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USB 2.0 Sound Card with Mic & Earphone Jacks USD $0.39 Shipped @Geekbuying.com


Hello to everyone, please, check the new deal at Geekbuying.
This one is for USB 2.0 external Sound Card with Mic & Earphone jacks.

This small but sometimes useful item can be now bought for only USD $0.39 with free shipping.
Please note that the quantity is limited. When the goods run out of stock, the status will be displayed on the item page.

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  • How can it be cheaper than posting a letter to someone down the street?

    • +7 votes

      You know sometimes shops make similar deals with a limited quantity of small items for a very low price just to attract more customers :)
      I can only assure you that the deal is real and the item is still in stock.

    • +1 vote

      I have/had three of these from years back, but they look to be identical to these. So useful they hit the trash…

      Simply put: they're trash. Sound quality is terrible, if they work at all. You'd be much better off buying the ASUS Xonar U3 is you need a reliable and decent USB sound card (w/ amp and TOSLINK out also)

      Even at 40c, it's just promoting waste. I recommend spending the coin for something quality, or don't buy at all. These will disappoint!

  • +2 votes

    bought one, thanks!

  • I am trying to find a valid purpose. All laptops nowadays have sound cards, what are people buying and using these for? It's cheap but is there any practical purpose to own one in 2015?

    Is anyone buying it because it's cheaper than 1m of audio extension cable? lol (ie PC's with back inputs only)

    Convince me and I'll probably buy one :)

    • +6 votes

      You only pay 50 AUcents.

      • I know, and usually that's enough reason. Trust me I have a box full of $0.00 - 0.50 goodies behind me. But the box is full and I'd potentially have to buy a bigger box.

    • MacBook Pro 15" Retina doesn't have line in. For 50c, this will come in handy!

      • Interesting, I did not know that. Although I don't really know anything about Mac's.

      • Nor does the 13", or the Air, but you can get a CTIA splitter (3.5mm CTIA to 3.5mm line in and 3.5mm line out). It's a better solution IMO - your internal sound card would be a lot better than a $0.50 external USB one.

    • Backup just in case the built in audio dies? (are dedicated sound cards a new thing for laptops these days? (i dont have one personally speaking) )

      • Sorry when I said "laptops have sound cards" I meant, laptops have integrated sound on their motherboards, not dedicated. Probably the high end gaming ones do. A poor choice of words on my part.

        Okay yeah that's a decent reason. Audio death, I don't think it's ever happened to me but $0.50 insurance policy… (basically you are a hoarder like me!)

        Well, I think I'm sold.

    • My headphones have split audio and mic plugs, and my laptop only has a combined audio/mic jack. This lets me use both at once.

    • +4 votes

      It provides an extra mic input for podcasting etc.

      Also, if you have the skills you can plug one into one of those $20 WiFi routers and build yourself a WiFi radio.

      • Wow, I love the OzBargain mindset. +1 for this

        I incidentally have one of those $19 WiFi modems too. Wifi radio business is above my level but great to hear another use for it :)

    • Some laptop sound cards have white noises. Having a USB DAC bypass that, though whether it is better than your sound card would depend on the quality of the DAC.

      • In my case, it's my PC built in sound card. Been using these external USB soundcard with headphones for years.

        • Why don't you get a dedicated sound card or get a proper DAC like ODAC if the sound problem is a persistant one? (I am not suggesting that small USB ones are necessarily bad, but the bigger ones are usually better for cheaper price.)

        • @AznMitch:
          If you purchase an inline RF (car stereo) filter [from somewhere like Jaycar for around $10-15] it will remove all of the noise artifacts …

    • I own an HDMI Android stick so this will come handy.

    • I use one of these when I am DJing on my laptop. My speakers are plugged into the normal headphone port on my laptop and I plug this into the USB port and plug my headphones into it. This means that the 'mixed' music comes though the speakers, and then I can listen to the next track and get it ready through my headphones.

    • my onboard soundcard for girlfriends pc broke today, perfect.

    • I have one of these.

      I use it to reduce the cables coming out of laptop by one. I use a single USB cable from the laptop into a hub, then from the hub I have my USB keyboard and USB sound card. It works really well. :-)

    • for raspberry pi

      • Only needed if you're still using the first revision

        And Banana Pi all the way ;)

  • How many gb does it come with? :)

  • I bought one of these in 2008…complete utter rubbish (literally in a municipality tip)…not sure if these are the same design/stock…but the pic is exactly like the one I bought..It even came with a mini data cd for the drivers…

    • I bought one of these in 2008…complete utter rubbish (literally in a municipality tip)…not sure if these are the same design/stock…but the pic is exactly like the one I bought..It even came with a mini data cd for the drivers…

      That's very strange as these devices generally conform to the USB audio standard (Universal Serial Bus Device Class Definition for Audio Devices) and pretty much every OS has native support for it meaning that no drivers are needed. It's the reason why so many USB soundcards will work when plugged into Android devices, PS4, etc.

      I ordered one thinking I could use it with my PS4 rather than draining power from the controller. Fingers crossed that this isn't a model that actually requires drivers :P

      • Cos I bought it in 2008, the drivers were for pre-PnP OS…like win 98/2000, etc…I remember plugging it in and connected them to my headphones…there was a lot of background hissing…I hope the ones being flogged here are of better quality, cos u can't even use them for door stoppers due to size…lol

    • +3 votes

      i use 2 of these currently. one on my hackintosh (as sound can be a bitch to set up and this was plug'n'play) and one on my dell as the sound didn't work from day 1 (and this was plug 'n'play)

      having been using these for 2 or 3 years.

