eBay Seller Wont Post Item till PayPal Payment Is Cleared in His PayPal Account

I have a feeling the payment will be hold for 21 days. at least according to paypals website.
He's a fairly new seller with only 26 feedback score.

he seems like a bit of a pain in the ass type of seller he already wanted me to pay by bank transfer which i straight out refused (too many scammers) then he wanted me to pay his paypal fees which i also told him no as he should of included them into his Buy it now price.

What are your thoughts on this? i don't think i should have to wait 21 days before he post's the item.

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  • paypal payments using a cc is cleared in less than 30sec.

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      New sellers have to wait 21 days for PayPal to release the funds, nothing to do with cc.

      • New Ebay members with no selling or a short selling history may need to wait 21 days to withdraw their PayPal balance when that balance is credited as a payment. PayPal payments from buyer are usually cleared within 30sec or less. A 21 days wait isn't mandatory as member can verify their account to the reduce the wait to 0 days.

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    hell no, 21 days is completely unreasonable. sounds very dodgey. raise a dispute if he doesn't ship it within couple of days and has signalled his intentions to purposely delay shipping.

    • Here is what he just sent me.

      "Well im waiting untill its cleared because i have been burnt before so if thats not good enough ill refund the money and relist for someone else to buy"

      • what has he given as the estimated delivery date?

        • Ebay says between the 30th this month and 5th of feb

      • it's up to you. maybe he is confused with bank transfers? (which take a couple of days to clear). a polite response clarifying the payment might help. in any case, i don't think the seller warrants good feedback.

        • I sent him that very webpage i put in this post before that message he sent above. i told him that i was not going to wait 21 days and that i expected him to post sometime this week.

          so it's clear that he knows.

          i just don't know if paypal dispute so early or what.

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          well it is not past the estimated delivery date. take up the refund option if you are not at ease about the situation. 21 days is a number you have come up with?

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    I'd try and mutually withdrawal the sale. The guy needs to learn how ebay works, far out i hate time-wasters.

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      on the phone to paypal right now to get a refund. he will be getting negative feedback also. i hate sellers like this.

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        i would have tried to get a mutual withdrawal first.

        Also dealing with paypal is like poking your eyes out with a fork

        • ebay/paypal said seller will not be able to send refund till the 13th but i will be able to open paypal dispute on the 5th for item not received.
          man i am really pissed now.

        • @holden93: mutual withdrawal

          If he says no, mention that unless the item arrives within a week, he will be getting a negative score

        • @Davo1111:
          ebay says that cause the money is on hold that will not be possible till the after 21 days.

          luckly he's agreed to post the item. somehow he thinks i could be scamming him even though i have zero control over the money right now as paypal has.

          cheers for you guys help though.

  • Have a live chat with Ebay's customer service link They should be able assist.

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    Ebays live chat is a waste of time. They have automated answers

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    Oh god this shit, scammers favourite. This happens because the seller has been flagged by Paypal due to a previous dealing, either they have scammed (unlikely) or a scammer has done them a new one by abusing Paypal. Condolences to the seller really, it's a nightmare especially for newbies with no idea what's going on.

    Highly suggest you ask for a reversal and a refund.

    • This time it was cause of his low feedback. it's 100% positive but still under 100.

      i dont buy from 0 feedback or too much negative feedback sellers.

      • Is this what Paypal/Ebay have said? Never known anyone with ~20 feedback who's had payments frozen due to the account being 'new', IMO ~20 feedback is quite high enough for a casual once off Ebay seller.

        • https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/security/sell-saferpay...

          take a look
          "You have an eBay feedback score of less than 100, and you sell an item for more than $100, "

          which is what he has.

        • @holden93:

          Yes, but the terms also detail whole lot of other reasons, you can't be sure that's why Paypal is doing this. Anyway, it's not like it matters, the outcome is the same.

        • @plmko: Yes i can when the guy at ebay told me on the phone.

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          You need to tell him he needs to ship the item regardless. Because a) you've paid for the item, and b) it is expected of the seller the post the item in a reasonable time frame after the item has been purchased.

          Also tell him how the system works! The money is being held by Paypal because he sold an item in a 'risky' category.
          He wil get the money much quicker once you have left a positive feedback. So use this as a bargaining point

          "If you ship the item quickly, and once I have received it, I will immediately leave you a positive feedback. eBay will process your payment much quicker."

          When will PayPal release the payment hold for an eBay item?

          Your funds will be released after 21 days. We may release funds earlier when one of the following occurs:

          The buyer leaves you positive feedback on eBay
          3 days pass after we confirm the item was delivered*

          If you receive a dispute, claim, chargeback, or reversal on the transaction subject to the eBay item hold, we may hold the payment until the problem is resolved, even if the claim, chargeback, or reversal occurs after the hold is released.

          END QUOTE

          So basically opening a dispute will actually delay the transfer for much longer, or indefinitely until the dispute is closed. If you really want to be evil, you could threaten him with that, stating opening a dispute will draw the problem out further. He's basically under the mercy of eBay's rules.

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          You should take pity on the guy/gal.
          eBay is an absolute nightmare of fees and odd regulations that you discover as you go for newer sellers. It is so very hard and expensive now to sell on. It is also totally rigged in favor of buyers.
          Did you know that since November last year, there is a big juicy RETURN? button sitting next to any bought item? Buyers actually have to bypass it and open a drop down menu to even do feedback - the normal completion of a sale.
          Anyone merely have to hit that big juicy tempting "return" button, come up with any one of several well known excuses and the seller is liable to issue them with a label to PAY THEM to return it. Yep that's right, the seller has to PAY tracked return postage if the buyer activates a return. Then replace or refund the buyer on top. And get this, the seller will get a negative strike against their account (not feedback) for selling faulty or returned goods.
          eBay is a pit these days and completely biased against the seller so he's probably heard the stories and trying to be careful. Like you say, the guy has 100% feedback so I'd go easy on him/her. The chances are you are both decent people who wouldn't rip each other off and its just ego and mis-communication.

