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Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones - $178 Officeworks


Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones pink & red are available with black on order 14-20 days however I ordered the black and they were shipped within 2 days.

Normal price seems to be around $260

I'm not normally a beats fan however, these ones are meant to be fantastic and I've heard a serious audiophile/headphone designer state these are on his hall of fame for sound reproduction.

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    it's also $178 in Harvey Norman & The Good Guys, too… bought one few days ago

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    The Studio Over-ear for $188 is the better of the two.


      where for $188?


      Eh made the mistake of buying a pair of studios a few years back. Wouldn't touch anything from that brand again after they failed (read: headband wore out at the cuff cutting the audio line) and tried making a warranty claim as it was less than a year but found it was not covered after chasing around their customer service which was absolutely dreadful.

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    I have heard that Beats have gotten better, but I was not expecting them to get a praise from Tyll. Wow…

    Anyways, a review from InnerFidelity, just in case people need some review.

    EDIT: It seems that Harvey Norman and The Good Guys are selling them at the same price.


      Thanks it was Tyll on HTG I couldn't remember his name. I gave them a listen today and was impressed. I tried the Studio Pro's afterwards and hated them.


        Meh, you got me sort of interested, that's why I went searching. I might give it a go when I get the chance to. The headphone doesn't seem to be neutral on the graph, but meh, I might try it and see whether I like it.

        Anyways, yeah, I was actually surprised because I remember how much he hated Beats by Dr.Dre on Youtube.

        Though, that being said, the review did kick the hornet's nest on the comment section, if you wanna go and have a read on the page. :P

        EDIT: I didn't know that the Harvey Norman and The Good Guys price were mentioned at the comment section already :S

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    " I've heard a serious audiophile/headphone designer state these are on his hall of fame for sound reproduction."

    Because it says so on the box?


      I don't understand your comment, please explain?


    Dr Dre Approves


      Dre don't care

      Apple care