Logitech RMA - Buyer Beware

Hi All,

Just wanted to let everyone know how Logitech's T & C's are designed for their own benefit and does not service the consumer.

I received a Logitech G602 as a gift at the start of 2014. The gift was among several others and I do not know who gave it to me.
This mouse was released in 2013/14 and carries 3 year warranty.

The middle button of the scroll wheel has stopped working so I contacted Logitech for RMA.
They refused RMA as no receipt.I argued that it was a gift and well within the warranty period. They grabbed the serial number of the mouse so could also check manufacturing date/pushed out to market but common sense did not prevail.

I was not happy with the outcome so lodged case with Fair Trading. I was advised that Logitech are well within their rights to refuse warranty replacement inspite of agreeing to my case. They also advised they monitor such Vendor practices but cannot do anything presently.

Now, I dont frankly care about a $50 mouse, but morally and principally its is wrong Logitech!

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    do you even understand what your rights are when returning a item to the manufacturer ?
    most people believe its a replace/repair/refund, but you don't have those options when returning to manufacturer, they are only obligated to refund the purchase price less depreciation , that's why they need the receipt, most CHOOSE to repair/replace but that's not a obligation, this is why they need the receipt.

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        not sure you even read my comment.

        you have no way to prove what you paid for it, part of the warranty states you need proof of purchase, how can they refund you when they have no clue what you paid for the product 1 year ago, you could have gotten it with a bundle , 50% off discount,clearance, back of a truck or whatever…

        its nice when a company just replaces a product without proof of purchase and just the serial number, but they dont have to do it… and it does not make them a bad company if they choose not to…

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          again , you did not read mine , you are not entitled to a repair or refund from the manufacturer, like i have already said… only a refund…

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          I feel you don't understand the purpose of terms and conditions - they exist solely for the interests of the business. Sorry you didn't get the replacement you wanted, but without a receipt I don't think anyone can rationally disagree with that.

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          @ilsan: If you were dealing with the retailer it would be different, but this is a manufacturer's warranty. They are NOT obligated to refund you as a retailer would be, especially if you don't have the receipt.

          Your best bet is to contact whoever gave you the gift, if possible, and ask where they purchased it, or something like that. Complaining about logitech is not the right thing to do here.

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    Most manufacturers and stores would ask you for a proof of purchase before allowing warranty returns, it's well within their rights to. How do they know you didn't purchase stolen stuff? Or you didn't steal it?

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      What about gift?
      No consideration there?

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        "How do they know you didn't purchase stolen stuff? Or you didn't steal it?"

        If you can't be bothered to find out who gave you the item and get a receipt then why should they be bothered to fix it?

        And if you can't be bothered to find a receipt, why do you think your problem is worth wasting our public holiday trying to help you?

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          We try to help each other here.

          You really can’t make a few calls/emails to try to find the giver? How do you know it's not a grey import, factory second, stolen or a counterfeit then? After all, you said they rejected you claim after checking the barcode.

          You wrote on a public space to promote discussion about your issue. I replied because you ignored JLove's sound advice by responding with irrelevant questions.

          It suck’s your mouse broke. If you can’t get it fixed I hope you find a good deal on a replacement.

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        Do you have proof that it was a gift? Do you expect them to take every word you say?

        • No I dont but its a legitimate product with serial under warranty.

          How does one prove it was a gift?

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    It is up to you to keep your records for warranty purposes, even if it is a gift. I am surprised at this thread and that you would go as far as lodging something with fair trading when you haven't done the basics. How are they to know if the mouse under warranty without proof of purchase??

    I have actually found logitech support to be amazing. Never had to RMA anything but a few times I had problems the staff were really helpful and knowledgeable.

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      I completely agree with this guy, I had to RMA my g700 mouse twice and g930 headset once and other than it taking a long time (1-2 months I think) everything was smooth, replies were quick and I receive new unopened items each time (as in they replaced instead of fixed the items). Hell last time I did my mouse they upgraded it to the g700s (my current mouse) because they stopped making the g700

    • It's good to hear you had a good experience. You used to need to contact them on facebook to get slightly difficult returns fixed (like EOPl products).

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    Yeah hate to say it but it's your own fault warranty requires a receipt always has as far as i know.

