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3D Surround Sound USB 2.0 for $2 Shipped @ Shopping Square


Saw one similar deal looks expired now so here is this one for $1 .

Plug and Play USB 2.0, No driver required
Supports 3D sound (Ac-3) Stereo sound trackVirtual speaker shifter
work for window 98/xp/2000/vista/7 and Mac

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    What a bargain originally priced at $24.95

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    Thanks! None of the computers/laptops I buy these days have soundcards… Lifesaver!

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    $0.5 here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/178526 and they look the same. Any difference?

    • The one you linked is out of stock?

    • Price in usd and out of stock.

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    I don't know, I rather spend my $2 coin on this, than giving to some strangers who asking coin at bus stop.

  • This can be bought on eBay anytime for the same price but at least its from a reliable supplier:

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    Works for me.

    I bought a mid range used laptop from the recycling centre with no sound for $5!

  • What's '3D' sound?

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    $1.22 on eBay but from Hong Kong if you dont mind the wait.

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    I bought the same one from Msy for $2 in store a year ago, they work, but break easily because they are a rigid device in a USB socket. If you use a USB extender they may last longer, or you could just buy one on ebay with a short built in cable.

    And I don't believe you can actually get 3d sound out of a simple 2.5 mm headphone socket, can any one enlighten me?

    • I believe 3D is feasible, as no matter how many speakers you put in the room, we have only two ears.

  • No Windows 8 support?

    • "No driver required" means that it should work on any operating system with built-in USB support.

      Similar when you buy a USB extension cable and it says compatible with windoze xp/vista/7

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