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Yamaha HPH MT 220 Headphones @ COTD for $130


This is the cheapest I could find for this piece. This has some of the best reviews for a studio quality headphone. Sells in amazon.com for twice as much. Go for it.

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    If only it was $79 again :( but neverless its still a great price.


    got this pair for $70.00 last time they were on sale at COTD, really happy with the purchase.

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    You had me until I saw the previous price people got them for.
    Sounds silly I know but impulse buys are.

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    I paid around $250 - rrp for these, they are worth it and shouldn't be discounted, unlike that POS beats shit. Great price, you pricks don't deserve such an awesome bargain.


    Got these for $80 last time. They'd be worth the $250 RRP. For $80 it's probably my bargain of the year.

    So yeah, still worth $130 if you missed out. They're kinda uncomfortable after wearing them for a long time though.


    I've been tracking CotD's price on these for the past month and I'll bite when they go on sale again (if I can wait that long… I'd buy it now if I didn't know about the $70 sale).

    I'm also checking every day for the past week to see if it's been added to the 20% off boxing day sale they have on (The Pro 500 was added last night).

    There's a couple of mods you can do to these headphones to suit your tastes. Adding cork to the insides and thickening the pads to make the drivers sit a little further away.


    Hang on! This deal is not expired.

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    Just received delivery of these. Immediately more comfortable than the Audio Technica ATM50 and a much better sound. These are twice the headphones that the ATM50 are. They are probably 70-80% of the headphones that my Sony MDR 7520 are. Might be a useful reference to someone.


    Got mine this morning and I'm very impressed with it. Well, that's a given since I'm coming from a cheap no-brand headphones off ebay so music-wise it's a massive upgrade. It makes me want to test other great headphones and compare.

    Plugging it into my Yamaha receiver and playing the trailer for Star Wars ep 7 was a thrilling ride. I think I had the volume up a bit too much because it made me look around to see if there was a minor earth tremor or if my subwoofer was being used.

    Now to find some 5.1 sound clips and test out the Silent Cinema (virtual surround) headphone function of the reciever.