes of white wing cake mixes for $2 the other day.

    Could have been $1.50!

    • I bought a who'll bunch of party goods needed for the Christmas and new year period, Poster frames and a high velocity floor fan :)

  • Anyone in Perth tried? Is this aus wide?

    • Duck in and let us know.

      You can stock up on house hold goods, Colgate 120gr for a buck (75c), I got white wing cake mixes for a dollar, normally $4 at Coles, toothbrushes are cheap, gobstoppers are unbeatable as well.

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    A bit late now

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      Was I better off not sharing? :)

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      Better late than never

  • Does it work or only for the few?? Gotta get some xmas decos and this would be a good time

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    Worked in Northland. They are applying discount to everyone.

  • I bought $10 worth of goods annnnnd no discount!
    MAybe you had to ask.

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    They put prices up for the sale today at my local store.
    One thing I wanted went from 15 to 18 dollars overnight.
    A lot of other things went up in price.
    Very few bargains. Disappointed.
    + for OP anyway for taking the time to post.

  • Just bought something now and they charged me 25% less than the marked price. Is deal still going?

    • really? not that I'm aware.. they said that it was for the day only

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