  • Just tried the middle wheel button on my Logitech mouse and nothing happened. Suspect a software issue with it?

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    It seems your hardware is ok OP… software issue apparently?


    "Logitech support just notified me that my Bluetooth V270 mouse is not compatible with Win7. Wow. Just Wow. My only issue is that the scroll wheel doesn’t work. Latest beta SetPoint doesn’t even recognize the mouse as being installed in spite of it working otherwise. It’s a MOUSE for crying out loud. And the V270 only has the normal two buttons!"

    • Cheers, I will look into it.
      Strange the logitech Rep did not advise anything in relation to software.

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        The CSA's of most businesses rarely have much product knowledge and even less of a genuine interest about your problem. Such is life :-)
        Their only interest is to terminate your call as a completed task asap.

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    Now, I dont frankly care about a $50 mouse, but morally and principally its is wrong Logitech!

    Not really, there's a reason why a receipt is required.

    Firstly, if they choose to refund you, how would they know how much you actually paid.

    Secondly, how would they know that it's still within the warranty period? Perhaps in this case, it's clear cut, because the mouse was released so late, but as I'm sure you can imagine, there are many cases where it could well be ambiguous.

    Thirdly, how do they even know you bought the product without a receipt?

    I think it's completely fair and reasonable, and you know that - receipts are important.

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      I disagree.

      If a product was manufactured less than 3 years ago - and it had a 3 year warranty - it must be under warranty.

      You answered your own question there - how would they know? — "It's clear cut"

      I had a G9X mouse and the wheel stopped working and had logitech replace it without a receipt.

      It was a long time ago but I'm certain I had to email / call them.

      I have successfully claimed various items this way without digging up a receipt - a Toshiba Laptop is one example and a Sandisk SSD another.

      It's clear OP doesn't want a refund but just wants a working mouse - so no need to talk about original purchase price.

      I'm surprised fair trading did not rule in your favour (or did but couldn't do anything about it)

      Either way - from memory Logitech products are always replacement warranty (from the hundreds of claims I have had to do for customers) but don't quote me on that not sure if it has changed. They really should just give you a new mouse and take back the old one.

      The serial number will clearly tell them if it's AU stock etc.

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        i kinda disagree with the crowd here

        its 2015 and we still need to keep A4 pieces of paper or heat sensitive receipts to prove we bought something???

        we've accepted that for some items, we dont need a receipt, eg. hard drives so why is it companies dick you over on a $50 item?

        i'll give you an example of great customer support

        i bought a corsair product, i emailed their support, gave back the serial number off the item, sent it back on my coin (i'm happy to do this) and they sent me back a replacement

        how is this not the norm? i will sing corsair's praise forever because they made a bad incident easy to resolve

        i'm sorry but Logitech are screwing someone out of a $50 warranty and engendering negative publicity… for a mouse that cost them $5 to make! they could have even deferred costs and asked OP to pay for shipping etc. and that wouldnt be so bad

        why a paper trail in 2015?

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          The norm you described is great customer service, not the law. Just because one or two merchants are willing to bend over for you, doesn't mean others see rewuired to too, although it would be nice.

          engendering negative publicity

          I don't think so.

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          i generally wouldnt piss on logitech given their lovely support of people who buy their $250 wheels…

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        Many manufacturers give retailers price breaks, credits or refunds. If a retailer's product has been returned, then any price break, credit or refund should also be returned to the manufacturer.

        Although many manufacturers know which serial numbers went to which store, it is hard to find out if a certain device was part of such a deal without a receipt.

        Some manufacturers are in the position where they can ware that loss. Others aren't.

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      Mate, it was a gift.
      I didnt ask for money back.

      I love the mouse, I just wanted a working version.

      • Mate, it was a gift.

        Same argument still applies - there's no proof of purchase.

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      Released date

      Comes with 3 yr warranty so clear cut its under warranty.
      I did not ask for money back.

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    Logitech is getting worse. Well it's a good brand maybe 5 or 10 years ago but now it's problematic.

    I owned couple of Logitech mouses and they (>=3) stopped working (the click button was faulty, but I never played games), I had no problem at all with other vendors, like Microsoft.

