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Xiaomi Mi Band $19.47 @ Banggood.com


Looks like the cheapest price around. I got one from Tinydeals.com in December. Works good. Bought one for Wife now.

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  • +35

    Buying one for the wife should go down well…
    Brave man.

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      valentine days present?

      • +6

        Maybe for 2016 valentine day. Should receive it by then

        • agreed !! delivery too long…. never buy again from them… took forever to reply as well… lost my item and took 2 month to receive the replacement.. unacceptable, and they dont want to send the replacement item with express post too… very disappointed.

        • @hippies: for $19 I think express post is unlikely, at least they sent a replacement though.

        • Couldn't agree more..

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    interested in a fitness/activity band but not sure how these things actually work. from the description in the link this will record all-day event, calculate walking distance and calorie consumption. How does this calculate calorie consumption? or does this mean how many calories has been burned through my activity?
    How does this compare to the pedometers built into most phones today? I understand that a band will likely be on you a lot more than a phone would be but if I'm carrying my phone most of the time, the data would be fairly close?

    • Unless you have an iphone5S or greater pedometer apps will have a battery hit (about 20% over the day?)

      But yes, they work just as well, and in the case of battery-life-chewing ones, you can even get nice little maps of your days treks.

    • +2

      How does this calculate calorie consumption?

      Badly, like any other pedometer. You need a heart rate monitor for that.
      For exercise, I think it is a bit of a gimmick, as you say. Gives very different numbers depending on worn on right wrist or left.

      I'm wondering if it might be interesting for sleep-monitoring, and those alarm apps that avoid waking you in deep sleep. Don't like taking the phone to bed.

      • When you change wrists do you change the setting in the app from worn on right or left wrist?

        • Yeah there's an app setting for which wrist you wear it on

        • +13

          Guys be cautious using this band on your right hand. That mid afternoon fap might inadvertently log 100000 steps.

      • Lucky at this price i can wear one on each wrist =D

        • you could wear one on the third wrist and measure your sex perforamance

        • @annoynimous:

          Might interfere with my performance instead but good idea… might get another 2 to measure the wifeys bpm =D

    • You might be interested in this:


      These things seem like yet another overhyped product niche that fails deliver much to the user again other than delivering your data to entities that use it to advertise to you at best. It's a common story with IT (and an other um … "disruptive" sorry technology. People get ahead of themselves on what can be delivered to the point that they seem to be describing vague magic or something.

      I guess there is value in the items as a symbol to increase motivation but I seriously have trouble with using things to measure myself when I know they may be wrong. At least it's automatic more or less?

      I guess you can take solace in the fact that at least some of the data these things collect will be pointless given that it might be wrong.

      • PowerBalance Bands:


        Vibrams FiveFingers (However these shoes are still great for lifting):


        • +1

          I remember when the power Balance crap came all the rage & the amount of stores that started selling them, just like the store that I worked at.
          I made a recommendation NOT to get them, but no one listen to me.

          Result, the mass of people that wanted a refund as it didn't do anything (no shit) or the bands broke, and this was before people started waking up and realizing that they were conned big time.
          Then the flood gates open for refunds when they were proven not to do shit.

          EDIT: The amount of time staff lost with complaints & refunds on these could've been better spent selling & helping customers with gear that could actually benefit them or protect them (it was a motorbike shop).

          This just proves you can sell shit on a string if you get famous people or sports players endorsing/wearing a product and the hype from doing so.

        • +1


          Knew people who worked at Rebel sports who were duped by sales people into buying them first, then into convincing others to get them… when they tried to convince me, it was scary because they believed it it religiously, could not talk them out of it

        • +1


          Absolutely, that happen to a few of our staff as well, they believed the hype (sales promotion/endorsements/word of mouth) & the sales pitch from the rep and brought them and then saying they worked/found benefits from them.

          This also proves the fact that if you say something or promote it enough times people start to believe it.

          I call it the sheep syndrome effect, I should trade mark that concept/wording,lol

        • +1

          Don't even know what A PowerBalance band is … but I've owned some Vibram Five Fingers. They are indeed great for lifting and absolutley terrible for running.

          To boot I also had some fairly severe issues changing back to normal running shoes but nevermind, lesson learned.

    • +2

      The calories counting are not accurate. You will need a proper strap Heart Rate Monitor.

      I have tested the Mi Band with a HRM in both outdoor and indoor walking.

      Indoor treadmill walking (15deg incline):
      Speed setting: 4km/hr
      Time: 40 mins
      Calories burnt: 446 (with HRM)

      The Mi Band resulted:
      8km walked (vs 2.6km in reality) - that is 208 variance!
      Calories burnt: 578 (vs 446) - That's 30% variance.

