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17% off Original Xiaomi Redmi2 - US $134.90 + Free Shipping @ 234 Buy


The best price for xiaomi redmi 2 only need 134.90dollars with the coupon : Rentabilisense
NL post free,
If choose DHL ,then need to add 12dollars
one year warranty
But Unfortunately redmi 2 only have white and black color.

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    Plenty of Redmi 2's on aliexpress for $139-$145 shipped.

    e.g. $139.98

  • usd or aud???

  • Anyone used these before? What are they like? Biggest drawbacks I can see are:

    • Software
    • Only 1 Gb RAM
    • Last gen CPU/GPU (well, somewhere between the Galaxy S3 and S4)
    • 720p screen (I am ok with this, if it extends battery life)
    • 8Mp camera (not an issue for me)
    • -1 vote

      what… software is actually one of its pros.

    • 1GB ram.. is really????
      no excuse even as this device was targeted towards the lite smart phone users.. namely the older, elder that just runs one or two app

      For 1GB ram, they refuse to update the equally 1GB ram Xiaomi Gen 1 device with latest 4.4..

      any users has more than 3 apps active should stay away

    • My current phone is a Redmi 1S and I haven't had any troubles with it. MIUI is absolute garbage, but that's sorted with a KitKat Cyanogenmod ROM. My SO didn't have anything against MIUI, though she uses iOS devices from which MIUI seems to take "heavy inspiration" from.

      I'll give some input regarding my experience over the past 4 months with the phone, but there might be a few differences between the two phones (Not very big differences from the looks of it though, just looking at spec sheets.)

      I haven't had much trouble with 1GB of RAM, but I'm not exactly one to have 10 games running in the background being an ex-Windows Phone user. The battery gets me through a day of average usage (usually entails fairly frequent Facebook messaging/SMS, Facebook and occasional internet browsing.) though if you're going to be doing heavy gaming on it, the battery will probably only make it through half a day.

      The screen on the 1S is rather nice, granted it's not OGS so the front isn't completely black when turned off. However, the screen gets decently bright and the colours are rather good, but that's to be expected from an IPS display. Small fonts are easily legible on the display as well.

      The cameras are fairly decent, the front facing camera is one of the better ones that I've used, coming out clearer than my old HTC 8X's front camera. The rear camera is pretty good, but a little bit gimped when you're not using MIUI (unless something's changed since I last bothered with a custom ROM.) as custom ROMs seem to lack HDR.

      All-in-all, it's a fairly good phone for the price, you'd be hard pressed to find a better phone with a Snapdragon chip at the price. Again, keep in mind these are my impressions from the 1S, not the 2; so things might be different on that front.

  • 1 GB is ok for MIUI os. I used redmi 1 that only 4G storage(big problem), Ram also 1G, not a problem.I do like its system.

  • Don't buy, it's rubbish. I have had two of these, and they are absolutely useless after one or two months.

  • Mum has one, its decent for the price, but I definitely prefer my stock android over xiaomis' software

  • For similar money check out Ulefone Be Pro

  • Im wondering where the good deal is here….

  • Similar secures about TWO local http://www.phonearena.com/phones/compare/Huawei-Ascend-Y550,... yet you'd be hard pressed to tell that excepting perhaps(↑94) dpi.

  • The phone is just too small for my poor eyesight… but I may just be persuaded with a good discount on a Redmi Note Octa-core. http://www.234buy.com/xiaomi-redmi-note-octa-core-android-4-...
    Wataya say associated lonkaz?

  • I am looking for a larger phone and this one has good reviews.
    Can you do the same % deal for this phone lonkaz?… Or maybe even better? :)