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      Quite the opposite here… found Microsoft to not be as durable or perform as well as Logitech mice & k/b's… Each to their own :-)

      • Well, might be different story.

        However, my Logitech mouses did not stop functioning, the click buttons were just became double click. Never had any problem with Microsoft, even rapoo, which I would not recommend to my friends due to its poor design for scroll button (my Rapoo 1090 mouse is still going strong after 3 years).

        My Unifying KB from Logitech was just got disconnected all of sudden. I tried to pair the device with their own software but had no luck.

        Just my own opinion.

        • Microsoft is a different story. Their products are stodgy IMO but they get around customer service by being 100% reliable AND of course, one cannot beat their software support.

          Microsoft is a better hardware company than a software company.

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          I have had double click problems on a few logitech devices. I've found that on my faulty devices the physical buttons are at the very end of the plastic mouse button and the plastic had become bendy.

          By placing my hand completely over the mouse I stopped having double click issues (both of my mice were out of warranty when this problem occurred). One mouse is still in use 3 years after the problem manifested itself.

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    I've had two incidents with Logitech warranty claims in the past and I was not happy on both occasions.

    The first incident was similar to the OP's experience. I wanted to RMA a mouse, which had three years warranty and was released a year ago, but I don't have the receipt. Logitech refused to remedy the fault. Apparently the warranty is for the piece of paper.

    The second incident is for a 5.1 channel speaker, which died one month after the manufacturer warranty period. The subwoofer fuse was blown when I turned on the power supply, which rendered the controller unoperational (although individual speakers still work if I use an third party amp). Logitech argues that they do not supply individual parts, and since it is out of warranty they will not help me. I could have argued for the statutory warranty, but decided instead to take my loss and never buy from Logitech again.

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    Logitech is hands down the worst company I have ever dealt with in terms of customer support. Purchased a G700 mouse about 2 years ago (3 year warranty). Mouse started double clicking earlier this year (around April), after a pointless back and forth exchange, they said they'd be happy to replace it, but I must send the defective part first.

    I argued that this would not be reasonable as I need a mouse to use my computer and my previous experience with their customer support is that everything takes a long time to be resolved. No go, so I caved and reluctantly sent the mouse in.

    [Edit] I argued this point as I've had another Logitech mouse fail on me, in that instance, they sent me a new one first and then asked for the old one to be posted back to them, which I thought was a nice touch.

    They acknowledged that it was received. No communication for around 3 months. Called them up, they said, and I quote "changed systems, so we lost your warranty claim". More back and forth rubbish, then they decided they can't replace it, so a refund is the best way forward. It's now January (The mouse was sent in May), and I have no mouse nor money from them.

    TLDR; Sent in a mouse in May, they lost my warranty claim, then said they'd send me a refund, it's now January and I have neither.

    • yep, logitech is a giant pile of shit company for quite some time

      they used to be ok but now? nah… esp. with MS cashback

  • Had a similar ordeal with Samsung. Lost the receipt for my TV and the base of the unit decided to give in by itself one day. The TV was still functional and all I requested for was a replacement base however was told to bugger off as I couldn't provide POD.

    On the bright side, I replaced it with a Panasonic and have never looked back.

    A tip - try posting on their Facebook page, as I've found that you receive much better and faster replies via social media.

    • cheers, will give it a go.

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    I actually got my G500 replaced with no issues. The mouse was 1.5 years old and the scrollwheel started to screw up. So I contacted PCCG first, was then told I need an RMA number from Logi.

    I bought it from PCCG online so there was no physical receipt, but there was a record of when it was purchased and shipped on the PCCG website. I simply screen shotted that page and sent all the details to Logitech. Logitech tech support guy then asked me for serials on the mouse.

    After exchanging some details, and then contacting PCCG and quoting the RMA number, they promptly sent me a new G500 mouse.

    • Lucky you had the receipt.

      • The person who bought you the gift, ask them where they bought the item from, then go back to the store and get the receipt reprinted.

        I work in retail — we keep the receipts stored in a database if the customer has lost it.

        • Can they print receipts based on serial or you need to provide date of purchase?

        • I dunno. It depends on the software.

