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Call of Duty: Ghosts (Steam) $14.99


First time poster, hope not a duplicate,

cheapest I have ever seen for steam version

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    How's the multiplayer matchmaking like?

    Read around on NeoGaf and the stats…. don't look so good.


    I haven't bought a COD game since Black Ops 1 since every release since MW2 have just been flogging a dead horse.

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      Ghost is probably the worst in this series. Terrible optimisation, as well as a massive 60GB installation on your harddrive. I wouldn't recommend buying it, even for the infestation (the zombie mode of this game), even at 75% off. There are much better games worth it.

    • Black OPs II was great, the only COD game without 90 FPS cap since COD4, or BO1.
      Thanks for the note about Ghosts multiplayer tho, was tempted to buy before seeing that.

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    Review of this game seems to be really bad on steam…

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    I bought it over 3 months ago and haven't been able to play it all cause it has so many problems.
    major mouse lag being the big one for me.

    put a little more money towards it and get advanced warfare it's been a great game so far.

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    Season Pass still more than the usual AAA game. LMFAO

  • The deal is good for a COD game (usually they don't really sale very low)
    BUT for this game specifically, it is horrible, the worst COD of all COD games, the game before and after it are both literally much better titles.

  • despite all the bad reviews $15usd better than the ~$80 it was at launch ..

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