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Onkyo TX-NR929 THX Certified 9.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver $1699 + Delivery @ Grays Online


Great opportunity to score a high end AV Receiver for Xmas!
This is 9.2 Channel Receiver which can also be used as 7.2 with a separate and independently Zone 2.

Savings are over 39% off the RRP.

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  • Waiting for 360.360 channel receiver to come out.

  • Cheap price, but no one pays RRP on items like this.

    Under $2k can be found pretty easy.

    Plus vote for cheaper price though.

  • I would never own Onkyo again. Mine has died 3 times in 3 years with the same HDMI fault that has affected most of this series.

    I do not use mine much, but it seems to not last more than 10 hours use before I dies. Sick of taking it in for repair and then having it blow up again.

    While Ambertech have been good about out of warranty repairs, it is still very annoying to keep getting it done. The last repair lasted all of 5 hours use. It is now sitting in my garage ready to be sold for a $1 on ebay and replaced with a $400 Yamaha unit.

    While I wont Neg this deal, I will NEG Onkyo for making this rubbish receiver.

    • Wow. That's pretty bad. Was it the same model?

      • cant be as his would be 3 years old at least… im going to guess t he x08 series as ut had HDMI problems…. not that I have had any trouble with my 608 which will be 4 years old this xmas.

    • "Mine has died 3 times in 3 years"

      C'mon, if the one receiver is going to die 3 times it's obvious that there was a serious problem with the unit to begin with and not a design flaw.

      Plus you didn't name the model you have, but if you're willing to replace it with a $400 Yamaha it would be safe to assume you're playing with some pretty low end stuff, that and this listing are totally different classes and build standards.

      • Sorry, I have to agree with ljuiceman in that many ONKYO models had serious design flaws over the last 10 years.

        I collect/repair/restore vintage Hifi but I've managed to pickup several very swanky looking yet near unusable ONKYO Receivers in the process, most for free or just included in a quantity of gear because they've all failed in some way or another. Most issues are to do with the HDMI & Digital Decoder sections. They seem to cook themselves to death and although I really don't care much for this modern gear the units I've received that have only showed early signs of the problem I've simply added a low speed PC fan and they seem to run fine after that… but I still don't trust them enough to on-sell them to others.

        I did notice that a few of their newer models have fans included and a quick Google search uncovered this unit actually has TWO fans (eek!): http://www.avsforum.com/photopost/data/2361302/b/bb/bbbd6de0...

        No home audio gear should ever need forced air cooling IMO, especially in this day & age of high-end digital amplification so to me this is the perfect example of cost cutting and/or poor design I'm afraid. Again, just my opinion so take from it what you wish however keep in mind that as per everything ever manufactured, you'll never know how good it is or how long it will last until you purchase and use it yourself so who knows, this unit may also be outstanding!

        • Most amps will have fans. My amp has a fan and I dont think I have ever seen it turn on since I dont drive it hard.

          Maybe if it running hard on a hot day it would turn on ?

        • @pengo:
          Most Amps, really? Maybe I'm out of touch with a lot of the new gear but decent Hifi Amps shouldn't need fans because their Heatsinks should have enough mass to dissipate the heat passively. A good quality heatsink capable of doing this is expensive so a thinner heatsink with a fan is a lot cheaper to manufacture plus it allows for a small footprint of course. Maybe they're adding fans for extreme heat conditions because they know a lot of people want to squeeze their gear into cabinetry and behind closed doors.

          High quality Digital Amps are very different and the good ones come with a hefty price tag but at least they don't need the big juicy heatsinks or even fan cooling in most circumstances. They run extremely efficiently and it's not unusual to expect a few thousand watts of very high-end & undistorted power from an Amp the size of a pizza box… but of course it'll cost you many thousands of dollars too :)

        • +3 votes


          I agree with you.

          Proper amps dont need fans if they have good quality passive heatsinks throughout.
          I've got an older Yamaha 2 chan amp that cost a pretty penny 15 years ago, and it still has specs that beat the crap out of modern units. No fans… but very heavy high quality heat sinks built within.

          True audiophile amps dont have fans, because even the slightest noise would detract from why you would buy them in the first place.

      • It was a Nr708 and I did not drive it hard. Only used about 2hrs per month max. It cost me $2000 when new. While I know a $400 Yamaha is not in the same class, it has more features and has not died in the 8 months I have used it, unlike the Onkyo.
        I have never owned an appliance that was as bad as the Onkyo, as they would just keep replacing the faulty part with the same one. Because I did not use it much, it would take a year before it would fail again. Just warning people about the poor history of this maker.

        • I have to agree. Whilst, I love my Onkyo and its still running (after HDMI replacement under warranty), I am more than expecting for it to die again, outside of its warranty this time. I bought an Onkyo with the assumption that it was a quality brand and it would be less likely to fail after an extended period of time (I also don't use it that often). However, in the future I will most likely go a more commercial brand, that is cheaper and will last about the same amount of time.

      • When I bought my SR507, the literature advised that the unit runs very hot and that this was normal… wtf?!
        They weren't kidding. I could make toast on it.
        I quickly replaced it with a Yammy RX-A2000. Never again will I buy an ONKYO.

        • Ha yeah. When dozens of ONKYO owners are inclined to do things like this then you know there's something screwy with their design: http://cdn.avsforum.com/c/c1/c10e7832_vbattach131691.jpeg

          I'm a big Yamaha fan myself (pardon the pun) and own quite a lot of Yammie gear from the 70s through the golden age of Hifi (mid 80s) plus a few pieces of their most recent stuff. Sure, they too make low-end gear and cut out lots of quality to offer it to us at particular price points but even their cheapest stuff is streets ahead of the expensive ONKYO gear people have donated to me over the last few years. Same can be said for Bang & Olufsen… just because it looks fancy and has lots of zeros on the price tag doesn't mean it will out perform or out last its competitors. The amount of very slick & sexy vintage (80s mainly) B&O gear I've disposed on over the last 2-3 years astounded even me!

  • Anyone know what DAC's this has? Also if it does pure DSD or transcode's to PCM?

  • 9.2 lol i thought 7.1 was ridiculous when i put than in 5 years ago

    • Dolby Atmos supports 7.1.4 channels now

    • Yeah, I just started playing The Last of Us on ps4 and was amazed when sound came out of my rear speakers. Since setting up 7.1 about 5 years ago, I started to notice 99.9% of the things I watch/play are 5.1 only. Not making that mistake for at least another 10 years! :p

  • $72 shipping!? Where's it coming from? Bit of a deal killer