      Don't rely on these to track your fitness. They are simply gimmick. They track activities via movements only. The HRM offers most accurate calories track because they monitor your heart beat.

      The bottom line, get this for $20 and tracks your sleep and alarm. Please don’t spend >$100 for other established brands. Also wear on your left hand if you right handed.

      Lastly, this really needs a clock with back light if you want it for tracking sleep.

      • The tracked vs actual is most definitely not exact, but it should be internally consistent. I agree that the energy burn is a joke, but I never expected it to be effective given the poor means of using arm movements extrapolated to overall body activity and thereby energy usage.
        The real question is does it make you more aware of your effort / lack of effort and stimulate you to do more? I think it does achieve this, given all the new walks that have appeared into the day since Robot Mum also has one.

        • Yeah but how can you use it like that when it's inaccurate rofl…

        • @Diji1:
          If your goal is improvement, then if you walk more steps than the day before, the band will record a number higher than the day before. So you'll know you're improving.

  • +4

    It takes ages to receive items from banggood

    • +1

      I bought the nitecore d4 battery charger from banggood and it took 5 business days to arrive to Melbourne. Very quick as far as i'm concerned.

      • What method of shipping would you suggest to use?

        • I just used free (non tracked) shipping..

      • +3

        Your experience was different than mine

    • The last couple of months they have upped there game on postage, even across Christmas it was still 2 week delivery give or take a day.

  • Equipment requirements: it can connect with your Android 4.4/Bluetooth 4.0 mobile phone(support connect the system with Android 4.4 or more high) No ios support?

    I have a Fitbit Charge and that tells me how many calories i have burnt in a day, if i use the phone app to input my food it can would out input vs output. The only time i don't wear my is around water (shower..)
    At the moment my S4 says ive done 2536 steps vs fitbit 3029 steps but thats because i didnt take it off the charge till i was walking out the door this morning.

    • my S4 active vodafone doesn't not have android 4.4, so it's not compatible?

      • I own an S4 Active and it has 4.4.2, might want to look into software updates for your phone :/

        Admittedly, mine is an outright bought phone, whether it is a Vodafone thing, I don't know, but there are ways to root your phone to allow factory software to replace bloatware from phone companies.

      • I do not know for certain but it would be very surprising if that OS version prevented you from using the app - pretty sure that's the most widely used ATM across the whole Android range.

    • Have you tried using both devices at the same time and comparing the outputs?

      I would be interested.

  • There is an IOS app so I'm assuming it works with iPhone

    • can anyone confirm if it would work with Iphone4

      • It didn't work for me on an iPhone 4. I'm pretty sure it's because the phone does not support Bluetooth v4.0.

        • thanks mate

      • Works on i6 & i6+.

        • good to know, thx jacku

  • Bought, thanks.

  • I take it that it can't connect to a PC? Only Bluetooth 4.0 via an Android app.

  • Apparently 1 week turnaround is not unheard of using banggood.

    I just used free (non tracked) shipping.. took 5 business days to arrive to Melbourne.

    I guess most would opt for free shipping for the Miband too?

  • +4

    To answer some questions (I've have mine for a few weeks now)

    1. Yes you would change the settings to left or right wrist
    2. It does in fact monitor sleep but the alarm is a little bit debatable in terms of waking you up in light sleep. I've been having bad sleep lately (hot weather and all) so I can't 100% say how well it is at detecting light sleep and waking you. Though it does so with 5 ~2 second vibrations. (I generally set 2 alarms 2 mins apart, so If I do miss the first, the second does wake me indeed. You could always set a phone alarm 5 mins after just in case though)

    3. There is a modded app that someone has released on the official site forums, which enables the band to flash colours of your choice and vibrations of your choosing, depending on the app. (Ie; FB Messenger will flash blue and vibrate twice for me). It also has call notifications which is great.

    Battery life is pretty amazing stating 30 days. However, using the modded app, it may be somewhat lower depending on how many/intense you make the notifications. It's not draining however, so you should still get like 2-3 weeks out of it either way.

  • +15

    Purchased from tinydeal. My review :
    Setup and binding to phone was a but annoying. Make sure you get the English app from the xiaomi forum -see link in previous bargains.
    It works well, survived the pool a few times. It is still on first charge since Christmas (24% after 30 days). The steps tracking estimate is within 10% of my GPS running app. The sleep tracking is not perfect but works well enough. The silent vibration alarm is excellent and will also notify when my phone is ringing. The slightly broken food descriptions for the energy consumed is hilarious and endearing. The device and band are durable, easily surviving been scraped, dropped, hit etc. Bluetooth range 5-10m.
    Lots of fun and fitness reinforcement for little $.

