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Gold Stackers Cyber Monday Bullion Deals, RCM Maplegram $50.xx, RCM Arctic Fox $35.xx + More


Gold Stackers is offering some great bullion bargains for Cyber Monday.

Some of the best deals I see are:

Royal Canadian Mint 1.5oz Silver Wildlife - Arctic Fox: Priced at $35.XX with another dealers prices at $43.50+

RCM Gold Maple Leaf 1g "Maplegram" Coin: Priced at $50.XX with another dealers prices at $51.50+

10oz gold bars at spot price - $13,7XX

Their full range of deals can be seen using the link: http://www.goldstackers.com.au/store/cyber-monday-1.html

I am not affiliated with the store, but have purchased through Gold Stackers in the past (via post) and have received exceptional service.

Please note that it's difficult to put a price on these deals in the post as it fluctuates with the spot (market) price of the metal. The bargain here is the lower premium over spot relative to other dealers. So it's a bargain comparative to other dealers today.

A few years ago I wrote this guide on buying Gold & Silver in Australia, it may be useful for any beginners with a more detailed explanation of spot price, how premiums work, where to store, taxes, etc: http://www.guidegoldsilver.com/p/before-you-buy.html

Also more info on my blog about the metals in general, but not investment advice: http://www.bullionbaron.com/

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  • How can they sell gold at spot and stay in business?

    • That's why it's a bargain ;)

      It's not a regular occurrence for a dealer to sell product at spot, but sometimes they make exceptions to clear old product that's not otherwise moving (e.g. large bars) or as a special deal for customers.

    • Wouldn't that also depend what the price was when they bought the stock…

      • Sensible dealers would hedge the physical inventory & make money on the spread.

        • Sensible dealers would hedge the physical inventory & make money on the spread.

          unless they expect the price to drop, in which case selling now at spot price is better than selling in a while at a lower spot or spread price

        • @SBOB: Well that may be how some dealers operate (& a good way to go bust by speculating on price movements), but this Cyber Monday has been planned for weeks, so I doubt it's as you describe in this case.

  • Thinking of dabbling a bit into gold and silver, buying seems to be easy but what's the best (i.e. not ripped off) way of selling?

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