[NSFW] Who Should Be Paying for Condoms?

Hey guys, just curious, who usually pay for condoms? is it the male or female?

I have been dating this guy for few months and the other day he complained about how expensive condoms are and he wanted me to start paying for condoms. But when I asked him if he would pay for birth control pills too if I were to start taking pills. He said NO.

Just wondering if it's normal for guys, especially in Australia to ask the girlfriend to chip in for condoms?

Thanks in advance

Update: Broke up with him, cried my eyes out but I will eventually be alright (I hope soon). Thanks to everyone for all the kind hearted messages and advices. It does helps to know that there are so many kind people out there

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    Time to find a new guy? That should answer your question…

    Better be careful though, if he doesn't want to pay for condoms he might be an Ozbargainer..

    • plus 1 for new guy

    • yeah, the worst is he bought the one listed on ozbargain before……. the one that broke ….. only 1 out of 10 is good (reviewed by ozbargainer)……. fake golden ring

    • Exactly, if I was a girl, I wouldn't want an offspring from someone this cheap and inconsiderate.

      This is absolutely the guys responsibility to buy.

      • If people from a forum where it's all about bargains and cheap items, if even those people are calling your boyfriend cheap, then you know it's time for a new boyfriend. That is the lowest low any one can hit. Before you dump him though, take a birth control pill, and do buy a condom next time and make a hole in it with a pin. Then after s*x, tell him that condom leaked. Call him few weeks later and say you are pregnant, but you don't want abortion. That will teach him a lesson.

        • Make sure you take the pill for at least a week first to be effective

        • Yeah, that's a great plan.

          Take "a" birth control pill, which will be totally ineffective unless you've been taking for more than a month (and even then it is not 100% effective), then expose yourself to who knows what from the split condom of a guy you're going to dump.

          What a stupid idea.

    • If he was an Ozbargainer, he would have gotten a GOOD DEAL!

      1. How can ozbargainers call someone else cheap? Wouldn't a saver be a more compatible partner?
      2. It takes two to tango. You both enjoy the sex (I assume) therefore it is a logical argument to say that the price should be shared. This would include the pill too.

      My point, don't suggest axing a guy in what may be a perfectly good relationship over sharing costs on a website for cheapskates.

      Sorry for my first post being so negative.

      • understand we all seem quick to judge.
        But I am judging! It's one thing to thing something like that but to say it out loud to someone you've only been dating for a few months says to me he isnt that concerned about how it will seem or come across to her and he doesnt value her enough as a woman and his partner.
        You know those signs you have while dating and at the end of the breakup you just wish you'd broken up back then? Well I hope this sign isnt in vain for this chickie.

      • You have to understand that if you look at the timestamp, they are really random as in some people wrote things after someone has replied to another person's post. If you have a read through, then you will see where some of the comments are coming from.

      • Are you the boyfriend? :P

  • this thread has made my day.

  • If he doesn't want to pay for condoms imagine if you lived together and you had actual expenses, if he is having sex with you he should at least pay for the condoms.

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      agree that condoms should be purchased by the guy and could also be used as a judge of character but your justification is stupid.

      you make it sound like the guy should be grateful and not something both of you enjoy.

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      … if he is having sex with you he should AT LEAST pay for the condoms…

      HA HA… What an idiotic analogy! Since female provides the vagina, the male should AT LEAST pay for the condoms!

      • she's definitely not having sex too? Only the dude?
        I always used to buy the condoms but then I do the "manly" (sexist) stuff around her house too.
        I just pick and dump a pack in her grocery basket and she does give me the look, but I think that means "you horny f&^^" :-D
        If we can share cab charges, drinks, food then whats the big deal about condoms.

    • If you don't leave him now, he will start splitting toilet rolls with you.

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    Just offer to go halfsies if it's that much of an issue for his wallet??? Although might cause some problems when you have to tape the two halves back together again. ;)

    You could of course offer to help save money by reducing sex by 50% , and you may find he discovers some cash in his mattress that he had forgotten about.

  • LMAO he should have bought these when they were on special…. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/166912

  • Nah, he's not an ozbargainer. He buys condoms from Coles at full price and now whinging about how it costs $1 per condom. He said I am asking for too much sex, and each time we have sex it costs him $1.

    But he doesn't mind spending his money on booze.

  • What the? That's just not on, if my girlfriend's giving me sex I'll buy her anything not whingeing about a pack of condom. Intimacy with a partner is well worth more than a pack of condom IMHO.

  • Find a guy who knows how to treat you well.
    I never ask my girl pay for anything.
    I think you're not asking the right question.

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    wtf? $1 is too expensive? you definitely need to find someone better

    • He spends at least $100 on alcohol every weekend and complains about $1 condom.

      • buy a case of beer, and sell it to him at $6 a bottle. then use that money for condoms!

      • He is telling you where you rate. Would not be hard to find someone better than this surely?

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        tell him to poke it into the bottles he seems to love so much

      • If he thinks $1 per condom is expensive he should see how expensive it gets when you don't use one

        (says the father of four beautiful and very wanted children)

  • No… Just… No…