  • Edit. disregard- have read above review as both solid and shock resistant.
    I suppose it would be effectively rugged to withstand rolling on top of band on your wrist ie for those who sleep in fetal and turn in their sleep?

  • +2

    $18.52 if paying in USD and using 28 degrees card - for those wanting to save a few more cents…

    • should we neg this deal, since there's a cheapest option?

  • Tempted to get one. Haven't used one of these before..mainly interested in the sleep tracking feature

  • Bought two. Lets see how they go. Thanks for the post!

  • Order put through. fingers crossed. . 14.99 us>> deal.

  • do u need the phone all the time or can it sync at a later date?

    • bought one anyway, so will see i guess

      • Sync once a day is probably required. It overwrites the detailed sleep data of the night before last each new morning, and only retains the overall sleep time, heavy sleep, light sleep time. Same for the details on steps. The band remembers alarms and still counts steps when away from the phone or out of bluetooth range.

  • +1

    How well it works with iPhone?

    • The Mi Band worked fine for 2 days with my i6. Then it would not reconnect like it should be.

      Have unpaired, uninstalled app. Then you get the 'Too many bands nearby' error.

      Found a thread, people are having same issue with other non iPhones. Very annoying.

      Whereas on my wife's i6+ worked flawlessly.

  • if you wear them when you sleep when do you charge them?

    • When you are not sleeping :-)

      Seriously, they need charge every 30 days or so. Read description.

    • Is anyone else really worried that this guy is being serious?

    • Late to the thread, but the battery in these things is tiny and efficient. I have a different brand band and I take it off and put it on to charge once a week or so while I'm in the shower.

  • +2

    Almost same as fitbit, just way cheaper. Everyone should buy these instead of those other rip off brands.

  • +1

    I've got one, they are pretty good. It's very light and not invasive. The Android app is pretty good, it beat my expectations for the price. Needs a charge once a month only, shows 'steps' per day and it seems about right… calories, meh! It's really handy that it vibrates when you have a call, the range is a good 10m for me.

    Good to show when someone goes to sleep at night :)

  • Another great quality product. Great deal for the price

  • -3

    OP bought one for his hand i.e. his wife :-P

  • +1

    In the end decided to order just because it's cheap. Ozbargain gets me again!

  • +2

    cheers got 6.
    one for each limb and 2 friends

  • For the sleep tracker, will it still accurate if someone else also sleep in the same bed?

    • +2

      Unaffected by sleep partners movement.

  • Has anyone been able to create a Mi account using the iOS Mi Band app (or the Mi website?). I keep getting a 403 error (it doesn't seem to like my IP). I am thinking of using a VPN to see if Mi is just blocking Australia, but thought I'd check it others are having the same problem first. Thanks :)

    • It appears to be affecting Mi accounts world-wide, so it may not be a problem with IP's in Australia. I've also tried a VPN from Singapore, the US and UK and the account is down for all locations.

      • Update 2 - The servers are back online. You can once again create an account (including from Australia).

        • I found that you can create an account via the website and then log in via the app, to get around any creating-an-account-via-the-app issue I had.

  • Has anyone received the band yet?

    • Not yet for me in Qld. In the past Banggood has taken between 2-4 weeks, so I'm not holding my breath. :)

    • I also haven't received mine yet. Hopefully it come next week.

  • I'm still waiting for my second Mi Band order (the first one was from a Gear Best deal).

    Anyway, if you have the Mi Band, open the English app and you will probably get notice of an updated app.
    - the app is version 1.2.922 (under the About menu).
    - after the app installed it also updated the Mi Band software via BT.
    I just noticed in the Mi Band app that there is a Band Store, noted under the Mi Band version. I hadn't noticed that before.

    The app looks the same to me - no obvious new features yet.

  • Received mine today. Sydney

    • Was it registered post?
      We got somerhing to pick up and its the only thing i can think of

  • Received mine today in SE QLD. Set up on my iPhone and all good. Very happy.

  • +1

    Got mine yesterday. Works well. app works so much better than the crappy oaxis Star.21 I had previously.

  • Just received on Friday. Minimal & simply brilliant.

  • I ordered mine a few days after the rush. Haven't received mine yet. Tracking information is rubbish. Just tells me when I left china

  • Ordered an hour after this was posted - arrived today in Adelaide. Looks good so far but am mainly using mine as an extra notification for calls and messages.

  • Ohh that's good, was wondering when it would arrive ! Sounds like mine might be close :)

  • Got it - Perth.

  • am i blind?

    i swear there was a link on here on where to get the app for android, damned if i can see it now?