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30% Off All ESET Antivirus Home Products @ au.store.eset.com


Not as good as their last deal but maybe some benefit to those who missed out.

To get the maximum saving possible, I would recommend (for Windows) the 3 year antivirus which is already 30% off. With this code it equates to $19.58 a year.

Got three PCs? The three year, three computer deal comes down to $14.69 a year per PC.

To redeem simply use the coupon code "aussie30" (one word, lower case) at their secure store by 15.02.2015. Please input the code on the last checkout page called "Review and Submit Order".

Buy with Assurance and Confidence:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
24/7 Free Technical Support

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    Been using this for like 10 years, never had a virus :D

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    Long-time NOD32 user as well; its frugal use of resources and unintrusiveness had me sold from day one. It also has a fairly low false-positive rate. In terms of detection rates Kaspersky is the consumer-grade king but it's as bloated and annoying as Norton, the only difference being that it actually works.

    Trend is a close second to NOD32 imo, but a little too spartan in the amount of parameters you can configure for my liking.

    I never see a pop-up or prompt from NOD32. Everything that I want blocked is blocked and quarantined automatically. Anything NOD32 doesn't know what to do with, I've set it to quarantine, just in case.

    All I do is the check the logs once in a while to see if anything weird has been going on. There are no memory leaks, or bizarre, inexplicable CPU usage spikes and delays when connecting removable media or using RDP or any annoyances you find with the likes of Comodo, Kaspersky, Norton et. al. which cripple the user experience.

    Using a lightweight, hands-off AV like NOD32 develops a good habit of you becoming the proactive part of your internet security suite and watching what YOU do online rather than relying on an imperfect application to follow a set of definitions that are useless against zero-day vulnerabilities; since 90% of attacks vector themselves from self-executing code that needs to be locally run and 100% of web activity is of your own volition really (unless you're blind to the botnet controlling your own machine in front of your eyes), all the AV suites in the world will not safeguard a computer illiterate with no common sense privacy/security routines.

    AV should be just one layer of many security safeguards; not the first and last line of defense, which is what many people think of AV as, and which is wrong.


    If anyone wants to trial it before purchasing you can pick it up here


    I've never found East to be useful. Had it for many years but always fails to remove almost every single time. Had to result in relying Kaspersky removal tool.
    Like the new version of crypto virus, it only detected the http that request for ransom but of course it's already too late, all the files are locked, had to use free malware bytes to remove and restore from backup.


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