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Power Bank 5600mah & 2 Portable Door Locks - $20 - ONLY 40 at this price- Free Shipping in AU


Hi Guys,
We have just 40 of these 5600mah power banks left. They make a great stocking filler and with this deal you get to fill 3 stockings at once. The Qicklock Portable Door Lock needs no introduction and we are giving you not one but two of these in this great deal. Check out the 2600mah Power Bank deal while you are there. Limited stock of these as well.
Just remember these chargers are great for emergency use while you are out and about, giving you a boost until you can plug your device into a fixed power source. Thank you all again for your support and we wish you a Merry Christmas and have let Santa know that most of you have been good this year!! :)

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    Wait, a cool door lock tool selling powerbanks for $20 and giving away the qicklocks, or selling their locks for $20 and giving away cheap wholesale $10 batteries?

    I'm surprised they can fit that much charge in such tiny space. They're probably only 3000mAh at most. I'd need to see evidence.

    They'd have to be heavy, how much do they weigh OP?


    website doesnt load up…


    thanks; they will come in handy on my next trip


    That powerbank is probably only worth $10


    I think those qicklocks need an introduction, I've never heard of them and I'm not actually seeing how they work from those pictures…looks like they would just fall to the ground when someone opened the door.

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      Hi nmartin84, We have had a few deals on here that lots of
      oz bargainers have taken advantage of. That's why I didn't introduce them! My apologies. If you go onto our website and click on the video on the home page you will see how they work. The pin is inserted into the opening on the plate and slides into place fitting so that when someone tries to open the door it pushes against the pin and holds it closed. We have sold many thousands of them and had a lot of great feedback. Great for hotel rooms, bedrooms, some toilets etc… Hope this helps introducing the locks!


      I bought a couple of these a few years back. They are actually quite effective and simple to use. They'd probably break the door-frame before they'd damage these if someone tried to break in.


    These quiklocks are great. Youtube it. I have one. Love it and comes in handy.

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