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          @King Tightarse:

          THIS a million times.

          Edit: deleted post, probably shouldn't let people know anymore dodgy tricks in paypal.

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    Sold a few thousand things on ebay, but sick of all the sh!t ebay and paypal conspire today to screws sellers. The best one yet is that the seller is not protected from a chargeback or reversal if the buyer wants to pickup and pay with paypal. Even if you state explicitly in the listing it's pickup and CASH ONLY, ebay can and will rmove/delete your listing because you're "not meant to discourage the use of any payment method" ie paypal.

    Not to mention paypal is still being forced upon sellers as a "safe" method of paying when listing on feebay. I could tell you half a dozen ways to screw a seller on ebay, get your item and get your money back… But maybe I won't, no point publicising it. Screw you paypal.

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      Sucks massively for sellers. Wish people would stop scamming people and simple pay the price get your item and be happy.

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    No point in telling the seller what to do, he'll probably think you're trying to scam him. But do tell him to call PayPal, he'll trust PayPal but not you.

  • I sold something on ebay recently and had this paypal payment freeze. I still shipped immediately, as it has nothing to do with the buyer's legitimacy. I wonder how many more times it will happen?

  • If you can get the same thing @ same price elsewhere, I'd say "stuff him" and move on …

  • I sold on eBay and this has happened to me before, the message PayPal sends to the seller is something along the lines of "it is safe to send your item" or "you must post your item before payment is released" - the payment hold is for the buyer protection because the seller is either new & haven't sold anything > $xxx or untrusted (not enough feedback).

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    This seller should send you your item straight away. As long as s/he uploads the tracking number to paypal, the payment isn't going to be held for that long. I was a new seller on eBay and PayPal let me know that my payments would be held for 21 days because I had just opened my account. I posted the items as soon as payments were made, even tho PayPal held onto them, but after putting the tracking numbers of each transaction onto paypal, each payment was clear in a few days.

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    The only time I have ever tried to sell an item was my iPhone 4S for around $700 when it was still popular. I had an interested buyer send me a message asking if I would accept payment in $100 instalments however I said no. That same person "bought" the eBay item then he paid the entire price via PayPal. I was close to shipping it when I noticed the transaction had not cleared in my accuount yet. I waited 72 hours and the transaction eventually said "cancelled".

    I am very glad I did not ship the phone in the end. I'm afraid eBay buyers and sellers are all cautious of each other and I can understand why.

    EDIT: Bit more info. The seller told me the transaction was cancelled as his bank has a daily transaction limit of $100. Then he told me he was no longer interested.

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    He's said he'll refund you if you can't wait that long. Problem solved. Get your money back and move on.

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    This 21 day PayPal hold business is a subject of interest on the eBay forums.

    Tell your seller to do a complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman and let PayPal know about it.
    Whenever any seller has done this the holds have been removed immediately.

    The 21 day hold is against Australian law and WILL be punished with a rather hefty fine.

    • That is an exceleent piece of information…

  • Did you pay by eCheque from your bank account? If so I think he's being completely reasonable and it should clear in 3-4 days.

  • When it's all over. If you do get your item, Leave neutral feedback to warn others of his paranoia

  • If PayPal doesn't make your funds available immediately from payments for an item you sold, you're not allowed to hold shipment until the funds are released. ( see below lunknunder postage, "what not to do")


  • Solution: Stop using eBay

  • Just want share my story to someone who think good choice when used Paypal shop online. Like me before.

    I shopping alot on ebay and online,I feel safe when used Paypal to make payment, because if some thing wrong with seller, Paypal will protect buyers, but last time i have problem with the seller,i not received item, i open case with paypal them say wait about 2 week them will refund to me,but just only 1 week paypal close case and them not refund money to me,i call ask paypal what happen then them talk me seller give them tracking number so them check it delivered ready,that why them close case without refund money to me.i get upset,i talk them it not fair to me,because I never receive item, i think problem from seller send wrong address or guy delivery wrong house,because my house safe place i never lose anything before,then paypal tell me clam with post office,post office will work out with sender only who pay postage not with buyers, so i know what mean when paypal talk me like that,them just want finish,i dont want wast alot my time on Ps4 game only $12. so that mean when you shopping online the seller send it with tracking number, if sender writer wrong house number or delivery wrong house you still lose your money,if them tracking online and it say ready delivery. Because when you tracking online it let you know item delivery or not.it dont show address delivery, Don't believe them paypal allway say ( YOU RECEIVE IT OR YOU WILL GET REFUND). Fogot it

    • Why should it be the sellers fault if Australia Post loses the parcel? How do you know he wrote the wrong address?

    • Paypal won't simply refund to the buyer when the seller has legitimately sent the item out. Australia Post isn't reliable so delivering to wrong address or losing the parcel seems to be quite normal. That's why you should always use credit card via Paypal, not bank account.

  • I used credit card via paypal, still lose my money because paypal dont refund,I not sure problem from who,Seller or post office,but I feel not fair to me because i not get what i pay for.

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      Then you can try and do a chargeback…

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