          The software I use requires two fields at the very least (date range, name of the purchaser if paid using VISA/AMEX, SKU number, transaction types are amongst some options) to narrow it down (otherwise you will get ALOT of search results, will be hard to find.

        • @scrimshaw:

          Yeah I dont know. too much running around to get it swapped IMO.
          Will just get another mouse. I want my middle click back.

  • Im having the exact same problem with my logitech G600 mouse, except sometimes middle click works, sometimes it doesnt (maybe 30% of the time).

    Dreading getting it RMAd

    • yeah and the middle click is so useful.
      I miss it heaps :(

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    Looks like OP is in the grey here for not having the receipt but I also want to chip in on my experiences with disappointing Logitech warranty.
    1) Dinovo Edge keyboard - metal wrist rest peeling off - would not replace.
    2) G19 - one of the keyboard feet broke - would not replace since it had been superseded by the G19S.
    3) Dinovo keyboard for Notebooks - USB dongle stopped working - could not source even though I offered to pay for it.

    In all three cases I still had warranty and yet I might as well have found it in the dump with the after sales service I got.

    • +1

      1) they may have considered it wear and tear possibly or it could of even be considered damage on your end. (from their perspective)

      2) did they offer to fix? Refund?

      3) yeah those receivers are a batch… Good thing the new keyboards and mouse use the same unifying receiver

      • +1

        1) Possibly, although I can promise you it was already like that when I got it. I only decided to (try to) RMA it when it got even worse.
        2) They straight up told me no. Wish I had a 3D printer so I can make one myself.
        3) Yeah it's a damn shame. It was actually my favourite wireless keyboard. I only bought the Edge because I thought it would be better but it wasn't.

    • 3) What was the time period between buying the KB and trying to get a new dongle?

      • Don't remember the exact dates but I'm sure it was within a year. I believe their excuse was that it was EOL hence tough luck.

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    I have a logitech G500 which stopped working about a week after receiving it. They said it's within warranty and would replace it, all I had to do was send it to the store I bought from (mwave) and they would ship me a new one.

    It's been almost 2 years and I still haven't sent it… wonder if they will still replace it?

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    Why on earth are people dealing directly with the manufacturer in a country with Australia's retail consumer protection laws? Makes absolutely no sense. Manufacturers are not bound by any legal warranties or guarantees unless THEY choose to be bound by them in the warranties they include with the product. Retailers/Vendors, on the other hand, are legally required to provide a statutory warranty.

    Stop pissing around with the manufacturer, talk to the person who gave you the gift, and return the product to the original store/chain it was bought from. Logitech will not give 2 shits about you, they deal with companies, not individuals. The warranty they provide just allows the retailer to claim the cost back from them.

    • nvm

    • In his first post he explained that he did not know who gave it to him.

      As for dealing with the retailer… true, that is who is responsible and who to go to if you still have the receipt. Sometimes even that results in zero assistance too. I had a problem with a under 2 y/o failed Panasonic TV and the retailer Harvey Norman was not interested at all. The only way I got anything done was by contacting Panasonic directly, and even that was a real pain and purposely designed to be so.

    • +1

      "Manufacturers are not bound by any legal warranties or guarantees unless THEY choose to be bound by them in the warranties they include with the product."

      this is flat out complete nonsense

      in fact if you've bought any computer product you'll get a slip of paper inside telling you as much

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    There was a very simple solution for you, simply buy the identical mouse, and use that receipt for warranty. Sure its not morally right, but at least you had options.

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    This thread need to be locked, we have a troll that seems to be the centre of his own world.

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    In Ireland at the moment and when you purchase anything they ask if you want a gift receipt as well. This is the same as the normal receipt but minus the price. You can then give the receipt with the gift so people can return if needed. Won't help the OP but it's a great idea.

    • +1

      That's a great idea! Hope it comes here

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    I have had no end of problems trying to return a G700 mouse. It has been going on since May 2014. It was only 9 months old when a few of the buttons stopped working. The latest event in this saga is that Logitech do not want to refund me the GST that I paid for the mouse.

    I will NEVER purchase another Logitech product again.

  • Thank you for all your comments.
    Mod could you please close this?

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    Title should say "Always get a receipt"

    OP lost at Fair Trading and Ozbargain moral court.

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