expired Telstra's Unbelievable Offer - $59 Phone & Broadband


This offer sounds too good to be true: $59.95/monthly for 1.5Mb/s ADSL and home phone/line rental with the price guaranteed for the 24 months of the contract. There's a 12GB download (or usage) limit, which she called "effectively unlimited". Local calls are 10 cents, $1 for untimed STD calls.

There's a Whirlpool thread with more details here: http://tinyurl.com/yr7q57

Hannah from their WA call centre called the plan the Telstra Defender; it's their answering salvo to Optus's $69 offer. Sounds tempting… however I was mildly concerned that she had me living in Victoria (I'm in Hobart).

She said the plan details would be posted soon on Telstra's website.

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    i dont think this is the appropriate place for this?


    "effectively unlimited" is the key here - Historically telstra are good at charging astronomical excess usage fees. And theyre more than happy to charge for uploads (where most other ISPs dont).
    Let me just say I've yet to see a "good deal" from Telstra…


    I'm paying $5 more for an ADSL2+ connection from an independent ISP with Telstra line rental, 10G down, 10G up and 10G of data from local sources..in Telstra's language that's 30G.
    There is no sentence that can honestly fit the words "Telstra" and "Good Value" unless you also squeeze in a "not" in front of the "Good Value" statement.


    Well. Maybe not inappropriate, but will I pay $59/month for a 1.5Mbit/sec 12GB download+upload plan from Telstra? No way.

    Currently I am paying $60/month to Exetel. ADSL2+ speed (sync at 11Mbps down/900kbps up for me), 6GB download during peek hours (12pm-12am), lots of download during off-peak hours (can't seem to remember the "limit of the month" is. 40GB?), phone line included with Optus, and a static IP that I can run my mail server on. VoIP so 10c untimed to all major capitals. Beat that Telstra…


    So Telstra is slowly coming to the party… They're always the last! :)

    I'm not changing until naked broadband comes in and I can then just dump the home phone



    Whoa hangon, this is an offer that is better than their current deals. it also includes line rental. I think it's a deal that should stand on its merits and just because historically Telstra has charged higher prices doesn't mean it should be voted down.

    Its like saying get 50% off a bottle of Coca Cola is a bad deal, as even with 50% off its 50% more than a generic cola.

    I can't get adsl2 in my area so just because others can doesn't stop this deal. Some cant even get the deals offered by the independents because they wont play outside of the bigger markets - they cherry pick only the largest.

    Will I take this up - nope!! because I have my own good deal and like Scotty I use VOIP. I voted + to offset the - which seems to be relalted to a dislike of Telstra (which I also dislike) rather than the deal found.

    So how about watching the negative votes - use them when something is fundamentally wrong. In other cases just don't vote.


    where is the link? I can't see it when I click on the picture. Will it be on there soon?

    Also I believe this is a good deal. Seeing is we pay $25 a month for line rental already. So the ADSL is like $35 for 1.5Mbit and 12Gb download. That could be good enough for some people - certainly for me on my quiet months.

    And 10c phone calls :) Telstra seems to be changing their act slightly.


    I cant get ADSL in my area cause I am on somthing called a pair-gains line (mainly thanks to Telstra).

    he only provider that can offer me broadband is Telstra via cable.

    So would be interested if this were cable internet.


    I wouldnt use telstra if you paid me… but this is actually a semi decent deal for people who dont use the internet a whole lot but want it fast when they do, 12 gig traffic is really low, but still… a lot of people wont use over 2 gig of traffic so no worries, and if your not torrenting, who cares if they count upload,
    also… the cheap calls, pretty good if u make lotsa locals, my mum might use this one, i wouldnt
    who would have thought… telstra with a good deal… crazy


    It's a good deal for now but describing a 24-month contract as a "price guarantee" is a nasty bit of spin.

    Just because ISPs have reduced the value of their plans recently doesn't mean the long-term trend of falling prices won't continue. I wouldn't want to be locked into something that seems good today only to find a year later that ADSL2 has finally become available at my exchange, or with many months left on my contract competing ISPs have begun offering better deals.

    I mean, wouldn't this be nice situation to be in - cough a fortune to get out of the contract, or deal with being stuck on 1.5Mbps for another year while your neighbours are raving about their up-to-24Mbps speeds.

    The only situation in which I'd consider this deal is if I were more than 4-5 km from the exchange and sure I wouldn't be moving house for at least 2 years.


    I learned about this new Telstra deal today when they cold-called me. The plan's $10/month cheaper than my current AAPT 512kbs bundle - triple the speed, but $10 less. What's wrong with that?

    Was it an introductory offer? No, it was fixed for 24 months. This cuts both ways: if you think it's a good deal, then you've got it for two years. Hannah (the saleswoman) was very keen to sign me up. No, she couldn't mail me anything but she said there'd be details "shortly" on the telstra.com website.

    Some of the comments posted here seem unfairly anti-Telstra, particularly as it's a better deal than usual from them.


    Just my personal dislike. My girlfriend uses Telstra for her ADSL at home. There are so many hidden costs and the ADSL was just not stable at all (and slow). It may be a better deal but I still dont recommend Telstra for your ADSL provider.


    I wonder if Telstra will let me break with my current contract to go onto this deal. I've basically got the same thing, except paying the "package" price of $69.95 (Bigpond "unlimited") + $29.95 (Homeline Plus). I never go over the data limit anyway, although I wonder whether the loss of 50 free local calls per month would result in me getting the same bill each month as I'm getting today anyway.

    I'd be interested to see the specifics of this deal once it's out. Nothing on the website as yet…


      I too had a telstra plan "guaranteed for the 24 months" (I like the spin) - couldnt update to the better plans that were released a few months later. Never again…

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