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30pk of 375ml Pepsi Cans for $12 at Woolworths (Keilor East, VIC)


Mum told me to get the 30pk of cans for $12 at our local Woolies on the way home. Went down the usual drink aisle but the only ones I could find where the regular 12pk 1/2 off listed in the catalogue. But hidden along the back wall near the toilet paper are 4 pallets or more of 30pk Pepsi varieties. Mainly Pepsi Max, but about half a pallet of Solo and Lemonade as well. According to the manager they ordered too much so they're selling it cheap.

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  • Spotted at Northland also

  • Fairly sure I paid $10 for a 24 pack at BigW this week so if your woolies doesnt have the 30s the price is still pretty good.

  • It's $13 online, for the lazy types.

  • According to your receipt, it a $3 saving…

  • Was this price a few weeks back up here on the coast. Next to it was coke at 2x24 for $34. Pepsi was a better deal by miles.

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      Pepsi was a better deal by miles.

      Not if you prefer the taste of Coke…

      • I guess. Coke has a saltier taste to me. Pepsi next is what I like at the moment.

        And when one is half the price of the other I think the cheaper one tastes better :)

  • 40c per can. Nice.

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    It's $8 for 30 cans (26.6c a can) at Woolworths @ Carnegie North. exp 10 Jun 2015.


    That's handy, hopefully they'll have some left on Monday when I visit Mum who lives in East Keilor…otherwise it's a long drive from where I live(Perth)..

  • $9 at Wheelers hill vic