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Domino's - Any Pizza $6.95 Each Pickup (Online) + Other Codes


Any Pizza (Online Orders) - $6.95 pickup Code: 400185
Any Pizza (Phone or Walk In) - $7.95 pickup Code: 704749
Extra Value Pizzas - $5.95 pickup Code: 352390
Triple Deal - Any 3 pizzas + sides $32.95 delivered Code: 579604

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  • $2.95 surcharge for chicken/prawn.

    • Sometimes you can avoid this in online orders by choosing a pizza that has something you don't like/care about and modifying it by removing that ingredient and swapping it for chicken or prawn.

      It takes some experimenting, but I usually start with a meatlovers and remove the beef balls and add seasoned chicken, no surcharge.

      The Supreme is a good one for experimenting because you can remove lots of junk and swap in a couple of things you like.

      • My usual is a Supreme with the ground dirt I mean err ground beef replaced with red onion. When they use to use spanish olives I use to add them and wear the surcharge but as authentic as kalamata olives are on a pizza Dominoes now seems to use olives that taste like….well lets just say awful and leave it at that.

        Oh and their game changer and pizza mogul stunts were/are just nuts. Still the pizza is nice and not as oily as Pizza Hut, at least from my local store.

        • I usually order the supreme less the ground beef and italian saussage and then add prawns and anchovies.

      • You are a legend! Thanks :)

  • Aren't extra value pizzas $4.95 normally? Your voucher says $5.05

  • Great timing - Thanks!

  • Have had too many pizza over the last four months…. Thanks to ozbargainers for the previous code. :D

  • Bought a 4.95 pizza via the normal app tonight, thin base crust ham n cheese. Was delish

    1. Use code.
    2. Order peri peri beef from traditional range.
    3. Remove pepperoni and beef.
    4. Add duck and seasoned chicken.
      Now you got peri peri duck and chicken pizza for $6.95.
  • Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP

  • For anyone else that likes Chicken.

    Chicken Hawaiian

    Remove smoked leg ham
    Remove pineapple
    Add ground chicken
    Add ground chicken

    Comes to $6.95 with code and should have 3 x chicken on it.