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FREE: Coke, Drumstick, V, Freddo + More - NightOwl Summer FestivOwl App (QLD, NSW & VIC Only)


Simply download the NightOwl app available for both ios and Android, login using Facebook or an email address and spin the wheel to win.

Every spin wins and some of the current potential freebies include:

Frostbite (Frozen Coke)
Coca-Cola 250ml
V 250 Gnarly
4N20 Pie
Drumstick Icecream
Caramello Koala
Freddo Frog
Water 600ml
Cool Ridge Sparkling Berry 500ml
Barista Bros Iced Coffee 500ml
Bundaberg Drinks range 375ml
Dare Iced Coffee 500ml

Promotion is running until March and you can spin every day so enjoy :)

EDIT: You have to claim the prize within one hour of spinning. If you don't claim within that time the prize is reset and you can just spin again. If you do claim the prize you are locked out until the next day before you can win again.

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    Looks good!

    Store locations


    First spin, won a 4n20 pie. YOU HAVE ONE HOUR AFTER THE SPIN TO GET INTO A STORE!!!

    I hit 'redeem' to get it out of my phone because I've got work to do, but pretty cool app (not that I wanted a offal pie).

    • +1 vote

      I'll add the one hour to claim condition to the main post. Also if you don't redeem within that time you can spin again straight away so have another crack after work!


    trying to register, but its taking forever to load. anyone having the same issue.

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    Nsw, qld and vic only


      Perhaps this could be added at the top of the main post OP?

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        Yep have added to the title


    Can you search by state going through the list doesn't seem to be many stores in Victoria?


      Unfortunately there aren't too many stores in Vic however there is one on Collins St:

      G11 McPhersons' Building, 546-566 Collins Street VIC 3000

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    Looks like a great deal.

    Unfortunately there are no stores anywhere near Sydney.


    I have trouble with this app occasionally, locks up on Android. Also a couple weeks ago someone was playing with notifications:

    Milk and bread for $5

    Have been using this app for a while, also I now work at a Night Owl, happy to answer any Qs!


    Thank you1!

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    We downloaded this app on mine, husband and kids phones and each device keeps spinning the same prize every hour. My husband keeps spinning - buy a sandwich and get a free bottle of water, I keep getting a free bottle of water and my daughter keeps getting a slushee.

    Does the app continue to spin the same prize every hour until it is claimed?

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    In the beginning I won a couple of different things, but for the last few weeks, all this app spins for me is free frostbites!!


    Like one store in the entirety of Victoria.

    FINALLY Victoria misses out!!


    We keep getting slushies. Has anyone won anything different lately?