  • Swweeet, was going to get a usb dac to replace my broken headphone port but noww….hehehe

  • God I love Ozbargain, I never knew these existed. My laptop earphone jack died, hopefully this works :)

  • OK. Bought one.
    Should I get a second one cos it's so cheap?! lol

  • not needed. on-board sound cards are good enough.

    • While yes, not everyone needs one of these for simple daily use, there are many reasons (as seen above in the replies to Click_It's comment) that you would need one.

    • If you bothered to read Click_It's question above and the replies (all of which were posted well before your own comment) you will see that these aren't useless at all:

      MacBook Pro 15" Retina doesn't have line in.

      My headphones have split audio and mic plugs, and my laptop only has a combined audio/mic jack. This lets me use both at once.

      It provides an extra mic input for podcasting etc

      Some laptop sound cards have white noises. Having a USB DAC bypass that, though whether it is better than your sound card would depend on the quality of the DAC.

      Backup just in case the built in audio dies?


    Thanks OP, needed one of these.

  • My TV doesn't have audio out apart from the default speakers. Will this make it work?

  • Is there a version of this with combined mic and headphones port? My PC's ports just died and I wanna be able to use my regular headphones (Apple w/mic & Logitech UE4000) with these :o but I want the Mic functionality too

    EDIT: also anyone know shipping times for this?

  • Audio jack broke on my sons Toshiba laptop, pretty common problem with his model, so these have saved the need for repair.

  • RIP Creative. :-(

  • Bought it for the lolz

    • +9 votes

      you're going to be disappointed, they're not particularly hilarious.

  • Damn.. I bought it on ebay for $1.23 few days ago
    Wish it was posted a bit earlier..

    • Damn you got a good deal, I just spent over $7 buying 2 for my parents old laptops of which both have developed problems with the OEM headphone jacks

  • Thanks OP :) Just bought 15! I'm a teacher in a BYOD school and these come in really handy when kids don't have both in and out audio ports on their devices and want to record using class headsets (I've never had the funds to buy USB ones!)

  • While I won't be ordering one I've needed one before for when the sound card broke. Or the drivers failed, whatever.


    there's something weird going on with my laptop audio.. intermittent cut outs etc. hopefully this will be the end to it.

  • Hi. As also wrote before I have a LCD TV only with digital audio output, there's no way I can connect a simple 3.5mm earphones; the TV has USB port so I was thinking maybe I can get sound from it, but I highly doubt is possible. What about from a Nintendo Wii USB port? Anyone think is possible to use this and connect some earphones to the Wii?

  • Fingers crossed this works with AudioStation on my Synology NAS!

  • I use one of these to talk to people on my Playstation 3 with my PC headset.

  • TY! bought!

  • $0.50 AUD via PayPal
    Ordered one, thanks :D

  • I used one of these for years on an old crappy pc for the missus. :)

  • I've supplied these for a very long time. Many older towers didn't have a front headset/mic jack (or was on a weird area to reach once placed into a desk/PC slot) & this was the solution.

    Recently, I had a client who dropped a laptop while the 1/8 plug was in the port- it broke off in the port & shorted the laptop speakers. This is the best solution to such an injury. The ones I've used in the past had the C-Media sound card in them & worked a treat.

    Ordered 2- even though I just ordered 1! @ $5+ on ebay…this is a crazy coincedence to need such an odd part & have it advertised here just after purchase on ebay?

  • I bought one of these for a friend who's microphone input had stopped working.

    My god, the quality was terrible and it was almost worse than not hearing him at all. But then again, it only cost a dollar when I bought it…so 50 cents is a bargain. STOCK UP!!


    ordered 2 thanks

  • I don't even know why I bought one…
    …everyone's comments are so convincing.

  • No hesitation. Got 2 for AUD$1.00
    Looks useful enough.

  • Get an extra mic and headphone jack but lose a usb port. No deal.

  • I ordered one, may be one day I can use it! Thanks.

  • +2 votes

    sold out :(

  • Oooo, great for the raspberry pi model a/b as the audio out is crap

  • with all respect to 113 buyers. I really do not understand what the need of this thing ))

    • +1 vote

      if your sound card is broken, drivers corrupted or (for what ever reason) the sound of your laptop/desktop doesn't work then you you just plug one of these into your usb slot and BAM sound.

    • I have one of these because my old laptop didn't have a microphone jack. I now have a really superfluous way of keeping this in use: I don't have a 3.5mm extension cable but I have a USB extension cable so I use this as the default sound card to reach distances.

  • Seems to be out of stock.

  • :( Missed it by That Much….

  • no option to unsubscribe from their newsletter….

  • Arrived today.

    Pretty sad that this cheap crap actually sounded far better than my built-in sound card (laptop), but it unfortunately heats up my in-ear earphones. Not sure if that's safe…

    Also sounds about 10x louder than my built in sound card, wtf?

    • Exactly the same experience as you.

      Extremely loud. Not designed for headphones hence the heating up.

      No real difference in quality for me though.

      Lives up to its price.