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Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia Edition $99 + Shipping @ PCCaseGear


Not sure if this will be tagged as a dupe as it's the same as https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/179122, but it's now back in stock

Pickup is free from their warehouse in Mulgrave (VIC)
Delivery was $18 to Malvern (VIC)

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  • Hmmm, interested in this at that price. Any reviews?

    I've only got NFS Hot Pursuit on PC atm but would be good to have =)

  • hmmm

    had pedals in one unit AND works on ps3

    ps4 I doubt it

  • i think theres no force feedback…

  • It this working with PS4?

  • You are kidding, posted 32mins and out of stock.

    • It's in stock atm

  • " warehouse in Mulgrave (VIC)
    Delivery was $18 to Malvern (VIC) "

    pfffft! GHOST! item

  • They are back in stock!

  • $40 postage to WA.. bit of a deal killer..

  • force feedback ? yes or no?

    • No it's not force feedback

  • Anyone tried one? They any good. I've read the wireless has a bit of a reaction delay you have to compensate for and can be annoying. I watched a vid on YouTube and it looked like it had about 1/4 of a second delay.

  • +1

    Hi bought one and delivered to Sydney yesterday. Wife wants it gone ASAP. Selling for $100 though cost $130 with delivery. Let me know if interested.

    • Where are the good old times where they left one the choice : One has to go, either "IT" or me.

  • Anyone received the order yet? I have received mine but i am everything but happy. All the seals of the package have been broken, the item does not exactly look "brand new" either. Am i the only lucky one or is there someone else with this experience.

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